Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everything You Always Wanted to Know

about the Bliss team but were afraid to ask. ;-)

One thing that is often asked about the Bliss team is: How many cats are there? Rumour has it (thanks James) that there are 43,000 cats at Bliss. That figure is ever so slightly wide of the mark. There are merely 10 at Bliss, no more no less; 8 indoor kitties and 2 outdoor ones. Let me introduce you to them:
This is Vita, a female Maine Coon cat, blue tortie and white and I've named her after Vita Sackville-West, she of Sissinghurst fame. I think my Vita looks very much like her namesake as both are very good at looking down their aristocratic noses, or turning them up, just as the case may be. Vita is a very feminine cat, her nickname is Miss Lola With Her Boa, as she waves her plumy tail about in such an alluring way.
Vita is the gentlest of creatures and a super Mum. She did not only look after her own children exceptionally well but also after other kittens when they were in desperate need of a Mum. If you look carefully at the pic above you'll notice that behind her front legs there is a tiny Russian Blue kitten, Delia. Her brother Delius is somewhere in there too, probably underneath one or two of the Maine Coon kittens.
Vita loves the outdoors and is often found in the potager where the catnip grows. Vita has had 3 litters and from the first one I kept 1 kitten myself, little Dolly, because she was so very sweet and she still is.
Totally irresistible, wouldn't you say?

Dolly, or Camelot Dolly Daisy McMain (her official name) is a bit of a tomboy and loves climbing trees, pretending to be a squirrel, a very big squirrel.
She's certainly got the right tail for it.
Dolly is my little lamb, very sweet and innocent and a very happy-go-lucky kittycat. She is full of fun and has a great sense of humour.
The thing she loves most of all is being outside in the garden.
Next is:

Camelot's Purrfect Pippa Pendragon Samsdottir, aka Pippa or Pipje (= little Pip). She is one of the fourth generation of Russian Blues that I've bred. Her parents are Grand International Champion Camelot's Sam Bucus

and Grand International Champion Camelot's Purrfect Melody. Camelot is my cattery name. I have mentioned before that I'm an Arthurian buff on this blog, remember? But perhaps you were distracted by other things. ;-)

Little Pippa was a bit of a handful as a kitten (still is now that she's an adult) and she could walk properly when she was just 2 weeks old, which is very early. Most kittens manage to walk when they are 3 to 4 weeks old. Her claim to fame is that she managed to climb into the cat litter tray at 2 weeks of age and here's the proof.
Pippa (named after Pippa - Pests and Diseases - Greenwood) is a very pretty Russian Blue with striking green eyes. She was a cover girl for a cat magazine once.
The thing she enjoys most, after eating and sleeping,
Daddy Sam with daughter Pipje, both snoozing for a place in the Olympic team

is munching grass. When Pippa is in the garden she grazes like a professional goat.
Pippa had twins in 2000, but unfortunately she had to have a Cesarean. As Pipje is such a live wire the vet had trouble putting her under and had to give her a double dose of anesthetics. Not good, she was very ill for a whole week afterwards and couldn't look after her twins. Fortunately Vita had kittens at that time too and, although Vita's were almost 3 weeks old, Vita adopted the twins readily and looked after them very well. Such a relief!

One half of the twins, I named them Camelot's Tweedle Dee Delia and Tweedle Dum Delius, was my
little Delia who has stayed with me. And before you ask, I did not name her after Delia Smith, British TV cook, but after Cordelia Gray, a fictional character in a book (An Unsuitable Job For a Woman) by P.D. James. Here kitten Delia is in a tight embrace with her brother Delius.
They were inseparable and it was heart breaking when Delius had to leave to go to his forever home.
Delia is the Prima Ballerina of the Bliss team. She can easily land with 4 feet on a 44 euro cents stamp from a very great height, no problem. Because she was raised by Vita, Delia and Vita still have a mother-daughter relationship. Delia is very lithe and graceful, rather shy with strangers but very sweet and gentle with me and with her son Merlijntje.
I'm very glad I've kept Merlin (aka Camelot Merlinus Aurelius aka Merlijntje = little Merlin because he's such a big cat) as he and his Mum Delia are, just as Delia and Delius were once upon a time, inseparable.
Apart from being a Mummy's boy, Merlin is a typical male as is shown here, where he's hugging the remote. Men!
The love of his life is Dolly. He's besotted with her but she barely tolerates him. Before he is ungraciously allowed to lay down next to her, she always boxes his ears firmly. Poor Merlin.
Merlin's favourite sparring partner is Kadootje (small present) and even though she is half his size, she usually wins. Merlin is such a big softy.
Introducing you to the other half of the Bliss team will have to wait as this is already such a looooooong post. Hopefully you've enjoyed getting to know Vita, Dolly, Pippa, Delia and Merlijntje a bit better!

copyright 2009; Y.E.W. Heuzen

A home without a cat -- and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat -- may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title? Mark Twain


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always enjoy seeing the Bliss team. Never a dull momment with them about the house and garden no doubt.

