Friday, March 14, 2008

March Blooms at Bliss

Once again it's time to show what is in bloom at Bliss. Last year Carol had this idea to show what is in bloom every month in your garden around the 15th, and many bloggers from all over the world have joined in the fun that is Garden Bloggers Blooms Day. Here is my contribution for March 2008:
Violets in white, pink, burgundy, blue, purple and yellow. Yes, I love violets.
Daffodils and lots of them. They are such cheerful flowers that I just got to have them in droves in my garden.
I have quite a collection of daffodils as shown in the pic above. That's not all of them as some are not in flower yet.
My Thalia dafs (white) are about to burst into flower, can't wait for that to happen as they are so gorgeous and scented too.
And we have daisies in flower as well, the common one and the very rare variety Dolly Daisy.
The first forget-me-nots are starting to flower,
and the Arabis is showing its first blooms as well.
The yellow wallflowers are already in bloom, for some reason the purple ones are always a bit later.
The lungwort is flowering its little heart out
and so is this beautiful Hellebore Orientalis. I don't think it has ever flowered so profusely!
The Periwinkle is covered with flowers too and
what do you think of these beautiful tulips? Great, aren't they? But I'm teasing you a bit because they are
in a vase, not in my garden. We will have to wait a few more weeks before the first tulips will flower in my garden.
But outside my crocuses are flowering like there is no tomorrow and so is this gorgeous Sweet Violet (Viola odorata). Mmmm, that scent is to die for!
The first scilla flowers have opened and I noticed that my Clematis montana is covered in buds. It won't be long before it starts to flower too.
While I was walking around in my garden hunting for blooms I discovered this weed complete with bug (yes, we have those too at Bliss). I've no idea what kind of weed it is but I like the yellow flowers so it may stay until it sets seeds, then out it comes.
I was happy to see that the little anemones had joined the bloom party too.
My Berberis hedge is in flower as well with very tiny yellow blooms.
The Bergenia still hasn't fully recovered from the beating it got last month with that hard frost, but it is flowering so I'm not complaining.

And last but certainly not least my lovely grape hyacinths.
Have a great GBBD and a lovely weekend!

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Never go pruning when in a foul temper, or after a row with your spouse.
Gervase Jackson-Stops, Superhints for Gardeners


gintoino said...

Gorgeous bloom you have there yolanda ( isn't the 15th yet is it?...I'll have to work on my post for GBBD!!). About the yellow weed , I'm not sure but it could be wild mustard. Love all those daffodils, I might have to think about getting some for my garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is way ahead of our garden Yolanda. Beautiful blooms! I can't wait to have something more than crocus blooming. Your daffodil collection is wonderful. I have tried forget me nots several times by I couldn't get them established here.

lintys said...

So pretty Yolanda. Spring has sprung in your garden!

Frances, said...

Yolanda, we have almost the exact same flowers blooming, you are zone 8, right? We are 7 so may be just a week behind, you almost threw me with those tulips, such a trickster you are! My fave is of course the lovely Dolly Daisy, sweetest flower of all!

Frances at Faire Garden

Entangled said...

Wow, that hellebore took me by surprise. None of mine ever look that good.

Daffodils are just starting here, but it feels as if we're having an early spring.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Thank you for the gorgeous blooms. I'm going to get my post up tomorrow, I think.~~Dee

Libbys Blog said...

My goodness such a lot in bloom, but what surprised me was the daisies!! Always a pleasure to visit.!

Nickie said...

I think your dolly is the most beautiful flower of all :)

nice bloomers!

Lis said...

Heute regnet es ohne Ende, da kommen deine Frühlingsfotos genau richtig.
Die Helleborus ist ja riesig, so ein großes Teil hab ich ja noch nie gesehen. Und deine Narzissen sind ebenfalls wunderschön, so viele Sorten habe ich leider nicht in meinem Garten.
Schönes Wochende, nächste Woche soll es ja wieder richtig kalt werden.

LG Lis

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The lovely hellebores is blooming so profusely! You have so many spring blooms. I'm so glad you shared you March blooms with us!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You should post a photo of your soil - it must be outstanding. Your flowers are all so lush, especially that Hellebore. Is that 1st Daffodil 'Ice King' (the double of 'Ice Follies')? I don't usually like doubles, but that one is an exception.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow! You've got tremendous colours and variety in the garden already. Such lovely sights to look forward to.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Blooming Bliss!

