Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Whiff of Spring

Today was a lovely Spring day with lots of sunshine. In the afternoon I had time to work in the vegetable garden, garden and greenhouse.

In the garden I did a bit of pruning and Maine Coon Vita (blue, cream and white) was supervising the whole operation. Every branch I took off was checked to see if I had done it right. It's nice to have a little helper like that when you're gardening.

After the pruning I got my vegetable seeds from my nifty box and started sowing them in my greenhouse. It was nice and cosy in there because it was such a sunny day. It felt almost like summer in my greenhouse, so it was a pleasure to work in there.

I've sown tomatoes, courgettes, red hot peppers, peppers, pumpkins, spinach, lettuce, radishes and rocket today. Some of it in pots, the rest in my cold frames.

Last week I had sown broad beans and sweet peas, after which I had put the pots in a cold frame. Today some of the seedlings were poking their heads through the soil. Result!

And while I was working in the garden Dolly and Vita were following me around.

Merlijntje and Kadootje also kept an eye on me from their windowsill. And of course, just a I took the picture, Kadootje decided to look the other way. Cats!

It was such a lovely day today, hopefully more will follow.

And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.
A.C. Swinburne


Bert said...

The weather was nice here too near the coast of Hook of Holland. Very springlike in temperature. I hop youre seeds will germenate well and become nice little plants soon!Very nice green greenhouse by the way.

Lis said...

Du hast ja wirklich schon viel ausgesät, aber wenn man ein Gewächshaus hat kann man ja schon viel vorziehen.

Birgit said...

You are very busy in the garden! And nice pictures from your lovely cats can I see here.

Kylee said...

You make me wish I were there with you! You have such a beautiful place and lovely furbabies!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lis, a greenhouse is a wonderful thing to have this time of year. Last year I didn't have a greenhouse (it was built in May) so I'm enjoying it for the first time now. It's wonderful for all the seedlings to be stored there.

Bert, I hope they will germinate too. ;-)

Birgit, I think we are all busy in our garden. I read how busy you were a few days ago on your blog.

Kylee, it's a pity we live so far apart but I'm glad to share my garden en furbabies with you in this way.

sisah said...

Your cats are really pretty, one more beautiful than the other.
My "Feld-Wald-undWiesenkater" Dooley is as nosy as your beauty Vita, he likes to accompany me in the garden... I have to be careful though...sometimes he decides to jump on my hands and once he got injured this way as he jumped right into my pruning scissors.

pmo3ws said...

Beautiful garden and cats! I love the window picture! Come on spring!

Loretta said...

What lovely crocuses- (and cats of course)!

Salix Tree said...

What pretty cats!
Just realised I better start my seed sowing too! Your garden is looking quite colorful already!

Carol said...

Ah yes isn't such a plotting in the garden day wonderful, it makes us gardeners so content! I'm not envious because I've just experienced the perfect garden weekend with beautiful and warm weather :D

Carol said...

Oops I forget to say I envie you for your greenhouse, I wish I had one, but my garden is too small. You are very lucky!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Sisah, I hope Dooley wasn't hurt too badly. Our cats can sometimes do very unexpected things!

Kathy, Loretta and Salix tree, thanks for the compliments!

Salix tree and Loretta, welcome to my blog!

Carol I'm glad you had a wonderful gardening weekend with lovely weather. We had that too here and I've enjoyed it a lot.

The Victorian greenhouse was something that I dreamed about for a long, long time. Last year in May that dream came true.