Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alive and Kicking!

is what my garden is today. Such a relief after weeks of being cooped up inside, desperate for the garden to show us a leaf, give us a bloom, anything, something, if only a smidgen, and now it has, and how!

If you are in need of some uplifting play the vid and don't be ashamed to do the Snoopy Dance of Joy because you are alive and kicking too!

For those of you who are not quite sure what the Snoopy Dance of Joy actually is, watch this tutorial above.

Since last Sunday we have had sunshine every day and that has made such a difference to the garden, suddenly it has woken up and it certainly is alive and kicking.
I was a bit worried about the new border where most new plants had gone in last October and then we had this very cold winter with lots of frost and temperatures around minus 15 C. We haven't had temperatures like that for ages and I could only keep my fingers crossed that my new plants had found enough time to put down some roots before Winter struck with a vengeance.
And while I was weeding the new border yesterday I found that most plants are alive and kicking as they are already pushing up leaves. I think that at least 95 % has survived. Phew! The new border is still a bit bare so that means lots of weeding this year.
But it's fun to see the first spring in my new border with Irises making their debut,
my beautiful Hellebore that was transplanted last Autumn doing quite well,
the new Hellebore that's really showing off its beautiful flowers,
the pretty daffodils that are waving their golden trumpets about with gay abandon,
the grape hyacinths poking their sleepy heads through the sun kissed earth,
and, to my surprise, I found the first tulip showing off its pretty spring frock yesterday.
Close to the birdbath I found this little ornamental grass with its frivolous bottle brushes and on the lawn I caught Mr Toad doing his rounds. Another one that's alive and kicking!
It was very nice and warm outside, around 16 C, and as it was sunny and my back garden is very sheltered I was able to garden wearing only jeans and a t-shirt. In March! Gobsmackingly amazing, wouldn't you say?
Although it was decidedly Spring-y in the garden, in the conservatory Summer reigned with temperatures of 26 C. No wonder all members of the Bliss team were in the conservatory alive and snoozing!
Of course I had to bring a bit of Spring sunshine into the living room. It may not be Spring officially yet, but it certainly feels that way here so I thought I'd share it with the many of my garden blogging friends who are still waiting for Spring to knock at their garden gates. Hope this post and vid has brought a bit of Spring to you today and that you are about to indulge in a spot of Snoopy Dancing. You know you want to!

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

A garden is a good place for a person who doesn't like authority, who likes sharing authority, who doesn't like feeling helpless and who doesn't like making others feel helpless. I would even say that the garden is the perfect place for the exercise of democracy.
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Anna said...

You certainly sound full of the joys of spring today Yolanda :) It's amazing what a few days of sunshine can do at this time of year. Glad to hear that the majority of your new plantings have survived the long cold winter. I look forward to hearing more about their progress.

Frances said...

Hi YE, yes, there is a lilt to your words that shows your happy excitement. We share your enthusiasm! Your new bed looks good, and still has room for a few more plants. I am sure you will be able to fill it to overflowing, or make that overflowering in no time. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Finding that most of your plants have survived a long hard winter is enough to have you doing the "happy dance" in your garden.

Jalos said...

'Rip van Winkle' already in bloom in your garden?!?
I think you have way better weather than we have.
The sun won't shine in Frl.
Only yesterday afternoon we finally had some sun we desperatly needed, but today cloudy again. :-(
By the way, you stumbled upon mr frog, mr toad is a bit different. ;-)))

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

You must have been into 80s music, too, because this isn't the first post of yours that put old songs in my head--I had the song in my head before I saw your link to Simple Minds--I always loved Promised You A Miracle (boom boom boom boom boom) and New Gold Dream, too. Your big bunch of crocuses puts my single one to shame, but I'm still as happy as you are to see it!!!! Cheers!

Dirt Princess said...

I love your videos you post, they are great! Your yard is looking great. It is so exciting to see new growth popping up

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi all and welcome to kicking Bliss!

* Anna: well, what can I say? The sun is shining, flowers are popping up all over my garden, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, Jeeves is purring and I am where I love to be, working in my garden.Yup, I got spring on my mind alright, worse still, I'm totally immersed in it. ;-)

* Frances: I think my new border is full enough as it is. It's not clear on the pic that not all plants have shown up and most are still very small but they will fill out later on. I am going to sow some annuals though, to fill up any spaces if there are any left. ;-)

* Lisa: oh yes indeed and add in the sunny weather and yours truly is a happy bunny doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy in her garden.

* Jalos: I think you are right about the weather, my garden is much more to the south than yours.

I think it's a toad BTW as it was walking around, not hopping.

* Monica: I like many of their songs too and yeah, the 80 produced many a good song. ;-) One crocus is just the start of many and of course you should rejoice!

keewee said...

Yolanda, I have never done the Snoopy dance of joy, but I sure do feel as though I can now, that flowers are starting to bloom. It's been a long winter.

Becca's Dirt said...

I have never done the snoopy dance and probably would break something if I did. Anyway - the gardens are coming along. Love the huge garden by the fence. Looking forward to more pics as they bloom.

Glo said...

Thanks for spreading your happy sunshine! It hasn't quite reached here yet, so please keep dancing! We've only had a couple of days of spring weather before windy, rainy/snowy etc., returned. The poor old crocuses are being battered about ~ there is some sun forecast for Sat. and Sun. though which are the last two days of my Spring Break! Perhaps your frog/toad was walking because he didn't have a spring in his step yet, or hadn't learned of the Snoopy Dance ;)

Kerri said...