* Gintoino: no it isn't the 15th yet, that's tomorrow but I don't have time to blog then, I seldom have on a saturday. It could be wild mustard, I was thinking that too. Dafs are great for any garden!

* Lisa: well, you have crocus in flower now and the rest will follow soon. ;-) Pity we live so far from each other, otherwise I'd give you a few forget-me-not seedlings as I have lots of them.

* Lintys: today it felt like Spring as it was nice and sunny but it's going to get colder soon and with lots of rain too.

* Frances: yes, I garden in zone 8 and what fun that your garden is only a week or so behind. That whole zone thingy used to mean nothing at all to me but now I'm getting it! :-)
Sorry, I do like to tease every once in a while. Of course Dolly Daisy is the fairest of them all, that goes without saying. ;-)

* Entangled: it is the first year that it looks that good. It's 4 years old now and really coming into its stride. An early spring is a wonderful thing!

* Dee: I'll be there to see it!

* Libby: I love daisies in my lawn, not everybody does, but I do.

* Nickie: you're absolutely right! :-)

* Lis: today was a lovely and sunny day but the weekend will be wet and cold again. sigh Ich will auch Frühling!!!!

* Robin: it's nice to see so much colour in my garden once again and I'm always happy to share my blooms with fellow bloggers! ;-)

* MMD: heavy clay my dear, heavy clay. That my flowers are so lush is thanks to the heavy clay and the rain, lots and lots of rain. I don't know which variety that pretty double white daf is, I inherited it from the previous owners.

* Nikkipolani: I plant a lot of bulbs in the ground each autumn and that gives you loads of colour in spring. After those long and dull winters, we could do with a bit of colour!

Thanks all for visiting and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading them all!

Flighty said...

Wonderful entry with lovely photos! I'm just a tiny bit bit envious!
Happy gardening! xx

Karin A said...

So much flowering in your garden! Spring is here and it makes me so happy. Nice to see your different daffodils and the helleborus is so beautiful! I can't wait until tuesday when I'll see my garden again! :) Have a great weekend and take care...

Kram Karin

shirl said...

Hi there, Yolanda :-)

What a wonderful selection of blooms - so much colour too. Mm... you are a bit ahead of Scotland this month despite the visits of the Snow Queen and all her associates :-D

Curtis said...

What a collection of blooms you have. I like your Dafs.

Carol said...

That hellebore is very spectacular, I've also never seen one that had so many blooms. What are you feeding it?

You have a beautiful garden, full of so many wonderful blooms. Spring in Bliss... must be very special.

And I hope you are feeling better now, too!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Pam/Digging said...

I'll echo everyone who raved about your hellebore. That is my favorite of all these lovely flowers in your garden. Alas, they do not like Austin, so I will just have to enjoy them vicariously.

Your daisies are so sweet, both of them. And your violets too.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to blooming Bliss!

* Flighty: it is good to be envied! ;-)

* Karin: spring is a wonderful season, I enjoy it a lot too. My hellebore is amazing, it has never flowered the way it does now. I think you will be in for a nice surprise when you see your garden again!

* Shirl: it is a bit warmer here, on average, than in Scotland so I'm not surprised that my garden is a bit ahead of yours, the visits from the Ice Queen not withstanding. ;-)

* Curtis: thanx!

* Carol: I'm feeding my hellebore with an organic fertilizer; dried cow dung pellets. It also helps that it grows in heavy and very fertile clay.
I enjoy all the blooms in my garden very much, especially the daffodils as they are all laughing their heads off! ;-)
I'm feeling much better although the infection in my lower jaw has returned. Just a few more visitis to the dentist and that will be sorted too, finally!

* Pam: what a pity you can't have hellebores in Austin, is it because it gets too hot in summer for them?
To me that humongous Daisy is the sweetest! ;-)

Thanks all for stopping by and commenting; it was fun!
Have a great weekend!

Ewa said...

so pretty. your garden is far ahead of mine. I would say at least 3-4 weeks :)
greetings from cold (today) Poland.

