Monday, March 19, 2007

My Victorian Greenhouse

In early May of last year my Victorian greenhouse was built. For me this was a dream come true, one for which I had waited many years. After I had done a lot of research I decided on this greenhouse you see here. I don't care for those aluminium ones as they do not add any beauty to a garden. After my garden assistant and his assistant had erected the greenhouse, which took less than 2 days, it looked as though it had always been there. It fitted in so nicely with the rest of the kitchen garden.
A Victorian greenhouse has real glass panes and there's ornamentation on the roof to keep birds from sitting on the greenhouse roof and leaving bird poo on the glass roof. And it works, which is very handy, as it saves lots of cleaning. My greenhouse has 2 windows in the roof that open automatically when it gets too hot inside. Last week both windows were open a great deal during the day. Today, now that it is much colder and not sunny at all, the windows stay firmly closed.
Last year I grew lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse; Italian pomedore, cherry tomatoes, very tasty yellow ones and a French tomato called marmande. I also grew some sweet paprika's, some eggplants, basil, hot chili peppers and a melon. All these plants performed very well and provided me with lots of delicious fruit. Except for the melon that, although it flowered, didn't set any fruit until it was too late in the year. This year I'll try another variety of melon and see how that one will do.

Last year we had a lovely summer with lots of sunshine and every morning our friendly neighbourhood cat, Surprise, would show up in my vegetable garden and enter the greenhouse where she would lie down under the tomato plants. After a while, usually when it would get too hot, she would disappear again. Late in the evening, around dusk she would come again and then spend most of her summer nights underneath my tomatoes basking on the warm earth. I would leave the greenhouse door open for her, so she could come and go as she pleased. Surprise always behaved like a perfect lady in the greenhouse.
Of course, little Kadootje likes the greenhouse too. Cats love places where it is nice and warm and Kadootje is always curious to see what I 'm up to in the greenhouse. She likes to stick her elegant little nose where it doesn't belong and likes to 'help' by stealing my packets of seeds, my ball of string and other stuff if I'm not careful. We always end up by me putting her out of the greenhouse and closing the door on her.

Last autumn, when all the tomatoes and other plants were gone, I stored some of my tender plants in the greenhouse so that they had a good chance to survive the winter in there. Those that could stand a little frost, I put in the greenhouse, the others went into my conservatory which is heated during the cold months of the year.

Right now there are lots of seedlings waiting in my greenhouse to be planted outside but they have to wait at least another month or 2, until the risk of frost is gone.

I leave you with a picture of another Victorian greenhouse I have, a miniature one. Isn't it pretty and it doesn't cost the earth like the big one does.

Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse too. William Cowper 1731-1800


Bert said...

Wow Yolanda, what a very greenhouse you have. And it does give you a nice produce too.
Thanks for te nice and cler pictures!!

Anita said...

Both greenhouses are great! But of course, the big one is much more useful than the little one... ;-)) Thanks for sharing the photos!

By the way, I sent you an email yesterday, I hope it did not end up in your spam filter. Did you receive it?`

Groetjes uit Duitsland

Hillside Garden said...

Wunderbar, einfach wunderbar! Und erst dieser Topf zum Drüberstülpen! Ich kenne sie aus vielen englischen Gärten! Dein Garten ist ein Traum. Man müßte ihn mal begehen können!


Gotta Garden said...

Your blog is indeed most aptly named! I didn't know that about the birds! I especially like that it opens and closes as necessary. And, with a conservatory, can grow anything!

Very blissful!

Carol said...

I used to scheme and dream about one day having a greenhouse, but alas, it appears not meant to be.

Yours look quite nice and we are all envious of it!

Kylee said...

You're torturing me, you know! Just kidding. I lived vicariously through you via this post. Thank you! :-)

rusty in miami said...

The Greenhouse looks great, I which there was one that would work in the tropics to protect plants from the heat of the summer

Gloria said...

The first garden preview of the year. Such well used space and a great greenhouse. I look forward to getting to know your garden as it grows this year.

John Curtin said...

Ah! A greenhouse is top of my garden wish list - I always head for them anytime I visit a garden. Just think of all those tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine I could be growing! Enjoy it.

Green thumb said...

Thanks to your blog dear yolanda, I've been able to appreciate that how professionally one can be attached to his/her hobby.
Hobby gardening here, as much I know, is still a far cry from what you have there in netherlands.
I am completely in awe!

Libbys Blog said...

You do indeed have a very beautiful garden. The Greenhouse just makes it special. Alas mine is aluminium and too small but at least I have one!!!

Thalia said...

The greenhouse is great and I noted from the blog that the cat probably enjoys being in the garden more than anybody else! :-)

Cats and gardens get along really well, dont they?

Hannele said...

Victorian Greenhouse, so wonderful, I'm in good mood, when I look at your pictures.

A wildlife gardener said...

What a beautiful greenhouse! Those peppers and aubergines looked divine! And the cats are great too. I love cats. We have two of our own and three strays we feed also.

Kate said...

Your greenhouse is such a treat to see - I love how the ornamental top is not only pretty but also functional.

The cat seems so much part of the ambience of your garden ...your kitchen garden is a true delight!

Birgit said...

Liebe Yolanda,
da ich mitbekommen habe, dass Du Deutsch ganz gut verstehst mache ich es mir mit meinem miserablen Englisch heute mal leichter. Habe eben erst gesehen, dass mein gestriger Kommentar scheinbar nicht geklappt hat. Dein Victorian Green House ist so so schön. Und Dein Garten erst. Einfach ein Traum! Wunderschön angelegt. Man kann eine Menge lernen davon. Ich hatte mir auch mal ein Gewächshaus gewünscht, jedoch haben wir leider keinen Platz mehr dafür, weil wir jetzt ein Sommer- und Gerätehaus gebaut haben. Wo hast Du eigentlich den tollen englischen Erntekorb gekauft? Würdes Du mir das wohl verraten?
Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Dienstag Abend. Ab Wochenende soll der Frühling zurück kommen. Liebe Grüße Birgit

exile61 said...

Hello Yolanda,
had to stop by again and read some more of your stories. I love your greenhouse and wished I had a space for it. Your garden looks wonderful, but most of all I have loved the story about your special birthday present.

Christina said...

I've been shopping and pricing greeenhouses. What brand did you purchase?

backyard greenhouse said...

Your greenhouse is beautiful! I like the way you made it that pretty. Keep up the good work.