Monday, November 24, 2008

White Magic

Yesterday afternoon it started to snow for real. We had a bit of sleet before that day, but then we got down to the serious work. It's been quite awhile since we last had snow, real snow. The kind that crunches underfoot and is so good for having snowball fights and making snowmen.
What is it about the whole outside world being covered with a layer of white stuff that makes the mundane suddenly look so magical?
And the world feels smaller somehow as sound is so muffled, even the light seems different, drained of colour.
It wasn't only snowing but quite stormy too. All in all we had about 10 cm of snow (about 4 inches). I can't remember when we last had that amount of snow.
The front garden, white again, due to snow this time, not roses.
Although there still were some roses in flower, like the lovely Moonlight that was having a hard time.
The birds were having a hard time too but luckily there is always somehing to munch chez Bliss. There may have been quite a snow storm going on but I still had a little puppy that needed to go for walkies, so out we went. Would widdle Tara like the snow or hate it?
Tara's first steps in the snow. Perhaps steps is not the right word for it. ;-)
Snow love or hate? What do you think, gentle reader?
Irrefutable proof that there was magic involved as Tara suddenly sprouted an extra leg.
Rooting in the snow with her little nosey, like a pig for truffles.
Oh look, it's Quintus, another puppy, let's play!
Happy little puppy up to her belly in snow.
Meeting up with her giant friend Bernie, a wonderfully gentle Golden Retriever. Tara is in safe paws with him.
We spent an hour playing in the snow but then it got too cold, my hands were frozen, it was getting dark and we were in dire need of some sustenance.
And while outside the birds were braving the inclement weather, little Tara was snug as the proverbial bug on a rug, or in this case cushion, happily munching a biccie in front of a roaring fire.
And to get defrosted I had a bit of this; mulled wine, cheers!
Then it was time to light the candles, a magical, fun filled day had come to an end.
Sweet dreams little Tara!

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen


Shirley said...

Hi there Yolanda:-)

What absolutely magical images from the Winter Wonderland at Bliss! Our snow is melting but it looks like you, and Tara, will be enjoying yours all this week :-D

Your garden and home look so wonderfully welcoming. It’s no wonder the birds are back and the Bliss team just grows and grows ;-D

SchneiderHein said...

Oh ja, so möchte ich jetzt auch den Schnee & die Adventszeit genießen! Maus & Allegra kriegen das auch prima hin: Raus in den Garten zur Stippvisite, dann wieder unter der 100 Watt Glühlampe oder auf die Heizung. Schlafen & vom warmen Zimmer aus Bird-Watching.
Aber wir müssen leider jetzt ganz schnell renovieren. Der plötzliche Kälteeinbruch hat uns innerhalb weniger Tage Schimmel auf die Wände gezaubert. Wir haben wohl wirklich leider nur ein Sommerhaus... Da dauert es jetzt wohl bis zum 2.Advent, bis es hier wieder genauso gemütlich wie auf Deinen Fotos ist.
Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Winterzeit!
Liebe Grüße

Zoë said...

Hello Yolanda, a veritable winter wonderland!

The snow looks so good on all the hedges and box topiary, I think at this time of the year, such structure comes into its own, and its like seeing the bone structure on a beautiful models face once all the makeup has been removed. Just beautiful.

Your Puppy is so cute too!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful time at Bliss. The snow threw a beautiful blanket over your garden.

Tara looked like she was uncertain when she first encountered the snow. Seeing the big dogs enjoying their outing made her feel confident. I could see that as time went on her tail went up in excitement. No wonder she needed a nap and a cookie by the fire. She has so much to learn.

Carol Michel said...

There's nothing like a warm house with a good fire in the fireplace to return to after a long walk in the snow.

That first snowfall of the year is magical, especially if you haven't had that much snow in a long time.

Thanks for sharing it with us with your beautiful pictures and words.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Your snow is magical, and your home very cozy and inviting. :) I'll include a link to your post on the First Snowfall Project page, if that's agreeable?

Naturegirl said...

Ahh.. yes..something so magical about the first snowfall when the world is so pure and white! I can see that you
truly enjoyed the snowfall and I am sure that puppy will learn to love to roll about and make snow puppies!
Your photos captured your pure delight in this snow magic post!
Here the snow has finally melted but the temperature remains..((freezing))
stay warm.. NG :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics of Tara braving it out/enjoying herself in the snow. And, also, all those snow-hardy plants. Having lived all my life in the tropics I've never ever seen snow! I only have to worry about the monsoon rains and moving some (not all) of my plants under a rain shelter in the garden, not inside the house.

