Thursday, February 1, 2007

Utter Bliss

Utter Bliss. For me it's pottering about in the garden with my cats close by, when the sun is shining, the air is heavy with lovely garden scents and the flowers are flowering their little hearts out. Not forgetting a nice cool glass of home made elderberry blossom champagne firmly clutched in one hand, in the other a pair of sharp secateurs.

But being outside in my garden sipping champagne and pruning away for Queen and country is rather pie in the sky as we are in the middle of winter, here in the Netherlands. Not that we're having much of a winter this year, mind you. So far, all we had were a few days of light frost (minus 2 or 3 degrees Celsius tops) and 1 big storm. And that's all. As a rule we don't see much snow over here but we can do ice! Lots of it. But alas, no ice so no outside ice skating. Bummer!

Today it's 11 degrees Celsius, which is very mild for the time of year. Last January was the hottest January in the Netherlands ever! And we've been taking notes since 1706. Yes, the Dutch are a bit obsessed with the weather, you would be too if you lived here. Four seasons in one day is nothing to write home about around this neck of the woods. ;-)

Yesterday I was in my greenhouse watering the plants and I was amazed to feel how very nice and warm it was in there. The thermometer pointed to 25 degrees Celsius, which is the normal temperature of a nice summer's day. And this in the middle of winter! In my greenhouse! Mind boggling!

With all these mild days I long for spring even more. Luckily the first new flowers have arrived : little yellow and white crocuses and some snowdrops as well. From December onwards the winter Jasmin, the white snapdragons in the front garden and strangely enough the bergenia in the ornamental kitchen garden as well, have been flowering nonstop. The snapdragons have even been flowering since June last year. Amazing, isn't it?

This is my first post and hopefully more will follow, with pictures and other kinds of interesting things as soon as I figure out how to do it.

BTW For those of you unfamiliar with Celsius; it's based on how water reacts to temperature.
100 degrees Celsius = the boiling point of water
0 degrees Celsius = the freezing point of water
Simple isn't it? Much better than all that Fahrenheit whatsit!
copyright 2007 YEW Heuzen

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Janine van Bladel said...

Hoi Yolanda,
Erg mooi..... En wat een verschil met een aantal jaar geleden. Toen vertelde je wel van je plannen maar het is dan moeilijk er een plaatje bij te zien, nou het resultaat is geweldig. Helaas zo'n tuin gaat mij de komende jaren niet lukken met spelende kleine kinderen. Ik heb genoten.
Groetjes Janine