Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happiness is ...........


Last Friday Margo, Tara's breeder, and Hanny, who has Tara's sister Aukje and Tara's daddy Jeppe, came for a visit. They had brought their dogs, Hanny both Jeppe and Aukje and Margo had brought Renske (Tara's Mum),
Cobus ( a handsome 10 year old male Kooikerdog) and the latest addition to her dog family; little Fija.
After a cuppa tea we went for a walk with the Kooikerdogs. Quite close to where I live is a field where doggies can safely run free and that's where we headed.
It was a prefect winter's day for walkies with the dogs. It may have been cold (minus 3 C) but it was sunny and there was no wind at all.
After a 5 minute walk we reached the field and let all 6 doggies loose in the magic winter wonderland.
Close by people were skating.
And this is what happens when you let 6 Kooikerdogs run free.
f.l.t.r.: Aukje, Fija and Tara
Aukje (l) and Tara
Fija, Tara and Aukje
Mummy Renske (l) and daddy Jeppe
Tara with baby Fija
daddy Jeppe, just look at that gorgeous plumeau!
Tara with daddy Jeppe
Baby Fija in action
daddy Jeppe flying low, showing his black earrings off to perfection
Margo with all 6 dogs, f.l.t.r. Jeppe, Tara, Cobus, Fija, Renske and Aukje Aukje and her daddy Jeppe
It was great fun watching the doggies frolicking about in the field, they all looked so very happy, from 10 year old Cobus to baby Fija. But from all that running around and playing, even very energetic puppies like Tara and Aukje get tired, so home we went. It was the perfect dog day afternoon. ;-)

pictures by Margo, Hanny and Yolanda Margo en Hanny bedankt voor de foto's!
copyright 2009: Y.E.W. Heuzen


Brimstone said...

Een heerlijke familie "Zwarte Belletjes"!

Green thumb said...

Its certainly a Blissful Dog's Life!
The whole atmosphere of Tara enjoying with her mates, amidst the vast open, in a gentle sunshine gives a feel of joie de vivre. Except for -3degreeC, which no one seems to mind there, settings are just perfect for a little doggy nap.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just seeing all of those beautiful dogs romping around makes my heart soar with happiness. What a great outing for you all. All of those doggies smiles are so uplifting.

Jeppe is a handsome dog. I have never seen this breed before you started posting about them. Just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What fun to see pictures from Nemos "family"! Only Samba was missing. Nice to have a place were you can let your dogs run free. In Sweden we have a lots of forests and fields that we can walk and practise in. I can walk about 1 hour without seeing a person!
:-) I hope everything is fine with you and Nemos sister.

Gail said...


Talk about 'Puppy Love', you are so in love with your sweet Tara! I agree with Lisa...they are handsome dogs and cute when they are puppies!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to doggy Bliss!

* Brimstone: het was een heel geklingel die middag met al die actieve belletjes. ;-)

* Green Thumb: the dogs have thick coats and were not bothered by the cold at all. It was the humans who suffered from cold feet after an hour, well 2 of us and it wasn't me. ;-) Joie de vivre is right!

* Lisa: although the Kooikerhond is a very old Dutch breed, it is a rare breed even here. When I'm walking Tara almost everybody (dog owners included) ask me what kind of breed she is. Most have never heard of it before. When we were having that fun filled afternoon quite a few people who were either skating or walking their dogs stopped to watch our 6 doggies romp as it was such a rare and wonderful sight.

* Asa: vilkommen! Not only Samba was missing, your Nemo was missed by us all too. ;-) Hopefully one day the whole family can come be together and have lots of doggy fun. Wouldn't that be great? I hope all is well with Nemo and you? Kram!

* Gail: you're not wrong. ;-) I was very much impressed by the beauty of both Jeppe and Cobus. Mummy Renske was not as gorgeous as she usually is thanks to having had 4 puppies last August. That does take it out on a female dog, but her coat is improving daily so soon she will be her very pretty self again too.

Thanks all for stopping by and admiring our gorgeous family of Kooikerhondjes!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful dogs -- and what spectacular photos of them! My favourite has to be the very first one...she actually looks like she's smiling with happiness! What a wonderful, feel-good post. :)

Margo said...

Leuk "verhaal" heb je er van gemaakt Yolanda.
De tweede foto is overigens niet Renske maar ook Cobus.

We doen het gauw weer eens over!

Ik ga zaterdag naar Samba, kijken hoe hij het maakt.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Such a sweet post, Elizabet! I love puppies and dogs no matter what the age--and these are adorable;) Love the photos of them frolicking together. So cute. I can tell you are an animal lover, just like my daughter. She's never seen one she doesn't want to take home:)

Matron said...