Tracy said...

So magical, Yolanda...And how sweet, Tara's first snow! Though she looks pretty content and happy by that fire too! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Gail said...

YE, You've found the perfect way to spend a snowy day...a walk in the snow, visiting friends, sharing stories, a good meal, nice wine and a warm fire...delightful.


healingmagichands said...

Tara knows exactly where the best spot in the very cozy house is! Just like Ruby, my golden lab mix does. I loved the snow pictures -- it truly does transform the world. Haven't gotten any here yet, just killing frosts.

the care with babies thing must be a breed trait for retrievers and labs. When Ruby (75 lbs) plays with her brother (105 lbs) it is an entirely different activity than when she plays with the baby terrier down the street. She definitely pulls her punches and is very careful with little dogs. It is so sweet to watch. No wonder you had such a fun afternoon.

healingmagichands said...

Oh, I forgot. I noticed there weren't any cats out there! If yours are like mine, they disapprove of snow on principle.

Anonymous said...

Lovely snow, what a delight for you. Glad your puppy enjoyed it - my cats just stared out of the window at the little snow we had.
Too wet and chilly for cats - who are delicate creatures - unlike dogs!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Yolanda I have just had such a wonderful time....I was in your world for those few moments.

Tara looked like she was having a great time.....we had a little snow yesterday....I walked Nella across the fields and watched her jumping up trying to catch snowflakes.....they are such fun, are they not

Cheers Yolanda.....I love mulled wine and warm fires.......

Anonymous said...

When you said snow, I was thinking a little dusting here and there -- but to see it coming down like that really gave me a bit of a chill. Tara's slide out to the snow was adorable - love the photos you've captured of Tara's discoveries.

Katarina said...

I bet Tara had a wonderful time in the snow! And I think you had as well, hadn't you? Your garden looks absolutely fabulous, dressed in white!


Karin said...

It's beautiful and so many nice pictures of Tara and the snow. We have snow too but just a little little bit. :) Have a nice week!

Kram Karin

Anonymous said...

What wonderful wintry scenes! Sadly when we get snow like that here it soon turns grey and slushy so I prefer just to look at photos like this. xx

Libbys Blog said...

We never get snow like that, infact that should read 'we never have snow like that where I live'!! quite envious really. Lovely puppy power in the snow, what fun!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post - your snow pictures are quite magical - and the puppy is cute... but I am glad I am tucked up here - and we dont have snow, I will just enjoy yours.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and you are right about the transformation of garden to winter wonderland. Other worldly!

Anonymous said...

Hi YE, So many lovely images, the garden is hardly mundane, even without the white dusting, but every single hedgerow and shrub is transformed with it. Poor Moonlight! And walkies, you are so funny with your little angel. She did seem to take right to the snow and was adorable with the larger dogs. And not a single mention of not a single cat. :-)

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Blissful times Yolanda, isn't just lovely. I wish we could have it just like this until January and then oops spring! Beatiful post. Do you drink the wine cold??? / Tyra

Glo said...

Magical indeed! When I first saw your snow photos, I thought "I wonder what Tara will think of that!" I was happy to see that she was included in your wintry scenes! Lovely to see the pristine snow and the toasty fire! Winter wonderful post!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi all and welcome to snowy Bliss!

* Shirl: the snow is gone here too. On sunday evening it started to rain hot water, well the temperature was plus 5 C so melting commenced. Almost nothing left now. I'm very glad the birds have returned, all in all I've been without them for 3 weeks. No fun that.

* Silke: yuck, fungus on your walls, not a good thing. Hopefully you'll get rid of it soon.
The Bliss team is also very happy with the warmth inside, they did not like the snow at all. Too cold on their dainty little paws. ;-)
Wishing you a nice, cosy, dry and warm house during winter!

* Zoe: winter does bring the bare bones of our gardens to light and glaring faults in the design, should there be any. ;-) Tara in the snow is too cute for words.

* Lisa: we've enjoyed the snow to the max as we don't get snow all that often.

Tara has lots to learn and yes, she was very tired on sunday but she had a very full day. First listening to fireworks on the pc for half an hour, then to a very busy garden centre (lots of frantic Christmas shoppers) and then the snow adventure. It was enough to tire anybody out. ;-)

* Carol: I was pretty cold from standing around so much watching Tara play so yes, I was very happy with a warm house with roaring fire and a glass of warm mulled wine.

As a rule we have little (just a sprinkling) or no snow here so this was an unexpected treat!

