Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Golden October Bliss

It's the 15th of the month and once again time for GBBD ( for more info click here), the October edition. The weather has been glorious for over a week now; sunny, hardly any wind and temperatures around 18 to 20 C. Normal temperatures would be around the 10 to 12 C mark. It's been wonderful working in the garden with Jeeves at my side during this unexpected bounty of golden autumn days.
A surprising lot of plants is still in flower and the knowledge that this colourful feast of blooms will soon end, makes those flowers even more precious. Soon there will be dreary, dull grey days. It will rain for weeks without end, or so it will seem. There will be days when it never gets light at all, but not yet, not now. Now it's a sumptuous autumn with balmy days and colour and beauty where ever you look.

The Potager
Leek in flower
It's high time that I cleaned everything up in the potager for autumn sowing as I've bought lots of seeds to provide me with some veggies and salad leaves during the winter. But so far I've been unable to do away with such a wonderful autumn display.

The New Border

I'm pretty amazed that my new border is doing quite well too in its first year. The butterflies, bees, hover flies and what have you, are rather chuffed with it too.
This is Fisherman's Friend, an Austin Rose, and it has the most delicious and strong scent ever and very big flowers, simply marvellous. I've been doing quite a lot of weeding lately and to do it close to this rose is absolute Bliss. You're in scent heaven!

Autumn fun Harvesting and planting up baskets and pots for autumn and winter colour. Not forgetting, of course, the planting of zillions of bulbs for spring joy.

The South Borders

They are still going strong and look very pretty in pink.

To my surprise Clematis Hagley Hybrid is in flower again.
This pretty Clematis will soon be planted in the South borders too.

The Front Garden

Where all the roses are still in flower, not with the gay abandon they displayed earlier, but nevertheless very enjoyable.
The real stars at the mo are the asters, they seemed to have pulled out all the stops this year.
Six more days till T - Day.

Have a great GBBD!

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen

October, May of the descending days,
Mid-Spring of Autumn, on the shortening stair
Of the year's end abiding still and fair,
A pause of peace, when all the world at gaze.
John Payne


Roses and stuff said...

Your garden is a feast for sore eyes! And the Fisherman's Friend must be the king of it! Or maybe it's that cute litle dog that's the king...? He's so sweet!
Kram Katarina

Gail said...

YE, good afternoon! What a delightful Bloom Day Post. It is hard to believe that those dreary, rainy, grey days will replace your sunny garden. So much loveliness is still going on. I have to agree with Katarina the The Fisheman's Friend Rose is 'commanding'. I wish I could smell it's fragrance. Have a great Bloom Day!


Tracy said...

Looks like a lot of color still among all the gold...this post is a sensual delight, Yolanda...and the puppy finished it off so sweetly. :o) We are knee-deep in October's gold here too...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! I LOVE the pink rose! I'm preparing to move to a new state next month and will have a new garden to will be an extreme challenge but your blog is an inspiration.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Thank you for sharing your garden. I can just imagine sitting at that little table by the wonderful wall of green. And that rose! My garden is too shady for roses so I just enjoy them vicariously.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could stop by and visit with you. Oh, wait, I just did. Thank you for the wonderful photos. That one of the yellow flowers against the blue sky? Heaven!~~Dee

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Holy cow! I want to live in the Netherlands! What an amazing amount of blooms for October. The new border is coming along wonderfully. I'm loving those dark pink Anemones of yours. Clearly they don't need staking. You've got a good selection of Asters too. I just love them, but of course I also love the puppy photo too. I'm thinking this is in the interests of balance? My 10 yr. son loved the LAPCPADPOUB post. He has a very ironic sense of humor & we shared a good laugh.

VP said...

I see we both have Nasturtiums on the veggie plot too!

You have lots of lovely colour still. And I love bulb planting time!

Jessica said...

what a gorgeous tour!! I love the Fishermen's Friend rose....just beautiful! Though I have to admit, the last picture is my favorite :):)

Libbys Blog said...

Is jeeves still with you?? Bless him, what will happen to him during the winter??
Your garden as always is a sight for sore eyes, I never tire of visiting your blog.
As for the bucket load of kitties below, adorable, totally and utterly adorable!!

intrepid explorer said...

Wonderful pictures, what a lot of colour you still have. I went out taking photos on Sunday and although I'm quite pleased with my garden there are still many gaps. Mind you we did loose 3 large shrubs in one border which left a huge void - my greenhouse is full of things growing to fill said void.

Loved youR LAPCPADPOUB Day efforts! I needed several buckets, experienced totla brain melt down and was extremely lucky to make it to work on Monday! x

Cindy said...

I don't know why but I'm really loving that leek blossom. It is so intriguing to me. Your roses are so divine I can almost smell them from here. ;)


Cheryl said...

I love your garden, I love your flowers......I love the pussy cat.....BUT I want that puppy.......pleeeaasseee

Lis said...

Bei dir blüht ja alles noch wunderbar, da kann man fast nicht glauben dass wir schon Mitte Oktober haben! Hier ist es auch noch sehr mild, die Rosen blühen und noch so vieles mehr.
Meine Blumenwiebeln habe ich schon alle vergraben, es waren auch nur 30 Tulpen die ich mir gekauft hatte.

LG Lis

stadtgarten said...

