Monday, March 23, 2009

Have Seed, Will Sow!

For all my visitors who have never done a spot of sowing before, here follows a simple demonstration of how to go about it. Cue my charming assistant:

Tara : Got seed, can I sow now?
YE: Yes Tara, this is the time of year when many seeds can be sown.
Tara: What should I do first?
YE: Prepare the soil by removing all weeds, then lightly rake it and water it.
YE: I said lightly rake it, not make a whopping big hole in it!
Tara: Sorry!
Tara: Is this better?
YE: Much better and if you would stop jumping up and down I might actually be able to focus while I take a pic.
Tara: Sorry! Now what do I do next?
YE: Sprinkle the seeds thinly over the soil.
Tara: OK!
YE: I said the seeds, the seeds, not the &^*%$#* packet!
Tara: So sorry! Is this better?
YE: Yes.
Tara: What should I do next?
YE: Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and label it so that you know what you've sown and when.
Tara: I can do that!
YE: Well done, Tara! Now all you have to do is wait.
Tara: I can do that.
Tara: Is it time yet?
YE: No.
Tara: Are they coming up?
YE: No.
Tara: Is it now?
YE: No, not yet.
Tara: I've been waiting an awfully long time, have the seeds come up yet?
YE: Yes, they have.

YE: Well done Tara, you've successfully sown your first batch of seeds. Tara? Tara? Now where did she go?
Tara: Look, I've found another packet of seeds. I want to sow them, can I?

As you can see, dear visitor, sowing seeds is as easy as falling out of the apple tree. If even a little 6 month old puppy can do it, you can do it too. It's easy, cheap, fun and the end result is very rewarding.You can raise practically almost anything from seed: vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and even trees.
Here's something that I prepared earlier,
and so is this.

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Message for my Dutch visitors:

Ik heb een nieuwe tuinblog in het Nederlands en je vindt hem hier.


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, even my cats think Tara is pretty smart *for a dog.* They like being in the garden, but they, being cats, don't really help too much with seed sowing! Your mentioning being fun, cheap, and easy reminds me of this post I wrote a long time ago! :) Happy Monday!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Like Tara, I'm patiently waiting for all of my seedlings to emerge. Most of them already have. Now I need to get busy and sow more!

Tara is such cutie!

Kerri said...

Tara is growing so fast! And looking extremely cute! :) What a good little helper you have there, YE. I see you're teaching her well.
Isn't it wonderful to see the little seedlings appear? I have some coming along, and more to plant. It's so good to know that warmer weather is on the way, although it's hard to imagine on this windy, cold morning.
Happy spring, Yolanda, and pats for the clever seed planter :)

Chiot's Run said...

The only help Lucy likes to give in the garden is during berry picking season. She eat them right off of the bushes.

keewee said...

Do you think Tara would like to come and help me plant some seeds too? She sure is a sweetie.

James A-S said...

More evidence for the superiority of dogs...
We all know what cats would do with a neatly arranged seed tray.

flowrgirl1 said...

Adorable! Great garden too!

Anthony said...

The garden looks great. I wish I had an assistant for my garden.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The girl & I loved this post. (She's home on spring break.) It's time for us to sow some seeds. I can't wait.

Ninni said...

Very amusing :) What a cutie Tara is! Beatiful eyes. You have a lovely garden :)

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

She is so wonderful! What great post Yolanda. Lovely to see your adorable and cute garden pal, she is such a clever dog :-)
Beautiful pics of your garden too.


Grace Peterson said...

Tara is the most beautiful dog! Her face, those eyes... and she's a gardener too. It doesn't get any better than this. :)

Pamela said... and Tara have just LIT THE FIRE in me today!!!!!

Testing soil and getting my little seed starters I come.

I found a whole box of seeds my mom saved while organizing this past weekend adn I am itchen to get them into some dirt!

THANKS this was so cute!

Barbee' said...

Awwww, what a cute and fun post!

Arabella Sock said...

Tara is soooo beautiful!!! And clever too. I asked my cats if they wanted to help me sow some seeds and they just said "Where's my chicken treat?"

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow YE, Tara is such a helpful doggie. Your garden is already gorgeous. So many things growing already. You and Tara are an inspiration. Of course Luna doens't need any inspiration to dig in our garden. The moles are a constant tease to her. She has caught a few but it is a disaster for the garden as the hole is quite large when she goes after them.

Margo said...

Wat heb je er weer een leuk stukje van gemaakt, en ja wat veranderd Tara, het wordt tijd dat ik haar weer eens in het echie zie ;)

Cheryl said...

Tara is such a sweet girl......and so helpful Yolanda....perhaps you could send her over to help in the greenhouse...

It is great fun growing plants etc from seed. Poppi is helping in the greenhouse and is amazed when things start to appear through the soil.......

Anonymous said...

Tara is just so doggone cute....and so smart. I wish my pooper would be more helpful in the garden.
Carol of Arizona

marl1 said...

Ha die Tara wat een geweldig hulpje:-) ze kijkt ook zo leergierig...;-))
Het hondebeestje hier is meer van de bollen...ieder zijn specialiteit;-)))

HappyMouffetard said...

Ahhhhh - that's wonderful! Will Tara be planting some dogwood, or perhaps dogs tooth violet?

Ryan said...

Entertaining, educational and funny!!!

Love it! Keep up the good work!

Please check out my blog:

marmee said...

very cool way to plant and have animal time too. cute puppy and we are seeing our seedlings arrive daily.

Cat with a garden said...

Tara, we loved how you sowed those seeds - you do have to show the blooms of that vine! Now we're feeling very itchy... Moooom, can we sow something? Mom: No girls, you keep munching on the seeds and they stick to your nosies, you can't. Siena & Chilli: Spoilsport!

Libby said...

I only wish my seeds grew quite so quickly!!!lol!!

Love the helper though!!!

emmat said...

ah Tara just gets cuter and cuter! xxx

Hillside Garden said...

Was für ein Hund!
Ich bin sehr froh, dass meine Katzen mir nicht helfen wollen!


Flighty said...

What an adorable,and eager, helper!
I think that we all find growing from seed fun, and rather addictive!
Happy gardening! xx

easygardener said...

The veg garden you prepared earlier looks extremely attractive. I showed the post to my cats but they just yawned and closed their eyes.
Tara makes a delightful little helper!

Green thumb said...

Sowing seeds , easy or not, has to be a whole lot fun with such a smart and lovely assistant...those eyes speak a thousand words.

Matron said...

Gardening must be such a puzzle for dogs... I mean, why go to all the fun of burying something in the soil if you don't get to dig it up again immediately! Fantastic blog! cuddles and pats to Tara from Matron!

Glo said...

Tara is precious! How fortunate that she's also a brilliant gardener ~ but how could she help but be under the circumstances!

Hanneles paradis said...

Hihi :)

Kylee said...

That Tara. Such a smart dog! And cute, too. :-)
My spinach seedlings are up, out in the cold frame!

Midmarsh John said...

Beautifully told story. That really made my day - such a cheerful start.