I know just how you feel, Yolanda. Our Monday and Tuesday were beautiful, and while I only have snowdrops blooming so far, I was able to get outside and do some garden clean-up. Oh, did that warmer air feel and smell good! Your spring blooms and Mr. Toad are a very welcome sight. Happy spring! Happy Snoopy dancing! :)

Karin A said...

Yes, it's really alive and kicking in your garden. Glad so many things have survived in the new border. I'm curious about what's survived in my new border. Lovely spring bulbs and Helleborus flowering in your garden now. Have a nice week!

Kram Karin

MrBrownThumb said...

That first Daffodil is awesome. Nice pics.

Marl1 said...

Mr. Toad kan beter nog even een beschut plekje zoeken als ik de weersvoorspelling mag geloven....:-( heb de Melianthus toch maar weer afgedekt..;-)
Maar er spruit weer van alles uit de grond- heerlijk:-)
Nu ga ik even muziek luisteren- goed nr. :-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's so encouraging to see your transplanted Hellebore doing so well. I have a couple of Hellebores I'd like to move.
The song "Alive & Kicking" sends me on a wayback trip. I saw Simple Minds in concert at Northwestern University back in 1985. It was a night to remember, and a year that was a milestone for me.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

A jubilant post for spring, Yolanda. I'm still steeped in not-quite-spring here,but your post cheered me immeasurably.

Poppins said...

Thank you, we need the spring here. Even if it sunny today, the temperatur is only 7C.
I love your pretty Iris!

Libby said...

I have made the decision that I need more hellabores, more daffodils and more crocus!! So must put that on the list of 'todo' for later this year!! My tulips in pots are growing well and I am very pleased, I think this year I will need to refresh the compost but I thank you again very much for giving me this idea, it has been a great hit!!

Crafty Gardener said...

Your garden is looking lovely for the start of spring. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine and a rise in temperatures will do for our spirit. Most uplifting.

Kathy said...

It did get cold there this winter, 5F by Google's reckoning. We managed to dip below 0F, but still, it makes me wonder how hardy bay trees are. I thought they couldn't take so much cold.

lisa said...

Hooray for spring! I'm glad your plants survived, that can be scary when you don't have a layer of insulative snow cover. Mine was 3-4 feet deep and still hanging around today, but I'll take the trade-off. (Though I feel impatient and even a tad envious right about now :)

Green thumb said...

'Snoopy dance of joy' is what I feel like indulging in after reading your uplifting post.
It is such a warm feeling to see the first signs of Winters retreating, and the garden showing signs of life. Wishing you a happy spring and lots n lots of blooms.

A wildlife gardener said...

I want to dance with gay abandon like Snoopy... :)

I'm glad so much of your new border has survived and look forward to reading about it in future posts.

The white hellebore stole my heart...there can never be too many hellebores in a garden.

Mr Toad is a very handsome fellow, crouching in the grass with little pearls at his feet :)

kate smudges said...

I am gobsmacked by how much you have blooming The daffodils, iris and Hellebores are gorgeous. Love the 'Alive & Kicking' video. Keep kicking up your heels and celebrate spring's arrival!

(I'm puttiing in my monacle ~ the Word V. below;))

Catherine said...

Spring is stirring in your garden, & in mine also...yeah!!
Beautiful capture of the crocuses!:)

One more day~yiphee!
Enjoy the last day of Winter!:D
And, Have a beautiful Spring!

Birgit said...

I love Simple Minds Music. Thank you for this video, Yolanda.
Dein Garten ist ja schon sehr erwacht. Sogar schon eine Tulpe und Osterglocken. Da sind wir noch weit von entfernt.
Jetzt scheint endlich auch bei uns die Sonne und so soll es bleiben die nächsten Tage. Also los, am Wochenende geht es das 1. Mal raus und den Garten vom Winterdreck säubern.
Liebe Grüße, Birgit

easygardener said...

Yes, it is like the garden has suddenly come alive - instead of one or two flowers there are lots and lots. The last few days of sun have helped me wake up too.
I liked the Snoopy dance - pure joy!

VP said...

Hasn't it been great to be out in the garden in just jeans and T-shirt this week?

Looks like you're garden's making up for lost time :)

Kylee said...

Yes, indeed, there is some wonderful spring going on in your garden! You're ahead of us here in NW Ohio, but it won't be long before we'll have some daffodils and hyacinths in bloom, too.

Naturegirl said...

Happy Spring Yolanda!! I'm spoiled
having the sunshine here everyday!
smiles NG :)

Gail said...

hello and happiest of Spring Celebrations to you! All is looking beautifully spring like in your garden...We are into spring here in Tennessee, although winter could surprise us with a late freeze or two, there is no stopping it. Even the nurseries are cooperating and selling perennials and annuals. Have a delicious weekend in your garden. gail

stadtgarten said...

It must really be warmer where you live - here in my garden I haven't seen any bud of the grape hyazints until now and I think they will need one or two more weeks.
But I am very happy that spring finally has arrived!
Have a nice weekend, groetjes, Monika

em said...

hi ye, your garden looks great for this time of year! i don't even want to photograph my beds! also, i don't have much luck with getting my hellebores to increase like you have, i must be doing something wrong. well, let's hope spring is sprung!

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HappyMouffetard said...

I love it when life floods into a garden and it certainly has into yours!

Aiyana said...

So glad to hear most of your plants survived and are now sprouting. I had to look up 16 c. to know what your temperature has been. I never learned to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, but now I know 60 degrees F. is downright cold to me!