Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Have You Hugged a Tree Today?

What do you mean "no"? What's not to like? Well, except for this one.

They enhance our lives with their beauty, they frame a view so perfectly, they give us oxygen and clean the air, they offer shelter from rain, sun and wind. If that is not reason enough for hugging them, I don't know what is.

So, what's stopping you? Go on, give them a hug, a well deserved pat on the back and, when no one is looking, maybe even a little kiss? You know you want to!

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.
Joyce Kilmer


Alice said...

Beautiful trees, Yolanda. Can you imagine living without trees? How awful would that be?

Most of our native trees are shedding their bark at the moment leaving beautiful smooth trunks beneath.

Yes please, Yolanda, you can send me as much rain as you like - just so long as it doesn't have icy bits in it - a metre of hail landed in the city centre last night and damaged hundreds of buildings.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. The photos then disappeared so I had to repost, but your comment has disappeared too now.

Libbys Blog said...

I like the first tree best! We don't have alot of trees round where I live, its farming land! So always nice to see pics of them!!

stadtgarten said...

Nice photos of beautiful grand trees.

It is a shame that at the moment lots of big old trees must be cut down in our town, because they are ill.

Thanks for the description of how to get to Piet Oudolf. I would very much like to visit some gardens in the Netherlands and I hope we will have time for this this year!

Thanks for the link to my blog on your page. I now did the same, because I love to come back often!

Dag en groetjes uit Duitsland,

Pam/Digging said...

I enjoyed the tree tribute. Austin doesn't have many of the grand giants that more-temperate climates grow. But we do have lovely, gnarled live oaks. I'll have to remember to photograph a few sometime.

green thumb said...

This reminds me of a people's movement in India, a few years back,in protest of indiscriminate cutting and felling of trees by land mafia.To save the trees people used to cling to them.The movement was named-'Chipko Movement'[chipko in hindi means to stick with glue.],and it was a great success.

Carol said...

Yolanda I love all your tree pictures, you have a very beautiful blog here!

Gotta Garden said...

Well, actually, I do pat them and occasionally talk to them (they haven't spoken I suppose the sanity is still! That is some kind of branching on that first one! I gotta go for the one with the bench...I love benches! Of course, I like the view peering under the next one, too.

Okay, okay...I like them all!

Bert said...

Tree hugging is my favourite past time. Very nice pictures. Ciao!!

Carol said...

I love trees! My favorite charcters in Lord of the Rings were the Tree Ents.

Wonderful post with some great tree pictures.