Friday, March 7, 2008

Danger Kitty!

You've probably heard of people in high places before, but how about this?
Danger Kitty on top of the shower/steam cubicle.
Danger Kitty on top of a bathroom cupboard.
Danger Kitty on the conservatory roof.
Danger Kitty on the roof of our house.
Danger Kitty, a cat with a mission, on the pergola!
Danger Kitty on the fence, but not really sitting!
Danger Kitty on the roof of the Victorian greenhouse. Hey, I just cleaned those windows!
Danger Kitty wiping away her paw prints, she is such a darling!
Danger Kitty, coming soon on a roof/pergola/cupboard/shower cubicle/fence near YOU! (not really)

Danger Kitty was played by the very talented Surprise of Bliss who did her own stunts.
No animals were harmed in making this blog!

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen

March winds and April showers,
Bring forth the May flowers.

Have a great weekend!


Diana said...

Danger Kitty clearly likes to play King or Queen of the Mountain! Think it's her way of showing us humans her superiority?!!

ourfriendben said...

Ha! Reminds me of my Linus. Thanks for brightening my day! And I envy you the Victorian greenhouse!

Naturegirl said...

Purzzzzzzzz..little kitty..Babie at Nature-Trail would be the purrrr-fect companion for you as she too loves to step onto high places!!! Only indoors as she is NOT allowed outside without naturegirl.

Great post Yolanda! Thank you for stopping by my Arizona road trip post..I have much to share in the next 8 wks.!! hugs NG xo

lintys said...

Yolanda, I love your lighthearted Friday post! It's a good thing Danger Kitty has 9 lives!

nikkipolani said...

Yolanda, I had to cover my cats' eyes as I read your post. Can't have them getting any ideas!!!!

Lis said...

Oh, wenn ich mir vorstelle dass ich da oben rumturnen würde?! Aber ich bin ja auch keine Katze und selbst unser Leo mag nicht gerne so hoch hinauf. :-)
LG Lis

Karin A said...

Your cats don't seem scared at all. Do they ever climb in trees? ;) Nice pics. Did you have to climb too, to take the photos? Take care and have a a relaxing weekend!

Kram Karin

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I don't really like it when my kitty does dangerous things, like lay on the banister at the top of the stairs. She is VERY clumsy for a cat and I've rescued her too many times at the brink of disaster. I prefer she just sit quietly INSIDE at the window watching the birds outside.

Kerri said...

So much to explore, so little time!Why stay on the ground, when there's so much to see from higher up? A bird's eye view!
Where there are kitties there's always entertainment, and never a dull moment. Well, they do sleep sometimes :)
It's always lovely fun seeing the Bliss Team Yolander Elizabet. Thanks for the smiles :)

VP said...

Skimble has very similar tendencies - they do keep us on our toes don't they!

Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a Comment - it was good to see you!

Frances, said...

Kitty and Hazel really liked the adventures of Danger Kitty, maybe they could get a poster for their room? We will be watching for the future installments of the exciting Danger Kitty. ;->

Frances at Faire Garden

lisa said...

Yes! More episodes of Danger Kitty, please! ;-)

Ruth Welter said...

Yolanda, that is a riot. It took me a minute, after looking at the first photo, to realize that was your shower, thought that was your kitchen at first. : ) You have quite a little acrobat there.

jodi said...

Why am I not surprised that Danger Kitty is played by Surprise? Simon Q now has a serious crush on her (even though he's neutered) because he's a danger kitty too. He likes the top of the fridge the best. Toby Soprano, on the other hand, likes the top of the bathroom door. Really. Spunky walks along the stairwell railing on the upstairs floor, which is amazing considering he's not a small puss. If they went out, they'd all be on top of everything, I'm sure!

Melanie said...

Love that Danger Kitty! My wonder-doodle would have fun chasing and woofing at Danger Kitty!

Very funny blog, thanks for the laugh :-)

Greg II said...

Be glad that your cat is not too lazy to get up and climb all those things. Mine is highly offended if you remove him from the couch.
Greg II

marl1 said...

'Never a dull moment- living on the edge'....!
Surprise is kennelijk dol op mooie vergezichten en houdt van hoogstandjes, of......jullie hadden een teckel op visite...:-)))))))
BTW luxe badkamer: stoom & whirl..;-))

Cheryl said...

What a lovely post, it did make me smile. Gorgeous cat.
George Hamilton is also my hero, his organic methods I have tried to follow since moving here. He is a great loss to all.
Lovely blog by the way, will visit again, tks for visiting mine.