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful display of colour. My favourite photograph was of the lovely cat amongst the daisies, I love it.
Those tulips in the vase are to die for.

Jean said...

Lovely, all of it, except the wild mustard which needs to come out BEFORE it sets seed. It's a noxious thug here.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

So many lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing your garden with us! /Katarina (Roses and stuff)

Salix Tree said...

I love sweet violets! You have so many flowers. I like that wild mustard as well, looks like my russian kale flowers.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

There is a lot to see in your garden. It is gorgeous. All my daffodils are almost gone already:( It's been a rainy but warm winter here.
You kitty looks very content lying in your patch of daisies.

Gail said...

Really lovely garden and photos of your flowers.

clay and limestone

Weed Whackin' Adventures said...

I think you just helped us identify a mystery plant! After seeing your photos of bergenia, we think that is what is growing in our yard. Your hellebore is stunning. Wow!

wozog said...

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Layanee said...

Wow! So much in bloom! I love the clematis all budded up with those luscious leaves unfurling! As usual, you have made me smile!

Bonnie said...

Great pictures of all of your daffodils. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

kate smudges said...

What an incredible number of plants you have in bloom this March. These are the first Scillas I think I've come across this bloom day as well as the lungwort and forget-me-nots. They are both such a pretty colour. Your Hellebore is spectacular. I like the beautiful showing of crocus and the grape hyacinths.

The Berberis hedge is really stunning as is Dolly Daisy among the field of daisies. It's good she doesn't think to rest on the Thalia daffodils. They might not have been very happy about that.

Brimstone said...

De narcis is toch wel één van mijn favoriete lentebloemen. Wat heb je een veelzijdige collectie!
Mooi rondje groei en bloei!

Marian said...

Heerlijk hè, het kan niet hard genoeg gaan nu, je hoort het groeien!
Wat heb je veel mooie soorten narcissen, vooral die kleine trossoorten ruiken ook zo lekker!
Dat gele "onkruid" is waarschijnlijk gele waterkers, kijk maar eens hier. . .
Vandaag krijgt alles weer een lekker mals voorjaarsbuitje, dan kan het nóg harder uitlopen allemaal!
groetjes, Marian

Andrea's Garden said...

I am jealous, daffodils are blooming in abundance in your corner of the world. We are always behind in Bavaria. Assuming it is due to the close proximity to the Alps I patiently await the first one to blossom. Violets are showing a little bit and a color of hyacinths I cannot remember planting, which were a nice surprise though. Have a nice Palm Sunday! Greetings from Germany, Andrea

ladyluz said...

What a wonderful display, makes me quite homesick for gentler climes. There is a lot out in our garden but I am rarely aware of the date, let alone the day!

Good to see Dolly Daisy among her namesake.

Love and hugs

Nan Ondra said...

I'm so glad that you decided to post again for Bloom Day, Yolanda Elizabet! That hellebore is amazing. I think Dolly Daisy is my favorite flower, though. I notice that Vita also looks quite lovely on your lawn, so the charm must be hereditary!

Crafty Gardener said...

Such a gorgoeus collection of blooms.

marl1 said...

Genoeg te zien bij je tuinrondje :-) nu nog even droog weer...;-))
Gisteren in de rommelhoek ook een hele grote toef Viola odorata ontdekt....?'k ga nu vaak 'rommelen' ;-)
Dat gele 'onkruid' lijkt op koolzaad....(komt hier ook bij vlagen op )

No Rain said...

Great photo collection of spring flowers. Some are familiar, others not. I like those little dolly daisies!

Robin (Bumblebee) said...


And your kitties always look so well groomed. However do you do it? My own cat, Miss P, is a dusty pig who doesn't groom herself and considers it torture to be brushed.

Robin at Bumblebee

marcaval said...

Really Great Pictures!!!

Ciao Marco

lenie said...

hé heerlijk zo'n rondje ...ben ook al aan het spitten en pluizen , en met name verpoten , wil dus weer veranderen .......ben wel even zoet . Wat véél bloemen heb je al en die helleborus ..wauwwww , wat een weelde aan bloemen zeg !!
meis een fijne tuinweek met toch wel wat fraai weer hoor ;))

SchneiderHein said...