Yolanda, your autumn garden looks so beautiful! And you can feel very happy that you have still got good weather with sunshine and temperatures around 20°! Here the ugly wet and cold days have already arrived.
Enjoy those warm and sunny days!
Groetjes, Monika

Rusty in Miami said...

Everything looks great in your garden, is hard to tell that fall is in the air

Cottage Magpie said...

Oh, I love all the roses! Beautiful! And the tall verbena is one of my favorites. Always a pleasure here!
~Angela :-)

Matron said...

Just a superb photo of the cat in the long grass! Another gem from Yolanda!

marga said...

Wat bloeit er nog véél in jou tuin zeg!!!!! Prachtiggggggg......hier valt dat toch wel een beetje tegen.

Naturegirl said...

Oh my word! What an abundance of blossoms happening at your Bliss garden Yolanda! Whew!
Now how did I know that you would post a sweet kittie in amongst the bloom day post! A puppy too.. cutie!
The leek flower is exquisite and all those blooms reaching for the blue sky..simply beautiful!
You seem to have more fallen leaves there than we have has been an Autumn with sun and blue skies with slow turning leaves..but I am sure in the coming weeks it will fast forward! I did manage a post for ~Bloom Day~ hugs NG

HappyMouffetard said...

Wonderful amounts of flowers. Love the cat in the grass.

Annie in Austin said...

There's always something surprising here at Bliss, and I don't mean the canine snugglebum, Yolanda - but the agapanthus! Lily of the Nile in October with apples and clematis and roses and verbena bonariensis and pumpkins and nasturtiums all at once? It's like those science fiction stories where Billy the Kid and Attila the Hun get into the same timewarp. Love it all!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Betty said...


Beautiful as always.....Betty

Karin A said...

Yes, those days are really the golden days. Do you have an exceptionally colourful autumn too? It's so beautiful at moment here but soon no flowers or leaves left. :)

I can see that there are still many beauties in flower in your garden. Love that dark Austinrose!

Have a nice and hopefully sunny weekend!

Kram Karin

Barbara said...

Seeing that in about good 68 days we'll have Christmas and then looking at your beautiful autumn pictures....I can hardly believe what is reality ! Hopefully we'll still have a lot of these golden, warm October days....
Enjoy it!

Green thumb said...

There is always a magnetic charm in your garden, whatever may be the season. Autumn has set in the whole northern hemisphere, but at very few places is it as charming as at bliss.
I have this intense desire to crawl alongside the cute K-9 in your last pic, and enjoy the blades of autumn grass tickling me all over...

Kylee said...

You've got plenty bloomin' yourself, Yolanda Elizabet! Your roses always are a treat. Wish I could smell them, too. 'Fisherman's Friend' looks a bit like my 'Falstaff.'

I'm glad you're having a nice fall there as well. Anything to put off winter a little longer is good! ;-)

Rose said...

So many beautiful blooms, Yolanda! Like you, I have trouble tearing out plants that won't last much longer--I want to enjoy them as long as I can this fall. What an adorable puppy! Is he yours?

Birgit said...

Wunderschöner Goldener Oktober in Deinem Garten, Yolanda. Und sooo viel blüht noch bei Dir. Die Temperaturen steigen auch bei uns wieder ein wenig an, nachdem wir schon ziemlich kalt-nasse Tage hatten. Wird Zeit, morgen den Garten winterfest zu machen. Bei sonnigem Wetter macht das wenigsten noch Spaß.

LG und ein schönes WoE, Birgit

lisa said...

Terrific post! Your garden just looks fantastic, I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy it. Happy Bloom Day!

Kathy said...

Very lovely in its abundance

jodi said...

Well, I will HAVE to hunt down Fisherman's Friend rose, Yolanda, as my husband is a retired lobster fisherman...and I guess I'm his best friend (maybe not on my cranky days)...
Lovely garden drenched in so much colour...and yes, tis time for zillions of bulbs!

Parsec said...

What a lovely garden. I see you have verbena bonariensis - such an interesting plant. It is a perennial in my garden, and it does a great job of attracting butterflies.

camellia said...

Hi, just found you! Lovely flowers, and sweet cat. I also saw you had written a book, you must be an expert. I would love to have a Russian blue myself.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Yolanda,

What absolutely gorgeous photos...I've enjoyed my visit to your garden, as I always do.


Aiyana said...

All so beautiful! I love the 'Fisherman's Friend'. It's so full and lush. I guess that's the characteristic of Austin roses. The puppy photo is adorable!

guild-rez said...

A collection of very nice pictures from your garden.
The Pilu is recommended here as patio and clematis for small spaces.
The pink flower is very pretty.
-Cheers Gisela
"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil. And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as
from August to November."
- Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden

shirl said...

Hi there Yolanda :-D

Sorry I missed your posting - my monitor went on the GBBD and...

Anyway, I cannot believe how much colour you still have in your garden - what a fantastic selection of blooms. Great to see the wildlife at your new border too :-D

Seeing your display of spring bulb packets made me smile - I've collected a few myself and should join you in some bulb planting ;-)

BTW I have just posted on Piet. Have a great week :-D

Carol said...

Your garden looks glorious as always. Lots of good color still and always a lot of variety.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Schumacher Homes said...

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