Friday, September 5, 2008

September Garden

It's early September and the days are getting decidedly shorter. Not all that long ago it got dark at half past 10 but now, on a rainy day, at half past 8 already. It's getting nippier too and misty in the early morning. A zillion spiders are weaving their webs in the garden catching diamonds at dawn.
In the kitchen garden there is so much to harvest still and I have sown some more lettuce and radishes this week.
Did you notice the broccoli in flower, those big stalks of yellow flowers? At one time I had broccoli coming out of my ears so I let it flower; there's less to eat that way but more candy for the eye. :-)
I got pretty fed up with all those weeds growing underneath the hedges and I decided to make life very difficult for them by putting a thick layer of gravel underneath. That will teach them and it looks very nice too.

I'm chuffed to bits with my new border, less than 4 months ago this was just a bit of lawn; a long stretch of dull green snore fest and look at it now.
Here's Jeeves admiring the new border. Jeeves: Wow, what a nice big kitty toilet with all that nice loose earth and it is so nicely done up with flowers and stuff.
Of course, being brand spanking new means that there are still some bare patches in the new border but time will sort that out.
I'm also very pleased with the way my terrace has turned out with the pergola above it.
Grapes growing above your head so that when you've finished lunch or diner you can lazily reach up and pick a bunch, still warm from the sun, and pop the grapes in your mouth one by one. If that isn't the height of decadence then I don't know what is. Yes, I lead a very sheltered life, thank you for asking.
And it wouldn't be only grapes above your head as you can see here, that Jeeves is simply everywhere in the garden. Following me around like a sweet little puppydog, erm, kittycat.
This is the view from the terrace and it's such a nice view now that the new border is there. Don't underestimate the importance of having a terrace with a view!
My shady corner is getting quite autumnal already with all those fallen leaves there. And of course Jeeves had to sniff out said leaves when I took this pic.
It's actually getting quite hard to take a pic in the garden and not have Jeeves in it. :-)

Last week some people from my village came to see if Jeeves was their lost kitty Tommy. Their cat had run off about a week before Jeeves appeared, thin as a rake, in my garden. So it was entirely possibly that Jeeves was their lost black and white boy, but unfortunately it was not the case. Such a disappointment for all parties concerned. I do so hope that I will be able to find Jeeves's people, if he has any that is. If not, I will try to find him a good home with people who'd really appreciate such a sweet loving little bundle of purry fur.
In the mean time I've made him a bed in the greenhouse so that he's nice and cosy when it's nippy outside during the night. And he loves it so much that he's even often there during the day, purring away for queen and country.

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen

O sweet September, the first breezes bring
The dry leaf's rustle and the squirrel's laughter
The cool fresh air whence health and vigour spring
And promise of exceeding joy hereafter.


guild-rez said...

Hello Yolanda.
I believe,
that connection with gardens, even small ones, even potted plants, can
become windows to the inner life. The simple act of stopping and
looking at the beauty around us can be a spiritual experience. Nice to see Jeeves walking around and feeling good.
Cheers Gisela

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your terrace looks so cozy with the grapes growing over it and its own kitty. The view is grand from the terrace. The new border gives the viewer on the terrace much eye candy.

Frances, said...

Hi YE, Jeeves is a good boy and would make a fine addition to any cat family. He seems to really like your place too. He needs to have a garden for his own. I love your pergola and the ochre color of your house really sets the whole scene off. Your new bed is coming along, it hardly looks new anymore. We still have warm days but the nights are cooling some. I would love to plant fall seeds but it is still so dry. I may go ahead with the radishes and snap peas and give a little house water to help out. Glad to see your garden looking so healthy and full.

shirl said...

Hi there Yolanda, your garden is looking rich with food and flower at the moment :-D

It really is amazing what a few months can do with enough rain (you’ve had plenty) and some sunshine (you’d have liked more). Looking at your new border now it looks like it has been there forever – I love such dramatic changes like this :-D

You must be thrilled to look out your windows on to your new border! I am also guessing what would be thrilled even more to see smiling faces visiting your garden to collect Jeeves :-D

Have a good weekend :-D

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen garden is lovely. And your new border is a delight. And only 4 months old!
It is good to have empty patches in it - more room for new plants :)
Warm regards

Cheryl said...