Oh, jetzt ist Dein Garten aber schon weit! Da sind wir mit unserem langsam grüner werdenden Garten jetzt schon weit abgeschlagen. Wahrscheinlich zeigst Du uns in 2- 3 Wochen Deine erste Moonlight-Blüte!
Was jedoch alles in Deinem Garten steht & wie es dem Bliss-Team geht, werde ich mir allerdings erst um Ostern mal wieder genauer genauer ansehen können - ich habe viel nachzulesen ...
Liebe Grüße

Surya said...

Your garden is so beautiful. I like your grape hyacinths, Berberis hedge and Violets. I think they have unique colors.
Great photos!

Rose-Cottage said...

ohh yur picture are so nice..the sping is comming...hereare cold and this week comes snow again..i don´t like this weather..i will spring and flowers:O)
Belinda fromRose Cottage

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wow! Gorgeous blooms! My favorite is the cat and the daisies! Love those daisies!

Ki said...

As usual you don't disappoint in the number and quality of blooming plants! Amazing variety you have. What a very nice collection of daffodils and the hellebore is quite amazing. We tried planting Arabis a couple of times before but they never seemed to survive. I guess they are a rock garden plant and need some special conditions to grow.

Your weed looks like some kind of mustard.

saywhat said...

You have lovely pictures of your flowers! And I just love the name of your blog page: Bliss. That is my daughter's name!

Sandpiper said...

What a beautiful garden and your kitties are so sweet! I live in Connecticut in the US, and your springtime is way ahead of ours. We have no flowers here yet. I like your blog!!

Kylee said...

My goodness, look at those hellebores! I wonder if mine will ever look like that!

I just knew you would have so many lovely things in bloom. I can't wait until we're smack dab in the middle of spring here!

Kerri said...

I gasping over the blooms on your Hellebore...oh my, they're glorious! I shall give mine lots of our cow manure-laden compost this year. Your spring blooms are so bright and cheery. I can hear them giggling from here :) Love all your different daffodils. My mother grew the tiny jonquils, among others. I must plant some in my garden.
Your Dolly Daisy is a real beauty :)
My guess for the name of your yellow weed is Common Wintercress. We have the same weed growing by our barn...half a world away :)
Happy GBBD Yolander Elizabet! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope the newest infection is cleared up fast.

Pollydot said...

We're in central England and although many of our flowers have come out early there are one or two that are far more advanced in your garden than in ours. We do have a few celandines by the pond however. These I think are a little earlier than usual this year. You certainly have a lot of cats - I have just one!

Gowri said...

Wow...that's quite an array of flowers! Lovely! Looks like you are going to have a wonderful spring this year! :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to blooming Bliss!

* Ewa: I'm not surprised Ewa, you garden in a land climate, I in a sea climate, a big difference in temperature!

* Cheryl: Dolly Daisy among the daisies, who could resist that one? ;-) Gorgeous tulips, I agree, my sister in law gave them to me.

* Jean: Thanks for the advice about the wild mustard, it will come out soon!

* Katarina: thanx and you're welcome, gald you enjoyed it!

* Sylvia: I'm enjoying my spring garden with all the lovely blooms a lot.

* Chigiy: your dafs are gone already? Wow, mine have just started and will be flowering their little hearts out for at least a few more weeks.
Dolly is such a happy kittycat, she's like a little lamb.

* Gail: thank you!

* WWA: glad I solved a mystery for you and yes, that hellebore is unbelieveable.

* Wozog: sounds like fun!

* Layanee: I love making people smile!

* Bonnie: daffodils are high on my list of favourite flowers, they are so cheerful and flower at a time when we all need a bit of cheering up. ;-)

* Kate: Dolly is a sweet kitty and she knows that she should not rest on top of my plants and flowers. Lying on top of daisies is OK as they bounce back in no time. The forget-me-nots are just starting to flower. I like them very much as they are one of the very few blooms that are truly blue.

* Brimstone: leuk he, zo'n narcis collectie; ik kan het je van harte aanraden!

* Marian: ik ben gek op geurende bloemen en gek op narcissen dus toen ik ontdekte dat er geurende narcissen waren ....... tja, die moest ik hebben! :-) Bedankt voor je link, ik ga even kijken.

