Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a Dog's Life!

It's not easy being a little doggywog. You get taken on holiday without so much as a by-your-leave. This is where we went recently, some humble abode in the country.
Havezathe Voorstonden

Really, what is that all about? See those big trees? What is a girl doggy supposed to do with them? Not a lot, you got that in one.
I liked the garden as it was very large and they had birds there, lots of birds. I like birds they are very nice for chasing, although I never catch one. Must practise some more, I think.
This was also very puzzling, what a waste of space to built a great big house like that when you could have grass for me to sniff and play on
I love sniffing stuff. BTW what are Rhododendrons?
Yolanda kept mentioning them, saying how very beautiful they were.
Hmmmmm, they can't be more pretty than I am, can they?
Nah, of course not.
This had me totally confuddled, what the heck is it? It's not a doggy or a birdie and not a kittycat either. I know kittycats as we got lots of them at home.
There was another house there and I could see the point of that one as it was very nice and cosy inside, it was were we stayed during the holiday. Having a roof over your head is good, especially when it rains.
Upstairs it had a big window reaching down to the floor with a great view over the garden and I could also keep my eye on that strange big beastie from there.
In the evenings, as it got a bit nippy, we did this. I like this!
This is me in the garden of the former coach house, checking out all those new plants Yolanda has bought. I don't know why she bothers, we have enough of those at home and they had quite a lot of them at Voorstonden too.
I don't understand this fascination with plants. Sure, I like to nibble on them and chew of the flower heads but what else can you do with them?
I know that people buy them, sometimes travelling a loooooooong way to find them and when they get home they put them in the ground and then they go inside. What's the point?
This I get, I love hedges, they are fun. Can you see me in the pic?
I really liked the garden as it had so much interesting sniffing opportunities and we played with a Frisbee on the lawn quite often which I like very much.
They had lots of water there too, which was also pretty good as I love drinking the stuff and playing in it, getting myself soaking wet and then shaking myself vigorously. The shaking seems to delight all the people close by me because they all squeal with joy. Note to self: get wet more often and do the shaking thingy!

And then, just as I got used to having such a big playing space around me, we went home. Bummer! Our garden is much smaller than this one and I don't like that at all. Sigh, it's really a dog's life I'm living, don't you think?

And Tara is not the only one who's living a dog's life, yours truly will be going to this garden (pic below) and quite a few others such as Leonardslee gardens, High Beeches gardens, Wakehurst Place gardens, the Savill gardens, Ramster gardens and Doddington Place gardens as well next Friday. I'm going on a garden tour in Sussex and Kent (UK) with a friend for a few of days.
Sissinghurst aka Hissingfirst

I know, I know, it's tough, but somebody's got to do it. Later!

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen


Vanillalotus said...

Looks like a beautiful place. I'm glad Tara liked it. I was wondering where you guys were heading off to. Have fun on your other trips, I'm clearly jealous.

Midmarsh John said...

Lovely illustrated description of Tara's holiday. My Bobby says he would love to visit all those large trees. :)

Arabella Sock said...

"Leonardslee gardens, High Beeches garden, Wakehurst Place garden, the Savill garden, Ramster garden and Doddington Place gardens as well next Friday."

Yolanda I hope you aren't doing all those gardens on one day!!

Keep an eye out for wallabies at Leonardslee. They used to roam freely around part of the gardens near the lakes. They may be enclosed now as they used to get out on the road and confuse people driving home from the pub! I'm sure Tara would be fascinated to see one - what a shame she is not going with you.

Gail said...

Tara, You fortunate pup! We should all be so lucky to go on a nice vacation to a beautiful setting;) Nowadays, having a dog's life is a good thing! Btw, you look lovely sitting by the fire...gail

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a delightful trip you had Tara. The place was gorgeous even it it had strange large beasties for you to see.

Your Mom is going to have her own Spring Fling as we have ours here in the states. Have fun.

nikkipolani said...

Oh Tara, you lucky dog you! Water and hedges and firesides and expanses of grass and beautiful plants. I don't suppose you get to travel to the UK too!

Margo said...

Dat moet een fijne vakantie geweest zijn voor jullie en Tara?
Hoe beviel dat, een hond mee op vakantie?

emmat said...

You know I love Tara, but much more importantly, where the heck is that wisteria at the top of the page? It puts mine totally to shame, I want to crawl away into a corner and never come out. Gorgeous! Where were the gardens, roughly, Netherlands-wise?

Hanneles paradis said...

Lovely place, lucky you, Sissinghurst is my favority garne, I'll visit England in July.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

* Vanillalotus: Tara enjoyed her holiday very much as there was so much space to run around in safely. Here she walks mostly on her lead. I'm very much looking forward to my trip to England.

* Midmarsh John: I'll bet he does. ;-)Some of those trees are over 200 years old.

* Award Winning Sock: even for me that would be a tad much. I'll be in England for a few days so I can peruse those gardens at my leasure. And I'll keep an eye peeled for those Wallabees!

* Gail: she does look rather fetching, I noticed it too. Tara is far too cute for her own good. ;-) Our holiday was great it is such a pleasure to be in such harmonious and beautiful surroundings.

* Lisa: as Tara is rather fearless I had to keep her firmly away from those beasties (there were two of them) as close contact would be far too dangerous for a little pup.

Looking forward to my Spring Fling in England and wish all my garden blogger friends a wonderful Spring Fling in Chicago!

* Nikkipolani: no, Tara stays at home this time. But she can't complain as she has had a lovely holiday already.

