Monday, March 26, 2007

Frivolously Frilly and Flirty

are the violets that I bought this weekend. Very frilly and frivolous, aren't they?
On Saturday it was overcast and dull, alas, so I went to the garden center to buy a few things for the garden.

This is what I brought home with me, a few plants and a very nice deep blue bowl with 2 little birdies to put birdseed in for the birds outside.

Here's a closer look at those frilly violets I also bought. Fun aren't they, and so pretty!
On Sunday I woke up to blue skies and sunshine, so finally some good weather to do a bit of work in the garden. This time I decided to tackle the front garden as it was long overdue. Of course, what you need, to do a job properly, is some good equipment and here is mine.

And here is a close up of all the stuff I needed to prune the roses and tie them up. I have a lot of roses in my front garden, mainly climbing ones that only need a light prune and the removal of dead wood.
I also needed to do a lot of weeding as you can see here. I have 6 beds in my front garden edged with box. In the middle of each bed is a obelisk for a climbing rose.

To make the job of weeding easy I have a kneeling bench that is great to have, as it's easy on the back and knees. It also makes getting up much easier as you can just push yourself up. If you turn this bench upside down, you have a little stool to sit upon. Very handy, don't you think?
Because I was working in the front garden, and ran the risk of other people being able to see me, I decided to dress for the occasion. It really doesn't do to frighten one's neighbours by looking a fright while working in the garden. Here's a glimpse of my garden apparel. Pretty in pink, as they say, with matching hold all. Well, I do have a standard to maintain, as the garden fashionista of the garden bloggers world, don't I? :-pRight, lets get cracking with the weeding.

After about 2 hours, a lot of weeds had gone in the pink hold all and the beds were getting pretty neat and tidy again.
There, you see, all weeds gone.
Here's an overview of my front garden. There are 2 beds on the left and 4 on the right, divided by a path leading to the front door.

After all the hard work, I decided to relax in one of my favorite spots in the garden, my little table and chair next to the Victorian greenhouse. It's a very secluded spot and I love sitting there, basking in the spring sun. It was nice out, the birds were singing and the daffodils were gently nodding their heads in the light breeze. It was fun to just relax with a nice cuppa and and do a spot of sunbathing. Bliss!

If we are to believe the Bible, the first murder was carried out by a gardener. And the first garden was a place where sin beckoned wherever you turned.
Simon Busch, The Guardian, 23 May 2003


Kate said...

Your violets are most adorable! I am completely charmed by them.

It was good to see that you upheld your garden fashionista standards and that your pink leg and footwear matched perfectly your pink holdall. I was impressed!

Your front garden looks incredibly lush already and I loved your resting and reading spot. It always does my heart good to see an ever-present bag of soil or compost hidden behind the chair ... I always seem to have one at the ready.

Beautiful pictures as always ~

Birgit said...

Wunderschöne und dekorative Bilder sind das wieder bei Dir, Yolanda. Du hast wirklich viel Talent, alles, selbst einfache Gegenstände gekonnt in Scene zu setzen.
In meinem blog hast Du nach den neuen Rosen gefragt. Ich habe sie Dir dort aufgezählt. Noch eine schöne Gartenwoche für Dich und Deine Pelznasen

Libbys Blog said...

You do make me chuckle when you talk about your garden attire!! Its a good job you can't see me when I'm working hard!!!
I'm sorry if I am abit ignorant but I thought it would be quite cold in your area still, but it seems to be lovely weather currently!!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all, thanks for stopping by.

Kate, when I saw those violets at the garden center I was smitten and just had to have them. I'm glad you were impressed with my fashionable gardening clothes and shoes. Did you notice the shocking pink socks? ;-)

Birgit, thank you for your lovely compliments. I try to tell a story and take the right pictures to go along with the story.

Thank you for the list of roses. Several of them are old friends of mine. I hope to see many pictures of them in the coming months on your blog!

Libby, it's just a bit of fun this whole fashionable garden attire and I'm glad it makes you chuckle as that was what I was aiming for. ;-)

I think here in the Netherlands we have, more or less, the same weather as in the south of England.

I hope this spell of nice weather will hold as I have still lots of work to do in the garden, who doesn't this time of year?

Luna said...

Nice to meet you !
You have wonderful pictures and your cats are adorable. They have wonderful colours.
I like your garden. The best is the place with the book on the chair ;-) and the sun and maybe a cat =´`.´`=

moderncountry said...

Hartstikke bedankt voor een leuke melding, en ook voor je bezoek! Het ziet trouwens goed uit in je tuin! Ik ben ook bezig met nieuwe planten, maar eerst het onkruid een oude bladeren uithalen...Sucess verder ! Ik ga nu slapen, welterusten :)

Carol said...

What a lovely day you had, and you got some work done, too. When I work in the front yard, as we say here in the U.S., I must frighten the neighbors. I have no pink and frilly to wear in the garden. Just plain clogs and plain green t-shirts and blue jeans. Perhaps I shall take a picture for you soon!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Luna and moderncountry, welcome to my blog.

Luna, definitely with a cat. ;-)

moderncountry: je schrijft heel goed nederlands; ik ben onder de indruk. Je hebt een erg leuke blog.

Carol: I'm looking forward to that picture. ;-) I hope it didn't rain all weekend and you got some gardening done as well.

Thalia said...

I loved the violets, dear Yolanda and its' good to know that you are having fun working in the garden, with the onset of spring.

the enigma said...

oh those frilly violets are beautiful! it make great contrast with another light colored flowers. you've captured them beautifully in your pictures..!

Bert said...

Very nice violets, lots of work all that pruning. But the weather is very good, so no bad job.
And very handy tools and kneeling bench. That way it stays an pleasant job.
Keep up the good work.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello Thalia, Enigma and Bert,

Those violets are adorable and look even better in real life than they do on the picture. What a find they were! :-)

Mia said...

How nice that you visited my blog and left a lovely comment. I really appreciated it. And chicken, they tend to, unfortunately, mess the garden up (in my experience...) I usually wait until the plants and flowers are well established before I let them run loose, but since the weather has been so lovely in Norway lately, I did not have the heart to keep them cooped up inside any longer...

Your garden looks lovely and I do agree with you about dressing "up" while gardening, it does not indeed do to get caught in less than presentable clothes and shoes...

Gloria said...

What great a combination of color and texture with your pansies.
Your pink attire contrasts well.
I have enjoyed the pictures of your gardening day.
Your spring is much more advanced than here in Chicago.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for adding the link to my blog as well. I will add yours the next time I log in... I enjoy each visit here. :)

stadtgarten said...

You have already been very busy in the garden. Your front garden looks very nice, not the normal boring just lawn that so many people have (unfortunately ours is like this, but I am gonna change it, as the time comes)
The violets have a wonderful color and will match good with the pink of your garding outfit!
Groetjes uit Duitsland, Monika

Green thumb said...

Whew! My dear 'garden fashionista of the garden bloggers world', you certainly have a standard to maintain and you have remarkably done so.
I wish I could join you next to your Victorian greenhouse on those cute little table and chair.

Carol said...

I love your purple frilled violets too Yolanda! I have got me some like those in blue a few weeks ago!

Ah yes spring in the garden is so fabulous, I can see you've enjoyed the same garden works that I've done last weekend, weeding lol. Oh and we even share the same garden bench! That spot near your green house looks very inviting! xox

Hannele said...

Pretty tools.