Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be My Valentine

Love all alike, no season knows, nor clime,
Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.
John Donne

Aren't they sweet, my lovely Russian Blue Delia (on the left) and my youngest Ruskie Merlijn. He's so protective of her, isn't it adorable?

And those little turtle-doves, sitting so close together in the walnut tree. Well, it's Valentine's day so what did you expect?

It's raining today and it's rather grey and dull again. I long for spring, for all the colours it brings, the freshness of it, the new life in the garden.

After month after month after month of dull grey skies and lots of rain, we could do with some cheering up. I'm so glad I've planted lots of bulbs last autumn as they cheer me up immensely.

The snowdrops are doing fine and so are several other early flowering bulbs such as crocuses and winter aconites. To my surprise I found a few daffodils in flower as well. They are very early this year. Last year they were very late as winter showed up rather unexpectedly during March and April. In the end we had the daffodils, crocuses and tulips in flower at the same time. Very weird.

Februari is een herrieschopper.
Hij mist de kalmte van de grote winter
en draagt de prikkelingen
en ergernissen van de
in aantocht zijnde lente al in zich mee.

My translation:
February is a troublemaker.
It lacks the calm of great winter
and already brings the stimuli
and annoyances of the coming spring.
Vincenzo Cardarelli "Februari"


Hillside Garden said...

Hi Yolanda, thank you for visiting my blog! You are my neighbour! We have not so much interesting garden blogs in europe - in english language.
I've spend a while here at your blog, I envy you about the Helleborus. Your english is much more better than mine. May be I can write in German sometimes? Du you understand German too?
My friend is from Netherlands, she is my 'blond Meisje'!

See you soon!


Stuart said...

Gorgeous cats Yolande - as far as cats go anyway!!

Your snowdrops look incredible as well.

green thumb said...

Hi Yolanda,Thanks for reciprocating my link.The photos are so cute and mushy. These beautiful cats give me one more reason to keep returning to your blog.

Luna said...

Cute cats, wonderful photo. (Das Foto ist wirklich süß). Is the Maine Coon Cat yours too ? She is gorgeous.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello Sigrun,

Sure, you can write in German, no problem as I can read it quite well. I've linked to your blog, I hope that's OK? I like your blog and garden a lot and will come again to visit!

Hi Stuart,

What do you mean *as far as cats go anyway*?? LOL Am I talking to a d*g person? ;-)

You're right, they are gorgeous, inside and out. Russian Blues are very sweet.

Hello Green Thumb,

I see that my garden, my cats and I have got you hooked. ;-)

Hi Luna,

Yes the Maine Coon Dolly lives with me too. I'm very lucky to share my life with such a wonderful cat. :-)

Hillside Garden said...

Yolanda, yes, you can link me. Und schön, dass du mich auch so verstehen kannst! Manchmal hab ich halt in Deutsch viel mehr Wörter!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely cats, so nice and close together. To bad the weather was so awful.
Bye bye