* Nancy: Of course you are free to link my post with the FSP, sounds like fun, I'll check it out.

* Anna: we do not have snow very often here so when it does appear we make the most of it. And having a little puppy enjoying her first snow ever was making it even more enjoyable. OK, I'll stay warm if you promise to do the same. ;-)

* Anonymous: never seen snow in your life? Good grief, you are missing out on some fun here. ;-) But hey, I've never experienced a monsoon before so there is room for improvement on the enjoyment side of weather on my side too. :-D

* Tracy: Tara had the best of both worlds; first the snow and then the roaring fire. Who's a spoiled puppy then? ;-)

* Gail: as days go this was a pretty perfect one, I agree. And so does Tara. ;-)

* HMH: I agree, Labs and retrievers are one of the gentlest dog breeds around. It was great to see sweet Bernie being ever so gentle with frisky puppy Tara.

All the members of the Bliss team stayed inside they are great fans of roaring fires, soft cushions and lashings of good food.

* Easygardener: delicate creatures? Cats? LOL Most cats I know eat big ferocious dogs for breakfast. ;-) But the cold is a different matter altogether, not to mention getting cold and wet paws from the snow. Unthinkable!

Thanks for all the comments, I loved reading them!

Connie said...

Snow is magical, it beautifies everything. Your garden looks lovely in every season!

Anonymous said...

Wat een prachtig gezicht- Tara op het kussen voor de warme kachel....:-)
De sneeuwfoto's zijn natuurlijk ook heel mooi! (ligt hier nog steeds een forse laag)
Mooi blog- moest denken aan de film Little Women...;-)))))door de sneeuw denk ik...:-)

Kylee Baumle said...

I love this snowy tour you've taken us on, Yolanda Elizabet! We're still waiting for it here. We've seen flurries, but nothing that has stuck around. I know our day is coming though.
Everything looks lovely, as you said, and showed us so wonderfully. I always take a walk on the first day of snow and I know what you're talking about, how everything seems muffled.
I figured Tara would love the snow and root around in it with her nose! Our Simba always loved the snow like that. And after spending so much time outside, inside with a warm drink and a fire always feels so very cozy.
Beautiful post!

Unknown said...

Now, curiously I like the looks of YOUR snow far better than what's going on in MY garden. But then you have a mere few inches/centimeters. We have rather say the least! I'm glad to see Tara enjoyed her snowy outing. Mungus escaped this afternoon but a quick trip around the house on the snowshoes that are his polydactyl paddypaws convinced him it would be nicer indoors. Tee hee!

Ewa said...

Hi Yolanda!
This snow looks like fairytale Christmas magic!
We don't have that much snow in Central Poland - South was affected.
Keep warm.

Viooltje said...

Oh my! The shots of Tara in front of the fire ... should be illegal !!!
There's this soft tune of Xmas magic in all of your photos, 10cm of snow and a gentle touch of your green thumb do make all the difference. We don't have any snow yet, actually until last week, it was incredibly warm and now it's finally frosty. I keep finding disoriented baby hedgehogs all over the garden (then weighing them and keeping the tiny ones in the shelter), I guess the poor kiddos were born too late, and everyone's been tricked by this funny weather. Even some of the Xmas decorations are not being put on 'cos the trees haven't lost their foliage yet.

There's a definite love for snow in young princess Tara's eyes!

Boots said...

The photos with the tree skeletons are stunning. Actually, all the photos are great. Tara is adorable.
Happy holidays,

Weeping Sore said...

What a gorgeous day! I've lived in Southern California most of my life now, but I'm from a climate where I recognize a heavy, wet snow when I see one. I have memories of Mom fastening my "snow suit" hood before such an outing.
To brave the outside in such slush was mildly crazy. But with puppies too? Apparently, you all survived.
The mulled wine, the warm fire and the snuggly puppies. What's not to love?

Poppins said...

Lovely winter pictures and lovely dog photos!
xxx Poppins

Andrea's Garden said...

You had lots of snow. We had nothing here in my corner of Bavaria. I can see it on the mountains so from my back porch.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

What a beautiful picture story. I love the winter mood, Tara's adventures, and the warmth inside. We're supposed to get snow this evening! I love snow.
~ Monica

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like snow too.

Barbara said...

There is nothing more to add than "BEAUTIFUL", even if this wonderful white "stuff" only lasted for a short while! You chose the right moment for taking pictures!

marga said...

Wat is Tara toch een schatje!!!
Volgens mij vond ze de sneeuw wel leuk hé.