* Andrea: don't worry your turn will come too. Living near the sea means milder temperatures but it also means lots and lots of rain all year round. ;-) Lovely that you found those unexpected hyacinths in your garden!

* Pam: glad you liked it so much. Your garden looks lovely at the mo with so much blooming!

* Nan Ondra: both my Maine Coon ladies are very decorative and so are the other cats. Who needs statues in the garden when you have 8 gorgeous cats milling about? :-)
I am very amazed by my hellebore this year, it is simply smothered with flowers.

* Crafty Gardener: glad you enjoyed them, I do too.

* Marl1: ik heb inmiddels nog meer bloempjes gevonden tijdens het rommelen in de tuin. Ik hou wel van die bloemige verrassingen!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! It was fun reading them all!

Green thumb said...

Beautiful Blooms dear Yolanda; precisely it was for this visual delight that everyone insisted on you to continue with GBBD.
Daffodils are gorgeous. With such profusely blooming daffodils, it appears as if nature has presented Bliss with one Giant Bouquet.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Blooming Bliss once again!

* Aiyana: I like Dolly Daisy a lot too. ;-)

* Robin: I can't take the credit for it, Dolly does it all by herself, well mostly anyway. ;-) I just groom her once a week, that's all!

* Marcaval: thanx and ciao!

* Lenie: vandaag was het best te doen met veel zon en slechts een klein beetje regen. Tja, die helleborus is echt een toppertje dit jaar.

* Silke: I don't know about that Silke, last year Moonlight started flowering at the end of April and that was pretty early for a rose.

* Surya: thank you for your kind words and I am very glad you enjoyed the pics so much!

* Belinda: we all want Spring weather, don't we? More snow coming your way? Poor you!

* Sherry: it's great to read that other people like daisies very much too!

* Ki: I plant Arabis around edges of paths and beds and they do very well that way as they flop over and bask on the tiles/shingles/pavers in the sun. Only their roots are still in contact with the soil.

* Saywhat: your daughter's got a great name. ;-)

* Sandpiper: I garden in zone 8 so well ahead of many a garden blogger. But never fear, spring will come to you too. :-)

* Kylee: it just takes a bit of time. This Hellebore of mine took 4 years to grow as big as it is now.

* Kerri: cow manure laden compost is just what the garden doctor ordered! ;-) You are right, there is a lot of giggling going on my my garden; the dafs are simply laughing their heads off. ;-) It's amusing isn't it, that we have the same weed growing in our gardens, half a world away.

* Pollydot: I garden in a very sheltered garden, not all that far away from the sea in the south of the Netherlands. Further inland and more up north, it's much colder in my country too and plants flower later there.
It's not so much that I have many cats but that the cats have only 1 PA. :-D

* Gowri: I hope so. We can have hail, snow and sleet in March, April and May as well. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice and balmy Spring!

* Green Thumb: a giant Blissful Bouquet, I like your way of thinking! :-)

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone!

Annie in Austin said...

One advantage of being late is getting to read all the comments and answers!
Your blooms are just wonderful, Yolanda and I'm so glad you decided to keep up with GBBD- even though it makes me sad to see the ones I loved in Illinois but can no longer grow. I miss pulmonaria and forget-me-nots.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

BTW, did you get rid of the yellow plant just in case it's wild mustard? It's taken over some roadsides here and crowded out wildflowers such as bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

Sarah Laurence Blog said...

What gorgeous images!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

You weren't kidding, Yolanda Elizabet! You're waaaayyyy ahead of us with all of these pretty blooms! I think that I like the Dolly Daisy best of all though. ;)

Jalos said...

Veel Narcissen al!
Even tellen....ik heb hier nu 4 soorten in bloei staan en ook al een paar met grote knoppen.
En wat een bloemen in je Helleborus!!!!

richtsje said...

Toe maar, wat staat daar veel in bloei!!
Hier wel helleborus en viooltjes, en (jammer genoeg, ik blijf ze niet mooi vinden...) narcissen. Ook blauwe druifjes idd. En de kievitbloempjes, dat is aftellen, bijna!
Leuk idee trouwens, de 15e een serie foto's laten zien. Wie weet kan ik dat ook doen, al ga ik op dit tijdstip maar niet de tuin in ;-)