Friday, February 16, 2007

In Bloom Today Inside and Out

Flowering outside:
Hellebores orientalis x hybrid deep purple
Hellebores orientalis x hybrid white with pink freckles
Crocuses in yellow, white and purple
Winter Jasmin, yellow flowers
Bergenia, pink
Winter violets, purple
Daffodils, yellow
Winter aconites, yellow
Rosemary, blue

2 pots of Crocuses, purple
3 pots of Grape hyacinths
4 Primroses, pink, yellow and white
3 Hyacinths, pink
1 pot of Daffodils, yellow
5 Orchids, in white, pink, deep pink and purple
2 Jasminum officinale, white with a lovely scent
1 little orange tree (great scent)
2 African violets (Saintpaulia) (1 pink and white, 1 blue and white)
1 Camelia , deep pink
1 Begonia, red
2 botanical Cyclamen, 1 white, 1 pink
1 Zygocactus truncatus, pink
1 Spathiphyllum, white
1 bouquet of tulips and anemones

Making this list of all the things that are flowering now, has cheered me up tremendously. I hadn't realised how much flowers there are all around me already this early in the year. Thanks Carol of May Dreams Gardens, great idea!

Most gardening fashions start with people who do far too little gardening and far too much sitting in offices and thinking about it. Stefan Buczacki


Anita said...

Oh, that was quite a long list!

I took some photos of my February garden today as well: lots of crocus, snowdrops, helleborus and more!

Have a great week-end!

Groetjes uit Duitsland

pmo3ws said...

Yolanda your photos are beautiful!! Carol's idea does sound like a good one! I have lots popping up their heads outside, but no blooms yet. Some are just waiting for the first warmer week. They just won't do much in sub-zero temps. haha. When my daughter was stationed in Germany she bought me tulips from the Netherlands. They have been beautiful. I transplanted some of them last fall and they are all up now.

Lis said...

Da blüht ja schon sehr viel bei dir. Gestern habe ich auch bei mir die erste blühende Osterglocke gesehen, hoffentlich wird es jetzt nicht mehr so kalt. Der Strauss in lila ist sehr hübsch.
Sorry, aber ich kann besser englisch lesen als schreiben ;-)
Have a nice weekend

green thumb said...

I am fascinated by all the photographs you have posted. I wish I too could grow all those wonderful bulbs, but sadly the tempratures here do not support my wishes.

geekglue said...

How extraordinary the Hellebores in the first photo. What a fine photo to put at the top. It was 38C here today (same tomorrow) and our flowers are fighting to survive. So it was great to seeing your cool climate blooms.

Carol said...

Thank you for being a part of bloom day! You have so many lovely flowers... it is snowing again here, I can't wait for spring!

By the way, I think you left me a comment, but I might have messed up trying to publish it. Sorry about that. If you try to add a comment again, I'll be more careful!