Tracy said...

Such a sweet post, Yolanda...It amazes me the heights cats go to! Happy weekend to you & the Team ((hugs))

Ewa said...

Very sweet post :) I always wonder what drives them THERE and how they are able to do it :)

Rosengeranium said...

Heh, she seems like a perfectly normal cat to me :-) My deceased Frodo spent most of his life on top of the book cases in my parent's bedroom - but he only once took the deep plunge onto my mother's big, soft belly. Apparently he didn't bounce the way he expected too...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog!

Kathryn said...

Hi, very nice blog!

I have a kitty named Luna who is a Maine Coon who used to hang out on the top of doors or on the tippy top of my bookcase. Now that she's older she stays closer to the ground.

I'm delighted to have found you through Blotanical
(though I've seen you listed on various blogrolls!)> Ik heb in Amsterdam drie jaar lived (Dutch failing me) in the 70's, a very good time to have lived there. I sang as part of a duo, all over Holland, so I got to see a lot. I was especially fond of Friesland and Marken. I love the Dutch people, so glad to have this corner to reconnect.

Marian said...

Het is voor een kat nooit hoog genoeg lijkt het wel!
Hier presteert er een (Shanty) het om vanaf de grond op mijn schouder te springen en dan het liefste meteen door bovenop de keukenkastjes, waar een ruimte van een centimeter of zes zeven is :-(
Tijgeren dus en ik dan maar weer een trapje gaan halen, want eraf is levensgevaarlijk!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Kitty Bliss!

* Diana: I think she just wants to have fun and she is curious of course, after all she is a kittycat. ;-)

* ourfriendben: you're welcome and yes, that greenhouse is great, I agree.

* Anna: Danger Kitty is not allowed to be outdoors without at least one of her human servants present. We would like her to have a looooong and happy life. But she is allowed in the garden (under supervision) and walk on the roofs.

Have a wonderful time in Arizona Anna!

* Lintys: glad you liked it. Danger Kitty is a very careful cat actually and very clever too. I worry more about her daughter Kadootje who is a kind of leap-before-you-look kitty, whereas Danger Kitty first looks to see if it's safe and then leaps or not.

* Nikkipolani: you're right, yours are bad enough as it is! ;-)

* Lis: it would be fun for us to be on the roof and other high places too. Or it would be if I weren't afraid of depths. ;-) Not all cats love high places!

* Karin: Dolly climbs trees and then I have to get her out. I took all pics with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

* Robin: a clumsy kitty is no fun when s/he is up to all kinds of dangerous things. I fully understand that you want yours to sit inside watching bird tv!

* Kerri: glad you found it entertaining. Surprise is a very funny cat, she makes me laugh often with her pranks. But luckily she is a very careful and clever kittycat too.

* VP: yep, our cats keep us on our toes and they do it so well too. ;-)

* Frances: LOL Don't put any ideas into Danger Kitty's head, she is conceited enough already. ;-)

* Lisa: we'll see what we can do!

* Ruth: Danger Kitty is indeed an acrobat and very surepawed with it, which is a relief. ;-)

* Jodi: you seem to have a few acrobatic cat-children too. It's fun isn't it, to see what our kittycats get up to next. Never a dull moment! :-)

* Melanie: we all need a bit of a laugh, don't we? Glad you enjoyed it!

* Greg ll: Danger Kitty can be very active but she does a mean couch potato too. ;-)

* Marl1: Surprise is dol op dingen verkennen, dat vindt ze heerlijk en ze haalt dan ook de gekste stunts uit.
Ja, die badkamer is tamelijk van de verwennerij, heerlijk hoor!

* Cheryl: a smile a day, keeps the doctor away! ;-)
To this day I miss Geoff, he was such a nice chap and had such good advice to give about gardening.

* Tracy: it surprises them sometimes too and then I have to get the ladder out! :-D

* Ewa: because it _is_ there? Have you felt how muscular they are?

* Rosengeranium: must have been painful having a kittycat land on your belly from a great height! Your poor mother. ;-)

* Kathryn: when they get older they are less into heights!

How nice that you have lived in my country for 3 years and lived such an adventurous life there too. What fun! Friesland and Marken are beautiful, I agree!

* Marian: mijn Sam sprong bovenop de boekenkast waar hij ook moest tijgeren omdat er tussen boekenkast en plafond maar weinig ruimte was. Ik vond dat maar niks maar was verbaasd over zoveel behendigheid.

stadtgarten said...

What a lovely and funny story, I was sitting here laughing out loud!
Thanks for your good wishes, I think we are getting better now, but this time the flu is really very persistant.
Have a nice sunday, groetjes, Monika

Piondröm said...

I think your cats need a dog who can looked after mine has....OK it is not always good.
Some af thise days one of our cats and dogs seams to work together, the cat put down a vanilla-pouder for baking on the floor and our dog lick it upp, it was 1,4 dl?? and our dog is a smal one.Can you imagien that our dog feel a little sick after that.
But for the most time the rest togheter and just have a good time, as you can see on my blog today.
Have a nice weekend Ken

Birgit said...

Ja da bleibt einem schon manchmal Atem und Herz stehen wenn unsere Lieblinge, die Pelznasen dort irgendwo ganz oben herum turnen. Aber bewundernswert sind sie schon, wie gelenkig sie sind und welche Körperbeherrschung sie haben. Sie toll aus die kleine Kitty ganz hoch da oben.
Schönen Sonntag noch und liebe Grüße, Birgit

Carol said...

Oh, those daring kitties! What do they see from up there, I wonder, that makes them want to go so high? Yolanda, you should loan them a camera so they can take pictures of your garden from up there, giving us a bird's eye (or cat's eye) view of Bliss!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Kitty Bliss!

* Monika: you could do with a good laugh I think. We have been very ill with the flu too, it was a very nasty one this time!

* Ken: your story about the vanilla powder made me laugh. We are in big trouble when our pets work together. ;-) Enjoy your Sunday!

* Birgit: it is heart stopping when you see your cat so high up, but fortunately my Danger Kitty has a head for heights. Have a lovely sunday!

* Carol: what a brilliant idea; a kitty-cam! Now I have to think on where to fit that cam on Danger Kitty. ;-)

ladyluz said...

Hi Yolanda

Don't they just love to get everywhere. Yang is really miffed that we took down some of the awning on top of the big pergola and deprived him of his hammock.

kate said...

Surprise never fails to delight me. She has the grace of a high-wire artist ... Lytton said to say hi and that he prefers the ground. (I think he's envious though.)

Brimstone said...

Een mooi portret van de 'waaghals' van het Blissteam!

Andrea's Garden said...

Hello Yolanda, Stella and I were outside today as well. She tried herself doing some walking on the fence yesterday. It was so funny to watch, but unfortunately I didn't have the camera ready. Today in the garden I made sure the camera was around and I got some good shots of her. I changed her blog and the address changed to

Take good care and have a great week. Andrea

Poppins said...

I think Kitty likes to be near to the sun. :)

onedia said...

Nothing in this world quite like being owned by a cat or two.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Danger Kitty is a great stunt cat. It looks as though it is good that she has 9 lives. She will need them if she continues climbing like that. A great collection of photos.

Catherine said...

Great post and pictures! My cat is the same way ~they just have a thing about being as high as they can get! Don't know if it's curosity or they like being king of the mountain! You cat looks a lot like my cat far as the gray and white cat doesnt have the gray stripes..but they look similar in color and size and cattitude! :d
Have a fantastic week!
Enjoyed your blog~We have a lot in common!
Will visit again soon!

Gardenista said...

With cats loving these high places, it's hard to know when to be scared for them! Go kitties!

Gowri said...

Wow, quite an adventurous one, isn't she? Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

love your blog, of course I would, it has cats and gardening in it's contents! Best wishes, Sandie
Blog- Sandie's Patch

Cabs said...

Lol! These shots are great. My Maine Coon cat also loves to climb. We don't allow her outside but her best climb so far was when she jumped from our loft ll the way to our celling fan! Thankfully it was off and when it turned (from the impact of her landing on it) she was tossed to the couch below and not onto the hard wood floor! Cats sure are great entertainment!
Glad to have found your blog. Stop in for a visit.

Cabs said...

opps...make that....

Libbys Blog said...

I just love puss cats,they have such a purpose in there actions, obviously very busy going somewhere!!!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Surprise played Danger Kitty so well! Such daring stunts too! We are all very impressed.

The Kitties at Rosehaven Cottage

Kylee said...

Charming! I may do my own version of Danger Kitties one of these days! It's amazing the places they end up! (And I do mean UP!)

Doggil said...

I like your blog it has a lot of cool things.

God bless