Thursday, February 22, 2007

Piet Oudolf's Nursery

In October 2005 I visited Piet and Anja Oudolf's nursery to buy some plants. On their internet site there's an overview of the nursery and gardens. Information is also available in English and there are lots of pictures of some of the lovely gardens that Piet Oudolf has designed in the U.K., Sweden, the USA etc.

For me this nursery was a revelation: this is how all nurseries should look! All the plants that are sold there, are also on display throughout the nursery in borders and beds so that you can see how and where to use them. And of course, how much space they take up once they're mature, how high they get, whether they need some support etc. In short everything you would want to know about a plant before you buy it.

The nursery is a very inspiring place to be and needless to say I spent many hours there. Piet and Anja Oudolf were there to answer any question on plants you might have and every plant is sold with a label containing all the relevant information that you need. More detailed information on the plants can be looked up in maps that can be found in a sort of market stall that they have there.

There were many keen gardeners from Britain, Germany, Belgium visiting the nursery that day and of course the Dutch were there in their droves as well. I bought many lovely plants and plan to go back again this year.

In 2005 I didn't have the time to see Piet's private garden as I was too busy admiring his nursery and buying plants left, right and centre. So Piet's own garden is something to look forward to this year. That and buying some more plants.

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Hillside Garden said...

Wunderschöne Bilder! Es ist auch mein Traum, dorthin zu fahren, aber es hat bis heute noch nicht geklappt.
Fährst du auch nach England?


Pam/Digging said...

That IS a lovely nursery. Very inspiring. An hour and a half away from Austin is a similar type of nursery called the Antique Rose Emporium. They have 20-year-old display gardens that include many of the roses and perennials they sell. It's gorgeous, and I can spend a day out there just looking at the gardens.

Gloria said...

I so envy you the chance to spend time in the Oudolf nursery.If you don't mind my asking what did you purchase and did you see anything growing that was new to you?

I have been a volunteer at the Lurie garden in Chicago where Piet Oudolf was the plant designer.His plant knowledge is unbelievable.

Pictures I have taken at the Lurie.

Annie in Austin said...

When on a visit to Chicago I was lucky enough to see the Lurie garden, too. The nursery owned by Piet Oudolf looks like a wonderful place, Yolanda Elizabet - thank you so much for the tour.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

stadtgarten said...

Hi, I found your blog through Sigruns hillside garden.
Your nice pictures remind me of the english gardens we visited last year.
This nursery must be not so far away from the german border? So perhaps that could be a posibility for us this year, because we can not go to England!
Groeten uit Duitsland,

ladyluz said...

What a great tour of a great place. Thank you.

I'm so envious that you have such a nursery near you. Here, the viveros (garden centres) are well stocked but little information is given about plants, not even the names at times.

Gotta Garden said...

I can hardly wait for the pictures to come (of the garden) since these are so nice! What a nursery! Lucky you!

Ellis Hollow said...

I, too, am envious that you were able to visit Oudolfs'. I will be posting and linking to your site tonight. The only pictures I've seen of their nursery were professional shots in books. They looked a little too good. I like yours much better. It looks more like a working garden/nursery.

guild_rez said...

how interesting to read your blog.
I have two books from Piet Oudolf: Gardening with Grasses and Planting the Natural Garden.
Both books are excellent and very informative. The story about your cat is very touching. I don't know, why people
don't take care of their animals.

But I am happy that Kadootje found
a new wonderful home.
The kitten looks like our cat Maxi.
cheers from Canada

Ewa said...

What a lovely place it is. I decided this year to visit some gardens in Europe. I never did it before, so it will be my first time.
You have great experience about it, so maybe you could make a post about it - your choice of 'continental' gardens to visit :)