Monday, March 12, 2007

Garden Friends

A garden is not just there for flowers, plants, shrubs, grass and trees. It would be a rather dull place without the addition of some garden friends in various shapes and sizes, don't you think?

Here are a few garden friends that I've met in gardens throughout the years and quite a few of them in my own. What would a garden be without these creatures?

Is it even possible to have a garden without them? Would life in the garden be possible without the humble worm, the pretty ladybird, the hedgehog, the blackbird, the bumblebee and many many more. And who would want to be without them?

Would a lazy summer day be half as good without the drone of the busy bee, the song of many a bird and not forgetting Jiminy cricket playing his violin? Or a sweet kitten to keep you company and gladden your heart with its antics, chasing after butterflies and leaves fluttering in the breeze?

A garden without the sounds and sightings of all who live there, is that even a garden? The tranquility that is brought by the golden fishes swimming lazily in the pond, who would be without it?
Don't they all enhance our lives with their presence, their beauty, their song or just their plain usefulness in combating pests and pollinating flowers in our gardens? And who of us hasn't been enchanted by the beauty the butterfly? And some of those lovely creatures are even especially bred to enhance our garden with their beauty. So here's to them, our wonderful garden friends! May we cherish and protect them.
I would not enter on my list of friends,
(Though graced with polished manners and fine sense,
Yet wanting sensibility) the man
Who needlessly sets foot upon a worm.
William Cowper, 1731 - 1800


Gardener Greg said...

I took some pictures of my visitors yesterday and will post them on my blog as soon as I get the film developed. I took some with the digital camera but it just doesn't get me in close enough, Those are great pictures. Thanks, Greg

Carol said...

I agree with you Yolanda, garden visitors are important to have! My faves are birds, especially my friends the little robin and the titmices oh and I love squirrels in the garden and all kinds of butterflies and bees and cats of course. Well about that pig lol surely not in my little yard, but in a big garden okay lol

Birgit said...

Your words are soo right! What wonderful animals, the little piggy ist so beautiful. And the white bird (named Pfau in Germany)looks very royality. I like all the animals and the sound in the garden, too. Wonderful pictures!

Hannele said...

So many friends.

Carol said...

I like the butterflies and bees and any little creatures that mind their manners and don't eat my vegetables. Well, if they just nibble, that's okay, but no gluttons in the vegetable garden!
Cute pictures, by the way. Is that your pig?

Blackswamp_Girl said...

What great pictures! And I love that path that the orange and white kitty sits on.

Kylee said...

I could do without the pig! LOL!!

The peacock reminds me of our neighbors' peacocks. One day, one paid us a visit. I'll have to post about it in my blog someday.

We'll have a couple of butterflies around here very soon! (See my post for today.) :-)

Another adorable cat!! Is that one yours? Ship him to me?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all,

Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Greg, I look forward to see your pictures!

Carol, I'm still reading your blog but I've already seen many lovely pictures of all the pretty birds that visit your garden.

Birgit, I'm glad you like the pig and the beautiful peacock (Pauw in Dutch) very much. I like them too.

Carol, the piggy doesn't live with me unfortunately. I came across him last year when I was visiting a beautiful garden. This piggy was allowed to go where ever it wanted to in this very large garden it lived in. Great isn't it?

Blackswamp girl, I've passed your compliments on to my hubby who made the path. ;-) The kitty is called Dolly, she's a Maine Coon cat.

Kylee, the kitty in the grass is my lovely Kadootje and I'm afraid you can't have her. ;-)

Lis said...

Das hast du sehr schön beschrieben. Einen Garten ohne Tiere kann ich mir auch nicht vorstellen, nur auf das Schwein könnte ich verzichten :-)

Green thumb said...

Hi Yolanda,all your gardening friends are very cute and beautiful in their own right.It is their coexistence that imparts vivacity to the garden.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, you meant the nice creatures! Oh good. I was worried there. The voles are back in my garden (not for long, I hope) and I cannot imagine any welcome mat for them! Your garden is full of peace...mine is a!

Bert said...

Nice story about garden friends, it's always nice to have some wildlife around your garden. Many of them are good help in pest control! And they are a nice subject to observe while enjoying some rest in the garden.