You are so sweet Yolanda looking after Jeeves......such a lovely kitty.....

I love the new border, it looks good already and I can see in time, will be beautiful to behold, as you sit dining on the patio area......

Good idea re hedges and it makes the plants stand our you will not be weeding all the time in that area....

Autumn has definately arrived here, wet, windy and chilly......have a lovely weekend.....

Libbys Blog said...

It is so hard being out in the garden and not paying too much attention to a kitty who wants to love you incase he gets too attached. I do hope you are lucky enough to find a new home for him!

Your garden as always looks lovely. Even at this time of year!!

Anonymous said...

I like the gravel effect, Yolanda. It does neaten things up there nicely. And that Jeeves. What a sweet friendly fellow. Perhaps he could give some advice to Minou. I've seen those twisty tomato stakes but am not sure how to use one. Must research. Happy weekend to you!

Poppins said...

September can be a lovely month in the garden. You really have a lot of things still growing.
I have an award for you on my blog.

Elke said...

Mir gefällt dein Garten wirklich unglaublich gut. Er ist natürlich, üppig, freundlich - einfach schön.
Liebe Grüße

Hanneles paradis said...

Still so nice, I love September.

Cindy said...

Jeeves is what we call a "puppy-cat". The photo with his little "parade tail" in the corner made me laugh.

I keep forgetting how far north your latitude is compared to ours and then you mentioned that it wasn't getting dark until 10-ish during the summer months and I remembered! Wow! Around here, it doesn't stay light that long even on the longest day of the year.

I'm loving all the wonderful things you're doing around your garden. The gravel at the base of the hedge looks so smart. The pergola looks heavenly. And I still can't get over the wonderful new yellow color of your home.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Good to see that Jeeves is making himself at home... and that your September garden is as beautiful as it seems the whole year long!

The pergola is outstanding. And I think that I'm going to use some similar fencing material to top off my grape arbor, now that I see how well it appears to work.

Gail said...

YE, Hello, I have been wondering about Jeeves! He is a fine garden companion...he does need his own head gardener, to give advice to and keep company! I forgot how long the days are in your part of the world during the summer months! No wonder everyone eats later than we do in the states!

Your garden looks flush with life, it's hard to imagine that in 17 days fall will be here! Have a good weekend on that wonderful patio!

Lis said...

Hier riecht es auch schon nach Herbst, das macht mir aber gar nichts aus. Ich liebe den Herbst und vor allem liebe ich Astern und das bunte Laub der Blätter.
Deine Pergola ist wunderschön und wenn einem die Trauben fast in den Mund wachsen muss man sich ja fast wie im Schlaraffenland vorkommen!

Roses and stuff said...

Yolanda, your terrace with the pergola looks very cosy and inviting. I wouldn't mind spending those sunny days of September there!
And gravel underneath the hedges -what a splendid idea! Very practical and it looks nice too.

*nemo* said...

Hi Yolanda!
I'm a new fan of your blog :) I just stumbled upon it this morning and have been here since, reading every post on your front page - love it! :D

I live in Italy and we just bought a house last year, we found out soon that the neighborhood's strays lived in our yard probably since the house had been empty for almost 30 years! So we have had almost 2 years of constant cat litters and many visiting cats. So I totally understand your wanting to help find new homes for them.

I plan on writing a bit about that on my blog and I have so many photos to share also.

Your garden is beautiful and so is your new deck! We also want to make some modifications to our house. In Italy the houses are very dull for the most part, ours is brown, but we want to change that!

I'm so glad I found your blog! Will be around again soon!
Take care,

Parsec said...

Your garden looks fantastic. The tomatoes are wonderful-looking.

As usual, great and interesting posts!

Annie in Austin said...

You're right, Yolanda -the new border composes a fine view for those on the terrace. It looks so established already!

The tomatoes, yellow squash and apples look wonderful eating tomatoes outside or popping grapes off the vine is something I just can't do...have to wash them first. Maybe I'm part raccoon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Your border garden filled in so quickly and is lovely!

I just discovered that I somehow mistakenly deleted Bliss from my blogroll. I'm correcting that mistake right now! I had become dependent on Blotanical and hadn't noticed it before now.

Flighty said...

