Friday, March 23, 2007

A Promise of Better Days to Come

Another day of doom and gloom today. Dull grey skies promising more rain once again, a nasty cold wind that makes you huddle deep into your winter coat. Brrrrrrrr. It's Spring they say, but it doesn't feel like it at all. I'm glad I took some time yesterday to work in my garden, because today it isn't going to happen.

To cheer myself and fellow garden bloggers up, here are a few pictures to remind us of warmer, sunnier and better days to come, and that we will, once again, be able to enjoy our gardens to the fullest. Feast your eyes and warm the cockles of your heart on the queen of flowers, the rose!
A rose is
a rose is
a rose is
a rose is a rose, errr Ruskie, oops, sorry!
is a rose
is a rose!!! With many thanks to Gertrude Stein for those wise words about roses. Have a wonderful weekend everyone with lots of fun gardening and hugging your pets!

Idealist: One who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.
Henry Louis Mencken, 1880-1956


Kristi said...

Your roses are stunning! And your kitten photo could not possibly be sweeter. My garden is brand new, because our whole property was torn apart due to pool construction. I started in November with a huge lot of dirt and empty space. It's slowly taking shape, and I'm enjoying re-creating it. Too bad I won't see it at 400 years old! :)

Gardener Greg said...

Great pictures. I love rosses and kittens too. I also took yesterday off and played in my garden but unlike you, todays weather is better than yesterday. This will make you sick but it is in the 79's here and sunny. But then I am working today so I can't play outside either.

ladyluz said...

Well I'm well cheered up by your blog and to add to it, the cold wind disappeared today.

The kitties are adorable - I love it when cats all cuddle up together.

david santos said...

very nice done Yolanda!
This work is very nice. thank you
have a good weekend

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Roses make better tea... but maybe not so much better soup! ;)

Gorgeous pictures, Yolanda Elizabet. Are all of these roses from your garden?

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Yolanda,
it´s a pleasure to read your posts of the last week. Especially we enjoy to see your cats and kitten at your blog. At this moment our "Maus" is still sitting at the lap and will be intensely fondled.
So we have time to look at your posts and admire your roses too. And we will be anxious to your next posts.

Have a good gardening week!
Silke & Wolfgang

Pam/Digging said...

Beautiful roses. Where did you take these photos?

Over at Digging, I posted the picture you asked for: my neighbor's orange house with the crossvine. Enjoy!

Carol said...

I love all the pictures. I think we will have a weekend of rain off and on, so like you, I won't be able to spend much time in the garden! Boo Hoo!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Kristi and David welcome!

Greg, I'm glad to hear that at least 1 gardener is having good weather.

Ladyluz welcome back and those kitties are adorable aren't they?

Kim, that was a funny definition of an optimist, wasn't it? And roses make lovely tea. No, not all the roses are mine I'm afraid, I wish they were.

Silke and Wolfgang, give Maus a hug from me and I hope you will enjoy my blog next week too. There will be more kittens and cats to admire.

Pam, the first, third and seventh picture were taken in Kent, England.The second, 4th and 5th one in a nursery in the Netherlands. The 6th and last one were taken at my place. I hope to take more pics of my own roses this year.

Carol, I'm sorry to hear that. I know how you look forward to spending time in your garden and of course you were going to try out your new hoe, weren't you? Let's keep our fingers crossed for all our garden blogger friends, that they will spend at least some fun time in their garden this weekend.

Lis said...

Wundervolle Rosenfotos, bei diesem Wetter kann man etwas Aufmunterung gut gebrauchen.
Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende, ab morgen soll der Frühling ja wieder zurückkommen
LG Lis

Ber said...

Nice smelling roses are my favourites. Only disadvantage of roses is that I always keep hanging on there branches with my clothing. Nice examples of diferent type of roses! Have a nice weekend. Ciao!

Thalia said...

Awww, the kittens look so cute!!! And the roses look beautiful!

Hillside Garden said...

Yolanda, ist das dein Haus und dein Garten? Ich bin entzückt! Und Gertrudes Worte sind auch meine, ich benutze es oft!
Alte Rosen haben einen Charme, den die modernen einfach nicht haben.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hallo Lis, Bert, Thalia and Sigrun,

Lis, you are right, today, Sunday, it's Frühling again. Hurray!

Bert, you should be more careful around the roses. It will be better for your clothes.

Thalia, I knw you would love the kittens. The one that is waving its little paw to say hello, is my Sam who's now 16 years and 7 months old.


Das ist leider nicht mein Haus und Garten. Boohoo! This lovely house is in Kent, England not all that far away from Sissinghurst. It's beautiful, isn't it? It's my dream house. I've been inside the house as well and that looks great too.

On the last picture you can see my front garden with the white roses and a little bit of my house as well.

Hannele said...

Lovely photos, we have a nice day.

Anita said...

Okay, my first question is already answered, the cottage on the first photo is NOT yours (what a pity).

Do you know that I do NOT yet have any roses in my garden? (My garden is just two years old). I'll buy my fist roses soon because we have finally found and bought a rose arc! I am looking for a climbing rose and my favourite one is "New Dawn". Do you know it? Would it be a good choice for a beginner like me?


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Hannele and Anita,

Hannele, we did indeed have a very nice day today!

Anita, I'm shocked! No roses in your garden? I'm glad you want to buy some this year. :-)

New Dawn is a healthy rose, flowers pretty long and is soft pink in colour but no scent. Personally I prefer other roses such as Madame Alfred Carriere, white with a pink blush and with a lovely scent, just as healthy as New Dawn and long flowering too and with not many thorns. And it also flowers in deep shade!

Another favorite is Guirlande d'Amour, which is white, scented, long flowering and healthy with lovely clusters of tiny white flowers.

The last picture shows you this rose and it had just been planted a few months earlier and already this fantastic result! One thing though, it has many small thorns so your rose arc has to be wide so you don't get caught. I have it also growing on my pergola which is 1.80 meters wide. I will show more pictures later and perhaps do a post on good roses to buy.

Birgit said...

Wunderschön Deine Rosen, Yolanda. Aber die Baby-Katzen sind ganz reizend. Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich Dir.

stadtgarten said...

Beautiful photos! And the house in Kent could be my dream house, too. The wall with the roses, is this in Sissinghurst?
Thank god it's spring again now and I am on a two weeks leave. The weather here is beautiful today and I will go outside into the garden later.
Have a nice week, groetjes, Monika

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hallo Birgit und Monika,

Birgit, thank you, I love those little kittens too, so very cute and pretty. Auch ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche mit viel Sonnenschein!

Monika, we have the same dream house! :-) The wall with roses stands in the beautiful garden of Goodnestone Park in Kent.

How nice that you have a 2 week holiday. I hope the weather will stay nice and sunny. Enjoy your holiday, Monika!

karin a said...

We've had and still have lovely weather, but I still enjoy you beautiful photos. I just love roses and especially the historical ones. I hope you'll soon have sunny and warm weather again. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

Carol said...

What a beautiful garden! I love all the roses! And that little kitty is just too cute!