Monday, February 5, 2007

Sowing the Seeds

Last year I bought my first greenhouse ever. I wanted one that looked good in my ornamental kitchen garden. I don't like those modern aluminium ones that look so horribly out of place in the garden. After I'd done some research on the Internet I found this small company in my neighbourhood that make "new" greenhouses out of old ones. Recycling, that's just up my street! Here's a link to the company that made my greenhouse:
The info is in Dutch only.

So I went to have a look and found a lovely dark green Victorianesq greenhouse. It's 2.35 meters wide and 4.58 meters long. It's 2.45 high in the middle. After it had been erected in my garden it looked like it 'd always been there. I love the look of it, it's really pretty and not too much in your face. It has those fun ornaments on the roof that are supposed to keep the birds off the roof.

Today I'll be working in my greenhouse, sowing some broad beans in pots to put in a cold frame and I'll probably sow some annuals, perennials and some more vegetables as well. I like working in my greenhouse, it's nice and cosy in there and very green because of all the plants that are overwintering in there.

Yesterday was another lovely day; the sun came out in the afternoon and there was no wind to speak of. Temperature was around 10 C, which was very nice indeed.

Last night we had a touch of frost and this morning the temperature is 5 C and today it feels much more like what it really is: winter! Unfortunately the winter lasted only a few hours. In the afternoon the temperature rose to 7,5 C and then it started to rain. Another grey and rainy winters day. Yuck!

Gardening is little more than systematic violence in pursuit of beauty and the gardener is first and foremost a sadist. Nowhere are sex and death more intimately bound together than in the garden.

Medlar Lucan & Durian Gray, the Decadent Gardener, 1996.


Kylee said...

Oh, goodness, what a lovely blog! I've added it to my links on my own blog. Hope you don't mind. I'm jealous of your greenhouse! Hubby says no, for the time being, and I'm not all that determined to have one, but you never know...

ladyluz said...

Hi Yolanda. Welcome to blogging, and thanks for stopping by mine. It's interesting to me to know what's happening in the growing season in Holland. The season's seem out of whack in many countries. My Spanish neighbour says it was abnormal here in January with daytime temps. around 21, peach and almond blossom on the trees. This has disappeared with th cold snap.

Love the quotes and poems you use and am so intrigued by Medlar and Durian's quote, I'll have to read up on the book, or get the book.

Happy blogging - I shall stop by again, with pleasure.