I have always wanted a Maine Coon Cat. Maybe some day.

guild-rez said...

your cats are beautiful and I love your pictures.
Our Max is keeping us busy.
Who is taking care of the Bliss team if you are not home or on vacation??
Can't wait to see the other members of your cat family.
- Cheers Gisela

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions;
they pass no criticisms.
- George Eliot

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

All of your photos portray such a 'blissful' tale! The Bliss kitties have a very blissful life, indeed. They are all so pretty, too. Cats can get themselves into the most humorous positions and situations-which you've captured so well! Being from Maine, my husband (and his entire family) has never owned a Maine Coon cat. But, I've seen them and they're lovley. I love the russian blues...they are gorgeous and well-loved, no doubt!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Always good to see the Bliss Team, Yolanda. Are you ever surprised by the number of people who don't realize just how much purrsonality cats have? I know YOU know...I guess some people maybe don't spend as much time observing cats as we do. (and being observed by them. Mungus is planning world domination, I KNOW it!).

Gail said...

My dear I love your family! They are each delightfully full of spunk and personality....What a great read today as I sit here listening to Kat King Coal munch on his kitty food....We need more kitties here at Chez Cedar! gail

arythrina said...

Those Russian Blues are simply stunning! Thanks for the introduction.

easygardener said...

How nice that your felines are getting individual cameos. I could happily take them all home with me. Looking forward to the second half of the post.
Do all Maine Coons have tails as long as Dolly's? It's amazing.

Matron said...

I could just spend all day watching cats play! especially those two hugging each other - adorable. I have been playing snowballs this week with the dogs at my local rescue centre, it's great to have fun.

garden girl said...

Hi Yolanda, what a nice introduction to the Bliss team (or, half of it anyway!) Your kitties are so pretty, and they all seem like perfect characters!

Marian said...

Leuk om je kattenvolkje weer eens uitgebreid aan bod te zien komen Yolanda!
Ik kijk alvast uit naar de volgende aflevering ;-)
groeten, Marian

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Such accomplished cats you have! And to think they just prefer to hang out in the garden or around the house. I'm also a P.D. James fan and think that Delia is a wonderful name. I'm looking forward to partII of the Bliss team.

TatteredSpinner said...

Lovely! We once had a Maine Coon, and I think he was my favorite of all the ones we've had (although, with Kitty sitting right beside me, it's as much as my life is worth to say so aloud:)

nikkipolani said...

I love reading about all their characteristics and relationships with one another. I'm so often thinking about that lovely bunch of cats you have and how they play together.

Garden Emergency Supplies said...

I just have to say that them kodak moments I've been looking at brings back happy memories!
I sit back with excitement and tears looking at this priceless art! Hey guys thanks so much for sharing, sometimes people need an enlightment of visual beauty to uplift the soul, and this sure did do the job!

healingmagichands said...

Thanks for introducing the Bliss team. It is very inspiring and for my next cat I believe I will have to have a Maine Coon.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Kitty Bliss!

* Lisa: you are so right, we never have a dull moment. If it's not one of the Bliss team it's Tara. ;-)

* Gisela: when I go for a short holiday a friend who lives literally round the corner looks after them but when I go for a long holiday (2 to 3 weeks) they all come with me. It simply means that I go on holiday by car and not all that far away from my own country, say Denmark, France, Germany etc. BTW great quote!

* Jan: I try to make my cats as happy as possible and it's great fun having them around. Couldn't imagine life without them.

* Jodi: Yes, it does surprise me at times that some people think that cats are all the same. They're not, each and every one of them is unique. What I do see as a cat breeder is that certain characteristics are handed down from generation to generation. My Melody had rather a hoarse voice and one of her daughters had that too, very amusing!
BTW Don't you think they have already conquered the world but have been very kind to allow us to continue to think that we rule the world? ;-)

* Gail: they all have purrrrrrrsonality plus. ;-) Of course you need more kitties, we all do. :-D

* Arythrina: I know what you mean, the first time I saw a pic of them I was bowled over too. And the best bit is that they are just as beautiful inside.

* Easygardener: of course you could but they are staying with me. ;-)
Yes, Maine Coons have long tails and the long fur makes them look even longer. Maine Coons are also the biggest (in size) of all the pedigree catbreeds.

* Matron: Delia and Merlin are very lovey-dovey. Both are such gentle souls. I love having them around.
The importance of having fun cannot be underestimated. Glad that you and the doggies enjoyed the snow so much.

* Garden Girl: they all are purrrrrrrfect, at least, they seem to think so. ;-)

* Marian: tja, zo'n kattenliefhebster als jij doe je altijd een plezier met een blogje over katjes.

* MMD: they love to be around me (head tin-opener) so they follow me from the house into the garden and vice versa. Delia is a lovely name and fits her very well. And my Delia is grey, just as her namesake is called Grey. ;-) I have all the books by P.D. James!

* TS: Maine Coons are great cats; they love to hang with you, always a plus in my book. ;-)

* Anne: the Bliss team is one happy family and they all get along swimmingly. There's hardly ever any fuss.

* GES: cats are so very beautiful, something which we crave, so I'm glad that the Bliss team was able to oblige you in this way. I know that their beauty (inside and out) still takes my breath away.

* HMH: a Maine Coon is a good choice if you are looking for a feline friend. They do friendship extremely well.

Thanks all for your huge admiration of the Bliss team, they are frightfully chuffed about it and so am I. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! And how nice to see the bios of all the cats at Bliss. I should do that for our kitties here one of these days....

Frances said...

Hi YE, so disappointed to not see 43,000, but love each and every one as you do. I remember when you posted about the adoption by Vita of the kittens with tears running down both cheeks. Can't wait to see the rest.


JamesA-S said...

10 cats? Is that all? I am so disappointed.
I thought that you were a proper cat nutter and now I discover that you are a mere amateur!
Please, please go and get some more.
Perhaps we could have a blogland whip round and anybody who had a spare kitty or two could post them to you. I bet you could get one into a padded envelope with a bit of persistence.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to kitty Bliss!

* Casbah kitten: sounds like a plan!

* Frances: Vita adopting both kittens was very moving and so wonderful to see. I have a great respect for Vita because she knew how to deal with both her own kittens and the 2 Ruskies that were 3 weeks younger and needed much more TLC from her than her own kittens did. And scientists say that cats can't think. All I have to say about that is Duh! Try living with a cat or two and you'll soon know better, much better. ;-)

* James: thank you for your suggestion, it was kindly meant I'm sure, but have you thought it through? Remember what happened when you tried to send me a copy of your book? We don't want zillions of ickle kittens lost in the post, do we?

Thanks for visiting and drooling all over the Bliss team, it's appreciated!

Sydney Plumber said...

Hey guys really this is superb excellent post.....i Love it..

Anonymous said...

Cats are very cool people. Your photos are sweet. I can see that your kitties receive lots of love.

Naturegirl said...

Yolanda such a purrrrrr-fect =^.^= blissfull team you've posted today!
I enjoy the photos and getting to know more about them! I have 2 =^.^= felines and surely would have more if my dear natureboy agreed..I say cats are is NOT enough!
purzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to all..nayregirl and her 2 creature comforts. =^.^=

Anlina S. said...

What a beautiful cat family you have. They're all lovely.

I bet there are some days when 10 cats can feel like 43,000. :) Even just three can be a huge handful when they all decide to be naughty.


Libby said...

I really loved this Yolanda, it cheered me up no end!!

Aiyana said...

They are beautiful cats indeed! You take such great photos of them all. Dolly is especially sweet looking, and Delia and Delius photo is special.

em said...

wow, makes me want to get more cats! thanks for the enjoyable visit!

Tracy said...

Only that many...I was sure there was 100 kitties there on the Team! ;o) Lovely to meet them all individually.. purrs to them all, and you too Yolanda ((HUGS))

Felicia said...

Sweet, sweet kitties :)

Hanneles paradis said...

Nice frends.


Layanee said...

Alright, cute they are but talk to me about cat litter? That must be a major chore.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I have a friend who has 7 cats, plus any number of temporary foster kittens. I only have my James and Fiona, but we have a small house and no third cat has ever worked in the mix (we've tried a few variations). Nice to meet everyone!

Kerri said...

And very nice it is to have a personal introduction to these handsome members of the Bliss Team.
So many sweet faces and personalities, and well-loved for sure.
They're lucky kitties to have your sweet affection, Yolanda...and return it in full, no doubt :)

Cat with a garden said...

Oh my, we really, really enjoyed this post. Your cats are all beautiful! We were wondering what breed Dolly and Vita are! I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat and my little sisfur Chilli is a cool streetcat from Rome. And you can tell! She's a dilute calico. I'm black silver torbie mackerel white, I think. You got us looking forward to the second part!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Kylee said...

Oooooh, more kitty pics! I love them, as you know. I know we've discussed this before, but my Russian Blue wannabe, Jilly, looks as though she would fit right in. Her eyes aren't green, but they are more green than they used to be. She's going to be two years old in May. Do you think they'll become more green as time goes on?