Monday, February 12, 2007

They Set My Garden On Fire!

This rather vibrant composition of cat and nasturtiums is hot, hot, hot!

Materials used for this tasteful arrangement:

- 1 Maine Coon cat Camelot's Dolly Daisy McMain, bred by me and I'm owned by her

- 1 bunch of nasturtiums in orangey red that self seeded all over the place.

- 1 tree stump (birch)

- a bit of turf

- centre tree stump on bit of grass
- ask Dolly to artfully drape herself on said stump
- let nasturtiums grow through hedge
- stand back and admire.

Et voila! A beautiful and artistic centrepiece for any garden, anywhere in the world.

Constance Spry eat your heart out!

The nectarine, and curious peach
Into my hands themselves do reach
Stumbling on melons, as I pass
Ensnared with flowers, I fall on grass
Andrew Marvell 1621-1678


Kylee said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh.........a Maine Coon. I'm also the owner of a Maine Coon - Simon. Just Simon. And you're right. You're owned by them. LOL. Your furbaby is just gorgeous!

I see you have a Russion Blue, too. I'm of the opinion that my Jilly has Russian Blue in her heritage. Her mama just showed up here last spring, about four weeks pregnant. We think someone dropped her off here. Sad, how people do this.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely composition and a very red coon cat.

ladyluz said...

Ssshhhh....don't tell Yin or Yang, but we love Main Coons.

All three of your cats are adorable.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Thanks Ladyluz! And as far as my cats go; you ain't seen nothin' yet. Tip, Iceberg, 'nuff said! :-)

And of course I won't say a word to Yin or Yang. ;-)