Sunday, February 4, 2007

Flowering now!

Purple crocuses

Bergenia cordifolia in the ornamental kitchen garden.
Although it's normal for the crocuses to be in flower this month, the Bergenia is an entirely different story as that would normally start flowering in March/April. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, there can never be enough flowers in the garden for me. I love a profusion of flowers in my garden (and house) all year long, thank you very much.
I read a funny anecdote about Christopher Lloyd the other day. It was written by Romke van der Kaa, who used to be Mr Lloyd's head gardener once upon a time. Allegedly, Mr Lloyd, while in the white garden of Sissinghurst, spread a lot of marigold seeds around. How very naughty of him!
Christopher Lloyd died last year on the 27th of January, a great loss to anyone who holds the joy of gardening dear.
Any plant holds an intimation of immortality. That must be why people garden. Christopher Lloyd

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