Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow, unbelievable!

but we have snow. Rather unexpectedly as we very seldom have any.
It's just a very light sprinkling as you can see here; it does not even cover the lawn properly.
But pretty nevertheless,it's turned my garden into a magical winter wonderland.
To enjoy this unexpected pleasure to the max I decided to go for a walk with Tara.
And we were not the only ones out and about: hi, Jeeves!
O look, a pretty little mummy on a sled. It did squeak a bit (the sled not the mummy) coz of lack of snow.
Tara loves snow, even when it's only just a thin sheet. So Tara performed to perfection the snow dance of doggy joy, first on her own and then .......
Hey, who is this?
It's puppy Adam and off they were for a snow dance a deux.
It's amazing what even a little bit of snow can do to the landscape. Gone is the boring brown and grey.
See those pollarded willow trees? They are glowing,
positively burning to lighten up these dull, grey days before Christmas.How invigorating.

It could be gone tomorrow but at least for one whole day this magical winter landscape has wowed me.

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I didn't send it your way, honest, Yolanda! It's very pretty, though if you don't think you have enough, we're having 'flurries where winds blow onshore' this morning. So far about two inches of 'flurries' have blown onshore. :-).
Tara looks like she's really enjoying that cold wet stuff. And your garden looks lovely, as always. Only a few more days til LongNight and then the days will start getting longer....

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

You know, back in the day, I was a huge huge Kate Bush fan! I still regret that I never got to see her perform live. And now, pout pout pout! I'm seeing snow on a lot of blogs and we haven't gotten a real snowfall yet. We got a dusting on Dec. 9 but it's melted. It's very cold here (-10C), but we have no snow. That's pretty unusual for this time of year. Enjoy yours! (P.S. Somewhere there's a photo of me back in Germany in the late 60s on a sled very similar to the one in your photo! It warms my heart they still make that style, or to see an old one!)

Gail said...

Snow does improve a winter garden. Love the willow trees~~They look stunning and as you say they glow.

Oh for a bit of snow! Leaving the stems and seedheads up for awhile makes sense when there is a beautiful snow cover, but it's starting to look unkempt here;)

Tara is a good girl and a wonderful walking companion...It's hard to take a cat for a walk. Coal wouldn't stand for it!


Arabella Sock said...

Snow, Tara and matching willows lightening up a dull day... what more could anyone want...

The ten or so snowflakes we got here seem to have melted already.

chuck b. said...

Lol! I'm glad there was a sleigh handy for the rare snow.

A little bit of snow is very pretty!

Rusty in Miami said...

I am enjoying your pictures wishing on white Christmas that will never happen in my part of the world. It looks like Tara had a great time

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Dogs are so fun to watch in the snow, almost as much fun as watching kids. You got the perfect amount of snow - enough to look nice, but not too much.

elizabethm said...

We have no snow yet but I am watching and waiting. Looks fab up here in the hills.

Hank Moorlag said...

Enjoy it while you can - it looks beautiful to me. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. Prettige kerstdagen! En groeten uit Yukon Canada.

nikkipolani said...

How fun to see your garden in a new way -- decorated with glistening snow. Don't you wish it could just keep it picture perfect for a few days?

Chookie said...

Ooh, pretty! Not something I ever experience here! Love the glowing colour on the willows and the sprinkle on the gazing-ball.

. said...

So beautiful.

guild-rez said...

Hello Yolanda,
isn't lovely to see some snow covering in the garden and it happened just before Christmas.
Enjoy ..
No snow in Toronto, but north of the city.
May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!
Thank you for your visits and comments.
Gisela and Maxi
Gisela and Maximus

Matron said...

those are wonderful photos! the pollarded willows are stunning! Isn't it great to see dogs playing with each other outdoors!

sophie munns said...

So maybe you will have a white Xmas Yolanda!

Seasons greetings and a wonderful New Year to you!

Katarina (Roses and stuff) said...

Yolanda, your garden is so pretty, covered in snow! Seems like we might get a white Christmas this year...I'm keeping my fingers crossed...right now it's snowing here in Sweden.
-Wishing you a lovely Christmas!

em said...

YE, wonderful winter fairy land! a perfect dusting of powdered sugar! and what pretty photos! i love the pink ornament, in which i think i spy the reflection of two booted feet! i love the angel cats, lovely lady tara and the glowing willows. really beautiful to visit!

bath mate said...

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Hanneles julparadis said...

Merry Christmas!

HappyMouffetard said...

I love the way that snow transforms the most mundane of scenes (although obviously any scene containing the gorgeous Tara is most certainly not mundane. I shall not be pointing SomeBeans in the direction of your blog, as he has a bit of a 'thing' about Kate Bush, and I can't face the competition.

Birgit said...

Liebe Yolanda,
wie schön Tara draußen auf der verschneiten Wiese spielt. Das Zuschauen muss die reinste Freude sein.
Ich wünsche Dir und all Deinen menschlichen und pelzigen Freunden ein gesundes und frohes Weihnachtsfest.
Liebe Grüße

garden girl said...

Love your taste in music Yolanda. I'm a big fan of Kate Bush.

The snow is beautiful! We've had our first substantial snowfall of the season this week, and now we're getting freezing rain and more snow. . . not too great for holiday travelers.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Kat_RN said...

It does look quite lovely, thank you for sharing your snow. Hope your Holidays are happy, warm and cozy.
Merry Christmas,

guild-rez said...

"Vrolijk Kerstfeest en Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar".