Thursday, November 15, 2007

November Blooms

Yes, it is the 15th of November so time for Garden Bloggers Blooms Day which originated with Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Although many bloggers have participated for many months and enjoyed it, November Blooms has been dreaded by many. What to show when your garden is covered in snow or it's too cold for anything to bloom? Well, you are allowed to show what's in bloom indoors too, which must come as a big relief to quite a few participants.

Here at Bliss we still have blooms outside, not the plethora like we had for such a long time, but still enough for a show and tell. And at this time of year I enjoy hunting for blooms in my garden as you are bound to find at least one or two surprise blooms which is such fun.

In bloom in the kitchen garden:
Even though I chucked them on my compost bin weeks ago, the nasturtiums are still flowering. There's not a lot in flower in my kitchen garden anymore but a few herbs are still going strong:
- basil
- fennel
- borage
Also still in flower are:
- Cerinthe
- Oenothera glaziouana
- Periwinkle
- Centranthus ruber
In the Victorian greenhouse:
- Solanum crispum is still flowering its little heart out.

In my new borders:
- Verbena bonariensis is still putting up some flowers
- the Dahlias have a few flowers left
- in flower is Trifolium rubens, which is very surprising as it should have finished flowering months ago.
- this plant is flowering profusely, a real joy at this time of year. I bought it at Piet Oudolf's but unfortunately misplaced the label so if anyone knows its name, please let me know!

In the border around my walnut tree I stumbled upon another surprise bloom;
- Japanese Anemones, I thought they had finished flowering a few weeks ago but no, I found 2 more flowers today.
- Achillea ptarmica The Pearl is still having a few blooms
- a hardy white Fuchsia, a new garden friend that I got from friends a few weeks ago. Pretty isn't it?

In pots:
- some pink Verbena
- this one I've forgotten the name of , but it is still flowering away with gay abandon
- white daisies
- blue Lobelia
- pink Camelia
And to be put into pots soon:
- Pansies in white, blue, yellow and burgundy.

The South borders:
- Lavatera, that has been flowering for months and months now
- pink Geraniums putting up a few more blooms
- Centranthus ruber
- yellow Wallflowers, another surprise bloom from my garden
- Polygonum, deep pink
- pink Spirea
- Cosmea, the last few flowers
- and of course ........Sedum!
Another find was this Campanula that self seeded at the edge of my decking.

The front garden:
- Rosa Moonlight, that has been flowering for 8 months now.
- Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere, with still a few blooms
- Rosa Sombreuil, the last blooms of this year, I think
- Rosa Guirlande d'Amour, almost as long in flower as Moonlight, is still having a few blooms here and there
- white Bacopa
- lilac Asters (the last blooms)
- white Gaura, still going strong, some plants are simply amazing!
- this one, Persicaria amplexicaulis
- my Winter Jasmin really gets going now

Today is a special day for me as it is my mother's birthday. She is 78 now. Happy birthday Mum!

And I'll leave you with a pic of that most fantastic rose Moonlight that is even now putting out some new buds, unbelievable!

copyright Y.E.W. Heuzen

If a plant bores you, something must be done about it. The simplest course, if it belongs to you, is to throw it out. If it is someone else's, look the other way. If it belongs to someone you rather dislike anyway, don't be ashamed to let it confirm you in an inclusive repulsion.
Christopher Lloyd
(who else?)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a nice lot of blooms you have Yolanda. I especially like your volunteer in the compost bin and the roses.

Happy Birthday to your Mum...

Pam/Digging said...

Ah, the lovely camellia. In the U.S. we think of camellia as the epitome of the Old South, so it seems a little strange, yet delightful, to see one blooming in your garden so far away. Of course, I realize they originated even farther away.

You still have quite a lot in bloom, as I do. The Netherlands must be temperate indeed, despite its latitude.

Nan Ondra said...

Ah, a glorious abundance for so late in the growing season. You really have to admire the tenacity of those nasturtiums, in particular. Your kitty photos are incredibly endearing, too. How rich your life must be with all those lovely faces to admire!

Annie in Austin said...

Somehow we expected you'd still have lots of flowers, Yolana Elizabet - your garden never disappoints.

It's interesting to see that you plant pansies as winter annuals, too.

Happy Birthday to your mother - if she's also a gardener, bet she loves your blog!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

healingmagichands said...

ENjoyed my tour, as usual. I too enjoyed the compost volunteers. But what really caught my eye wa that white fuchsia. Gorgeous!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You still have a lot of fresh-looking flowers. I love the Dahlia - is it 1 of the Bishop series?

kate said...

Happy Birthday to your mum! The flowers were beautiful.

I am amazed by how many plants you still have in bloom. The Centranthus ruber is lovely - I wish I could grow it. I loved the idea of coming across some blooms on your Japanese Anemone.

The pink Camellia is beautiful.

Carol said...

We must figure out what your equivalent USDA hardiness zone is! It certainly appears as though winter is still a long way off in your garden! It's beautiful as always.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Entangled said...

I'm always awed by your bloom day lists! It looks like a plethora to me ;-)

Happy Birthday to your mother!

Ki said...

You certainly have more flowers than we do. I love the rose with the beautiful dark stems and the Camellia is quite lovely.

rusty in miami said...

Your garden refuses to accept that winter is coming. Good show

Anonymous said...

Lovely set of plants and flowers

jodi said...

What an amazing floral fiesta you're still enjoying, Yolanda Elizabet! It could be high summer there, to see all the rich colours. A very happy birthday to your dear mother--love your choice of flowers for her!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Gorgeous, Yolanda Elizabet! I especially love that white rose and the lovely white fuchsia... and Christo quotes are always enjoyable as well. He mostly makes me chuckle. :)

karin a said...

You have a lot of flowers in bloom right now. I took a walk in the garden yesterday and couldn't hardly find anything. We have winter now!
The hardy white Fuchsia is really pretty! Do you have a name? I would like to try to find it here as well... :)

Nice pics! Have a great weekend!

Meems said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. This is my first visit to your beautiful garden. I especially liked the Centranthus ruber - appears so delicate. You grow so many varieties I never see here in Florida so it is very fun to read about your blooms.

Brimstone said...

Het is dat je aan de andere kant van het land woont anders kwam ik vanmiddag nog een stekkie van je witte Fucsia bietsen :-))

Een dag te laat maar nog de beste wensen voor je moeder.

marl1 said...

Leuk nog al dat bloeiende spul-- je hebt er nu nog meer van dan menige andere tuin in zomer..;-)) De plant van Piet lijkt op een Galega of een Agastache...moeilijk te zien op een foto. En natuurlijk nog van harte gefeiciteerd met je moeder :-)
OT Heb natuurlijk dat heerlijke verhaal van je gelezen over de stiletto-boom! Had Archie zijn jasje maar gelijk in de wastobbe gedaan- dat was een goede daad geweest..;-)En wanstaltige prehistorische gruwel vind ik een geweldige omschrijving..:-))) (het ergste is dat ik na mijn logje nu voortdurend op WPG's let en terwijl ik door straten rijd, ben ik ze aan het tellen...arrgggh ;-(((

lisa said...

Wow Yolanda, you sure have lots of blooms still going! Don't you just love how plants carry on in the composter? And the roses! That's what I like about Bloom Day...gets you looking for blooms that you otherwise may not notice.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) said...

Despite everyone drooling over the southern gardens the GBBD, I'm pretty sure you have far more flowers in bloom than I do right now. What variety! I love the white fuchsias. My nasturtiums have just come up but I don't have any flowers yet. This is my first year to grow them but I get all excited seeing yours.

Carolyn gail said...

Wonderful tour of your November blooms at Bliss. If my memory is correct you have about 293 growing days, 93 more than we do here and your climate is much like that of England with ample rainfall and not so much sunshine.

I visited a few gardens of friends when I was in Amsterdam and their rose gardens were particularly outstanding.

I came back home with a lot of inspiration from the Dutch gardens.

Layanee said...

YE: Great abundance as usual and guess what? Your Mum and mine share the same birthday! Happy belated to yours! Mine is 84!

Ewa said...

In your garden there is still going on... so many blooms... yeah.
It was very cold this week in Poland. frost killed most of the late blooms.
I like your blog a lot and visiting it sometimes. Do you mind if I link you?

Birgit said...

Bei Dir blüht ja wirklich noch so einiges im Garten. Ganz so ist es leider nicht mehr bei uns. Morgen werde ich mal raus gehen, um zu schauen. Brrr, bei diesem hässlichen feucht-grauen Wetter.
Schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße,

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I am just getting around to seeing your GBBD post and I'm so impressed with your plethora of November blooms. Wow! You are still surrounded by blissful beauty. Enjoy while it lasts, it'll be gone too soon.

Barbara said...

Though it is November, the month where most of the flowers have already faded, you still have a lot of blooming colour spots! Wonderful for you! I'm sure you enjoy it....and we do it too, when seeing your lovely pictures!
Regards from Switzerland,

marga said...

Zo zijn nog veel bloemetjes te zien bij jou. Hier was een clematis weer helemaal opnieuw begonnen met knoppen en bloemen maken maar ik denk dat ie vannacht toch een knak heeft gekregen met dat vriezen.
Groetjes Marga

shirl said...

Hi there, Yolanda :-)

That’s quite a collection of flowers you have!

My Japanese Anemones have surprised me with some new flowers on young plants too. I love the hardy white fuchsia (I don’t usually like fuchsia) and I think out of all the plants in your garden I think Rosa Moonlight has to come out on top. If I were to add another rose to my garden I would definitely consider it :-D

Hope you had a good weekend :-D

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Goodness, you always have such lovely pictures! I'm not sure there's anything blooming in my garden now, but I'm inspired to see!
~Angela :-)

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Your garden still looks beautiful with so much to see.
How wonderful. You must be a great gardener to keep so many flowers alive for so long.

Hillside Garden said...

Bei mir blüht nicht mehr so viel wie bei dir, der Schnee hat sein übriges getan.
Heute habe ich Kränze gemacht, es war richtig entspannend und ich werde es bald wieder tun.


Green thumb said...

A profusion of lovely blooms, even in November! You are some magician or a real 'Green thumb' dear Yolanda.
It is always a blissful, at times enviable, feeling to see the blooms at Bliss, and this time they all seem happier than ever, maybe to celebrate your Mum's Birthday!

Birgit said...

Liebe Yolanda,
hast Du vielleicht auch Lust, aus der grauen November-Lethargie gerissen zu werden. Schau in meinen Blog. Vielleicht hast Du ja auch Lust auf den Weihnachtsswap.

Liebe Grüße, Birgit

Naturegirl said...

It amazes me how our blossoms continue to grow with the cold nights they endure! My roses just do not stop blossoming...snow is forcasted for Thurs...Yikes! Lovely view of your garden Yolanda..hugs NG

Lis said...

Bei deinen schönen Fotos kommt man gar nicht auf den Gedanken dass schon November ist. Hier blüht fast gar nichts mehr und ich gehe auch kaum noch in den Garten.
Der Schnee von letzter Woche ist schon lange wieder weg, aber der Winter hat ja noch nicht mal richtig begonnen.