* Margo: ja, het was heerlijk maar zoals altijd veel te kort. De omgeving is zo prachtig daar, je kan er uren heerlijk wandelen en fietsen en er zijn veel mooie landhuizen, kastelen, stadjes en tuinen te bekijken. Tara mee was erg leuk, vooral omdat we een eigen woning hadden. We hadden ook haar benchje en veel speelgoed voor haar meegenomen en dat vond ze helemaal prima. Toch wel iets nerveuzer dan thuis maar, omdat ze nog meer werd verwend dan anders, had ze het reuze naar haar zin.

* Award Winning Emma: that Wistaria you'll find on the moat walk at Hissingfirst. And as a wistaria owner you can't help but throw a hissyfit as soon as you spot that one. It's scrumptious, why isn't mine like that? Yours is much better than mine and I'm quite envious of it. Any fool can grow a wistaria like the one in the header when you have lots of staff but to do it all on your tot .......
The Voorstonden gardens are in the province of Gelderland, very close to Zutphen and a 20 minutes drive from Piet Oudolf's. ;-)

* Hannele: Sissinghurst is a lovely garden, I agree. I'll be there next Friday.

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Breathtaking photographs. Next time you go...heck, I'll wear a collar and leash if you take me!

Anonymous said...

Is Tara just the luckiest dog in the world or what? I look forward to more garden photos. Hissingfirst, LOL

Anonymous said...

So many gardens, so little time. I wish I could be with you. Lucky dog.

Karin A said...

Thank you for showing us this beautiful garden! It looks really nice and I can understand why/if you enjoyed your time there. I'm curious about the plants Yolanda bought. :)

Thank you for letting me know about PIF! :) It's no hurry. I'm so busy myself right now with a lot going on
in the garden and with new job.

Take care! Kram Karin

monika said...

beautiful places! Thank you for taking us with you!

Frances said...

Oh Tara, you are such a good doggywoggy! The place you visited is so very charming and I am sure your family enjoyed the gardens as much as you did. And off for more travel? A dog's life certainly! :-)
Hazel, Kitty and Frances

Flighty said...

It all sounds and looks wonderful! No wonder that you both enjoyed it as much as you did! xx

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Tara, dogs do like to sniff, don't they? Our human, if she's very lucky, may make a short jaunt to Kew this fall, if she gets to Hamburg as planned. It all depends on the grandmama. ~James and Fiona

Naturegirl said...

Yolanda and widdle doggie..I loved the presentation of this magical place! Wow...poor you having to visit this place and the others that you mention!! Happy travels my friends!
A dogs leash is as long as the owner allows it!

Matron said...

I wonder if Tara has any natural inclination to be a 'decoy dog'? Would she run up and down next to the water barking at the ducks? I wonder?

HappyMouffetard said...

Tara - thank you for your lovely report on your holiday. I hope that Yolanda didn't buy too many plants so you have less room to run around in at home!

Yolanda, have a wonderful time in the UK. I'm ashamed that I haven't been to those gardens, and I live in the UK!

Green thumb said...

You are in a beautiful country Tara. One will quite obviously go around merrily experiencing a cluster of thoughts and emotions in these dainty surroundings. For once I wish i could switch places with you, and believe me, you will find a lot many exciting things to do here.

marga said...

Oooh......gelukspoeper, ga jij lekker op tuinenreis in Engeland??? Zie groen van jaloezie hihihi, nee hoor ik gun 't je....veel plezier!!!! Wat is Tara trouwens al groot........vind 'r zo moooooooooi!!!!
Liefsssss Marga

healingmagichands said...

I really enjoyed the dog's perspective on your vacation. Note to self about shaking was hysterical. The picture of her eyeing the horse reminded me of the way my two cats Susan and Cio Cio acted the first time they ever saw cows and sheep, you would have thought the end of the world as we know it had come.

I am extremely envious of your garden tours, have a wonderful time and take lots of picture. I'll have to enjoy it all vicariously as our money supply here at The Havens has been severely curtailed by the recession. Thank heavens for the internet.

stadtgarten said...

What a lovely story and a beautiful house and garden.
I am sure you will enjoy your trip to the english gardens - and we surely will enjoy your pictures!
Have a good time in England, groetjes, Monika

Birgit said...

Ein ganz ganz süßer Wauz geworden, Eure Tara.
Liebe Yolanda, ich wünsche Euch allen ein schönes Pfingstfest. Vielleicht gibt es ja auch den einen oder anderen Sonnenstrahl.
LG Birgit

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Lovely place, nice blog , fotos pets.
Best regard from Belgium.

Glo said...

What a charming location! I love seeing other parts of the world, and Tara seems to have a talent for tour guide :) Lovely photos, and sounds like you had a great time. :)

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em said...

hi ye,

great post! beautiful gardens. that is a very serious wisteria in your banner photo! was it at these gardens too? i look forward to your wry critique of the UK gardens! tara is a doll!

Andrea's Garden said...

What a beautiful place to visit and I am sooo jealous you get to go on this great garden tour. Patiently I will be waiting for your reports. have fun! Andrea

Rosehaven Cottage said...

What a wonderful holiday with Tara! The gardens are all so inspiring. I'd be taking mental notes, buying plants, and driving Hubby up the wall if I strolled in those gardens for longer than 5 minutes.


Cheryl said...

Hi Yolanda....what a beautiful holiday venue....and Tara is so lucky that you take her with you. I love the gardens, beautiful....
All in all stunning......

You will love Sissinghurst....it is about a twenty minute drive from my home.....have fun.....

EB said...

What a sweet post - and a wonderful place to stay! I think I would find dutch gardens very interesting as they have lots of structure, hedges, water and green plants, all of which I love.

I hope you enjoy the English gardens - you are so near me! If I knew you better we could meet up - maybe next time.