Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cats and Flowers

Originally uploaded by yolanda elizabet.

Cats and flowers make a wonderful combination, just look at this picture of my darling Chuck (blue Longhair/Persian) in my former garden in Oegstgeest.

Is he complimenting the David Austen rose Heritage, or is the rose complimenting him? Don't they look lovely together? I like this colour combination of the silvery pink rose, the silver grey cat , the greenish yellow flowers of the lady's mantle and the dark green of the chair.

My cats are such wonderful additions to the garden; they make everything look so much better! And they know it, vain creatures that they are. Many a time I've caught one of my cats sitting of lying quite close to a flower or plant that really brought out the beauty of the cat.

Today is a lovely sunny wintersday with a mild breeze and a temperature of 11,5 C. It feels like spring!

In great towns, gardens, both private and public, are positive necessities if the citizens are to live reasonable and healthy lives in body and mind. William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art, 1882


Maartje said...

Hi Yolanda,

En dat noemt zichzelf een digibeet?! Well done, you made a blog!!!
Ik doe geen poging om horti-cultureel te doen, ben immers een horti-barbaar, en dientengevolge zul je ook wel begrijpen dat mijn stem in deze uitgaat naar; de roos complementeert de kat ;)
De foto is overigens prachtig, en zou zonder de bloemen zeker hetzelfde niet zijn. Hetzelfde gaat op voor de foto van Surprise en zoontje.
Maar even to the point: mooi gedaan, en het is altijd leuk om mensen over hun passies te zien schrijven.
Keep on enjoying your garden AND your cats!

Liefs, Maartje

ladyluz said...

Oh Chuck, you know you're beautiful yet you look so serious!