On behalf of all those wonderful dogs, may I just say the following.... yippeeeeeeeeee!

stadtgarten said...

Your photos are wonderful, so full of life! And the dogs remind me much of our dog we had years ago. It was a welsh springer spaniel, but had the same colours and was also very active.
Thanks a lot for showing these photos.
Groetjes, Monika

healingmagichands said...

I love the pictures of the dogs playing. They have so much fun, don't they!

jodi said...

Awwww. AWWWW! I'm not particularly a dog-person, but they are outrageously adorable. Happiness on four legs, aren't they?

Cheryl said...

Hi Yolanda...pure heaven for me. It is a pleasure to see this beautiful breed. Tara is coming on in leeps and bounds. I love her a little more everytime I see her.
Thank you for sharing her with us......

easygardener said...

It was interesting to see the adults - such lovely long hair on their tails and ears.
What fun they all had together!

MNGarden said...

That is one happy doggie party. You have such cute captures.

Anonymous said...

Those certainly are beautiful dogs! I'd never heard of that breed before. And it looks like fun was had by all that day.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I have never heard of those kind of dogs! They are simply adorable!

shirl said...

Hi again Yolanda ,hope you are feeling better now :-D

Wow… what a beautiful set of images. I’m not a ‘dog’ person but they are lovely looking dogs and seeing them play in the snow like this – well they must be melting the hearts of dog lovers. They certainly made me smile :-D

Have a great weekend – enjoy your walkies ;-)

Flighty said...

Lovely post and wonderful photos!
They are all so full of life and obviously enjoying themselves.
Take care and have a good weekend! xx

Betty said...

As my 4 year old grandson would say,
'Precious canines'.....Betty

Frances said...

Hi YE, that is pure doggie bliss! Jeppe is a very handsome creature. Is it just me, or have the cats fallen in favour at the Bliss household? How do they feel about the attention Tara is getting? Couldn't care less? Typical cat reaction. :-) The photos are amazing with the frozen grasses and beautiful coloring of the doggies.

Åsa said...

"Hopefully one day the whole family can come be together and have lots of doggy fun. Wouldn't that be great? I hope all is well with Nemo and you?" It would be very fun to meet you and Tara and Margo some time! Perhaps Nemo and I will visit the Netherlands in nowember when the big dogshow for Kooikerhondjes will be!! Evrything is fine with us here in the cold Sweden! :-) Soon I should go out in the forest and practise some tracking with my dogs! Kram Åsa

Kerri said...

Oh what a treat, Yolander Elizabet! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.
The colors are so beautiful, and what fun to see the dogs enjoying themselves so much.
They're say the very least! :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Doggies are so cute with their ears blowing behind them when they run! (Don't tell my cats I said that. It's nearly treason.)

Piondröm said...

Hi Yolanda
What a lovely fotos on Your dog and her frends.
You sems to have same weather as here in Sweden.
Have a nice weekend.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

That first photo of Tara literally made me laugh out loud. What a doll! And all her puppy pals look gorgeous against the frosty grass. Such beautiful shots!


Nicole said...

Lovely photos, and that first one is esp cool.

Diana said...

Wow - Yolanda - those are wonderful photos and those dogs look like great companions. How thankful they look for the nice romp in the snow -- in spite of the cold, I think they were having a ball.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Yolanda.......

What beautiful pictures of such adorable doggies having fun in that wonderful frosty field.

Have a great weekend. Marion

marga said...

Prachtige foto's Heb je gemaakt van de honden......vooral de eerste en de laatste foto, allebei Tara, vind ik geweldig. Wat zullen ze genoten hebben.
Fijn weekend

Robin Wedewer said...

Fabulous photos. I'm smiling from ear to ear just looking at them. Unfettered joy.

Robin Wedewer

Kylee said...

Oh what beautiful dogs! Tara almost makes me want one! It is so fun to see them playing together like children. Love the frost on everything!

Glo said...

What frolicky fun! A delightful post! Thanks :)

Roses and stuff said...

Those gorgeous dogs must have had a great time!

Poppins said...

Lovely photos. Can you please send Fija over to me. I will take good care of her. :)

Layanee said...

I can feel the fun! Great photos!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What lovely pups! Looks like they had a great time.

Nancy said...

We lost our beloved dog Morena in November, age 13. It is truly a joy to see these pups, so lively, happy, and free. If we could find a puppy like your Fija we would surely be delighted, but I'm guessing that is unlikely. There is some sweet dog out there waiting for us - I hope we find her!

Hanneles paradis said...

lovely :)