Thursday, May 27, 2010

Halcyon Days

After a cold Malvern I was happy to find that Spring had returned in full force at Bliss. In the potager veg simply jumped out of the ground overnight. From 8 C to 23 in one fell swoop, no wonder everything was growing its little socks off.
 My soft fruit is growing like the clappers too, soon it will be time to harvest and, far more important, savour the fruits of my labour although with gooseberries there is very little labour involved. Just bung them in the ground, give them a good feed in early Spring and Bob's pretty much your uncle.
 My riot of tulips has calmed down a bit but there are still enough left of them for a good solid hit in the solar plexus everytime you enter the potager. They've been rioting for 9 weeks now, bless them.
The arches in the potager are covered in flowers from Clematis, apple and raspberries. Soon the Sweet Peas, peas, sugar snaps and runner beans will join them.

 Loads to harvest in May; radishes, rocket, lettuces, herbs, rhubarb and dandylions.

Yes, I do harvest dandelions as well and turn them into yummy fritters.
Simply make a pancake batter, dip the flowers in, fry in a bit of butter or olive oil and bon appetit! And as the rhubarb is producing so much this year, I've turned quite a bit into a delicious rhubarb and ginger jam (thanks for the recipe Michelle) and into a scrumptious rhubarb chutney (thanks for the recipe Mrs B). 
For those of you who'd like to try it yourselves; the recipe for the rhubarb and ginger jam you will find here.

During the warm Spring days I work in the garden where I do a lot of weeding. In the new borders I've been adding quite a few new plants. As always Jeeves keeps me company.
Here he is trying to find a bit of shadow in the potager which isn't easy as it's south facing.
Lately someone else has been keeping me company while I work in the potager too; little Tara. Here she is garding the strawberries amidst the forget-me-nots, a great combo.
And as soon as it gets too dark to work in the garden I indulge in a spot of this
 This is one I prepaired earlier, I hope you are frightfully impressed. With all these horticultural things going on it's a miracle I manage to fit in a bit of work as well.

After that long cold winter and the stop and start spring it's good to see my garden finally getting into full swing.
 And for the first time in years I've been drying the washing outside again. On sunny days it dries very quickly and I love taking it in as it smells so nice and fresh. Making your bed with sunkissed sheets is the bestest way to insure there will be sweet dreams.

Halcyon days indeed, make sure you make the best of them, I do!

copyright 2010 Y.E.W. Heuzen


EB said...

What a gorgeous post - very uplifting. I love seeing so, so many pictures - must have taken you ages - and all with lovely sunshine in. Great fun. Thanks!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The photo of Tara and the rhubarb is just precious. Your garden looks to be growing right along. Isn't it fun to go away a few days then return to a lush lovely garden of your own. Your needle work is quite lovely too. It must be very relaxing to do.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Yolanda girl I remember spectacular Springs in South Brunssum .. our little village of Schinveld would be covered in pink petals every where at one point : )
Like a huge party happened !
We also had that start and stop Spring here in Ontario .. but for a few weeks now it has been so hot and humid .. well it broke records yesterday and I was out in the middle of it all working in my garden .. you can't keep a gardener down ? LOL
I love that Jeeves and Tara keep you company while you work .. if it was cooler I would open the deck door for the girls to watch and talk to me : )
Love the pictures and these days are the ones we burn in our memories to make us smile in the cold winter time ? LOL

NewShoot said...

I shall have to try the dandelion fritters - looks like a very good method of weed control!

Gail said...

Dear Yolanda, Hello. Spring is a distant memory in Nashville with 30C temps! So it's a joy to see spring flowers in your garden~After a rainy fall and winter I had forget me nots for the first time ever~I sure hope this means they will return. They are so sweet and they do look purrfect with your strawberries. I am so glad you shared the fritter recipe! It does look delicious. Happy gardening. Miss you bunches! xoxogail

Annie in Austin said...

It's always a treat to see your bountiful garden, Yolanda - what a lovely place to come back to after any journey.

Maybe Tara is not so much helping you garden as on guard against your sneaking off and leaving her again!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's all so lovely, but I especially like Tara posing so perfectly in the 1st shot. Love the dandelion fritter idea. I've never heard of that. I pull off the flowers anyway, so I might as well cook them. In my family, the only use for dandelions was the fresh new greens.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

I don't know how you have time to do all you do. I used to cross stitch, but I've gotten away from it. I will take it up when the kids are grown I think. :) Love your gardens. Oh, and yes, you're my Queen of Holland.~~Dee

Matron said...

That top picture of Tara is wonderful! She is definitely smiling there - perhaps she likes rhubarb?

dining room table said...

I love this post. I am so inspired with your plants and pets. It seems that they make you happy in a very simple way.

Libby said...

Your plot seems so far ahead of mine, I am sure it is because I only have 13ft across with high hedge and fence on both sides :o)
I passed Malvern when it was on, my daughter lives and works in Worcester.
Yes, I am very much looking forward to having hubby home, although he hopes to get some consulting jobs for about 5 years before he properly retires!

Victoria said...

A very timely reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. I hung my sheets out to dry in the sunshine the other day and they smelt wonderful. I love that crunchy dryness they get from drying outside as well.
Love, Vxx

Arabella Sock said...

Hooray! Tara and Mr. Jeeves are back basking in the garden warmth.

The dandelion fritters look wonderful but I'm not totally convinced about eating the flower heads!

HappyMouffetard said...

I am inspired to make rhubarb-based preserves now. Sun dried sheets really are one of life's little joys.
Your potager is looking blissful.

Helen at summerhouse said...

Your garden is definitely in full swing. I had no idea gooseberries were so early. Tara and Jeeves must be enjoying the summery days with you in the garden. Nothing looks more relaxed than a cat sleeping in the sun.

em said...

well, i am impressed by all that you do! maybe i'll make some jelly this year, but it all depends on how the berries do. i need to net the currants soon, or the birds will get them! happy gardening!

business oppportunity said...

Your garden is looking really beautiful and healthy. What a beautiful site you have. I had a great time visiting.

KathyC said...

I love your pets, especially little Tara guarding the strawberries! I think it's important to value our dogs and cats as part of our beautiful environment! What a gorgeous garden you have.

Sophie Munns said...

What a wonderul post Yolanda!
I loved those fascinating... have not seen this before!
And the jam looks excellent!
Nice to pop over to yourplace for a little while!