It's still all looking lovely!
I like this time of year generally in spite of the shorter, cooler days. It would be nice if they were a bit drier though!
It's yet another wet day here! xx

Nancy J. Bond said...

Spiders catching diamonds in their delightful is that? Your garden looks beautiful! All your hard work has certainly been rewarded.

Karin A said...

Hi Yolanda! I'm impressed of how beautiful your kitchengarden still looks. We've harvested almost everything now and it's just empty and sad. :) But I'm happy about the fact that autumn is coming. I'm ready for it and like it! Your new border looks really nice. I continue my border renovations...hopefully they'll look as nice as yours next fall.

Enjoy September! Have a nice Sunday! Kram Karin

HappyMouffetard said...

Gardens in September are wonderful, because you have the excitement of the changing of the seasons, but also the delight of floral friends from summer still staying around.

Jeeves is great - fingers crossed his family find him, but otherwise, how much luckier can he get?

Barbara said...

It's nice and interesting to see how your garden changes from summer to autumn (lucky you, having the grapes hanging just over the head and very practical too!). The idea for lesser weeding I'm just realising...the main paths in my rose garden actually get stones (instead of wood shreds). Your border looks like it was done long ago...and beautiful already now!

Cabs said...

OH! Doesn't everything look so lush! I love the terrace and pergola and that cat is a riot!

lenie said...

tis hier al net zo ..
bladeren vliegen me om de oren ..die tip van de heg neem ik ter harte ..heb er nu boomsnippers ..maar halen de merels en lijsters weg ..dus pad iedere keer vol ...grrrrrrrr..
lukt ze met grint niet denk ik ;))
gni gni !!

marga said...

Ziet er allemaal nog mooi en ook lekker uit bij jou. Die Jeaves toch....staat ie me op bijna elke foto. Die ga je nog missen als ie weg is. Jammer dat het niet zijn mensen waren, hopelijk komen ze gauw voor 'm.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your new border is filling in very well. The height of decadence would be to have someone pick the grapes & peel them for you, but being able to pick & eat grapes without leaving your chair is pretty great. You're going miss old Jeeves when he moves on to a new home. What a character!

The Garden Faerie said...

Yes, Jeeves is very cute. I love the photo with just his tail in it; I have a similar one of my cat James. :) Fall has always been my favorite season, which makes no sense for a gardener, really. But I think contradictions make life interesting!
~ Monica

Richtsje said...

Hier loopt net zo'n Jeeves rond, maar die van ons heet Doerak. Ook een 'aanlopertje', destijds amper 4 maanden oud en nu niet meer weg te denken!
Wat zien jouw nieuwe borders en terras er al goed uit zeg! Ik kwam gewoon weer eens neuzen en zie allerlei planten die ik ook wel wil! Iets nieuw inrichten is echt een leuke uitdaging ;-)

Green thumb said...

Things keep taking me away from blogosphere. But, one look at Bliss and I am transported back to all the good things one can enjoy virtually in a magnificent garden in netherlands.
Plucking grapes growing above your head after a nice sumptuous dinner of home grown vegetables, enjoying a walk amidst all that greenery - it seems that heaven actually exists in the nether world!

Brimstone said...

Je nieuwe border ziet er al leuk uit, volgend jaar is het helemaal een beauty.

Die Jeeves! Wat een heerlijke kat. Als er niemand voor hem komt zou ik hem lekker zelf houden. Als je toch al veel katten hebt maakt eentje erbij niet veel meer uit, toch? ;-)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Yolanda, Love the beauty of your September garden!!

It is getting a little chilly here as well, especially at night. I can tell that fall is starting to approach.


Jane Marie said...

Hi Yolanda, You definitely have quite a bounty. It doesn't look like autumn to me. I see way too many flowers there to call an end to summer. I think Jeeves agrees with me.

Viooltje said...

Jeeves is one lucky hilarious nugget. And I think he will add just that perfect touch to finish off your new border ;-) Who would say the fall is behind the doors? Your garden is just so full of life, colors ....and Jeeves. Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

santosh pandey said...

if its your garden i must say that its wonderful and you have done a great job.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

September one of my favorite month though this September could certainly have some more sunny days. I think I can count them on finger.

em said...

YE, you have really turned that garden into a magical fantasy!