Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Basket Case

I love baskets and use them often in my garden for collecting veggies, cut flowers, nuts and fruit. I also use them for plant displays. Many plants look wonderful in a basket. Of course they are also fine for storing things in. And I'm not the only one who loves baskets as you can see.

Baskets, who could do without them?

Earth is here so kind,
that just tickle her with a hoe
and she laughs with a harvest.
Douglas Jerrold


ericat said...

Goeie Dag. From South Africa. I found your blog via Ladyluz. Lovely photos everything so bright and green compared to our dry hot summers. You can see my garden  website that is a big difference. No chance of such lovely fresh veggies. sigh. but I guess we have other things that you would like.
thank you I enjoyed the visit.

Carol said...

What wonderful baskets and you have some wonderful things in them. I also love the little verse about the hoe!

Hillside Garden said...

Klasse Fotos, besonders die mit den Katzen!
Ist der Terracottapott jetzt deiner oder nicht? Ich hab es nicht genau verstanden.


Lis said...

Diese Körbe gefallen mir auch sehr gut, doch leider sind sie nicht ganz billig. Aber irgendwann werde ich mir auch mal einen kaufen, ganz bestimmt sogar! :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ericat from South Africa, welkom.

Carol, I thought about you when I wrote this short verse. I wonder why ? :-)

Sigrun, the terracotta pot is mine. It is used for forcing rhubarb. You put the pot over the plant and then the plant will grow quicker because it's warmer inside the pot. The rhubarb stems will be soft and pink and very tasty. I like rhubarb a lot.

Lis, I hope that you will find an affordable basket and to see some photos of it in the future. ;-) They are so handy when you're working in the garden. These were not so expensive, 45 euro's for 3 baskets, a small one, a middle sized one and 1 big one.

Lis said...

Hast du sie in einem Shop gekauft oder bestellt? Wenn ich hier welche sehe sind immer sehr teuer, aber nur 45 Euro für drei Stück? Die würde ich mir sofort kaufen :-)

Gotta Garden said...

Your baskets are terrific! I can't make up my mind which (filled one) I like, I will just say them all! I enjoy your blog very much!

Kylee said...

Oh more pics of your beautiful sweet kitties!!! I really love the bottom one. Is he a Bengal? Unique markings!

The baskets are lovely as well!

ladyluz said...

I love it all - the baskets, the edibles, the cats and most of all the green table (or painted box) with the burgeoning bulbs and surrounding plants......just lovely.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lis, I ordered them. The brand name is Historic Basket Collection La Vannerie d'Antan. I hope this helps.
And yes, when I saw the price I ordered them straight away. :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...


August the little kitten in the basket is not a Bengal but *just* an ordinary kitten. Not that there ever are any ordinary cats. ;-) Pretty handsome fella don't you think?

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures, yes I love baskets too and I have two of the same in my little collection :D

Birgit said...

Liebe Yolanda, endlich bin ich einmal dazu gekommen, auch ältere posts mal durch zusehen von Dir. Und was entdecke ich: einen post extra für Deine wunderschönen Körbe. Und sogar eine Internetadresse, die Du Lis gegeben hast. Super. Ich liebe nämlich auch Körbe.
Danke, dass Du meine HP besucht hast und für Deinen netten GB-Eintrag.

LainnieC said...

Can anyone help me find the Historical Basket Collection. Is there a website or phone number?

They are wonderful!!!