Thursday, August 14, 2008

Colour Impact

It's quiet in garden blogging land; many a blog has a blog break at the mo and I quite understand that as I'm very busy too. So busy in fact that I hardly have time to blog, let alone visit other blogs. And commenting? Well, not so much!

What I've been doing lately? Well, there is the making of the new border of course but I've also been busy with something else. Remember that old shed of mine that I revamped last year with a lick of paint and turned it from a
humble shed
into a lovely garden cottage.

It's amazing what a lick of paint will do, isn't it?

This year I've been trying something similar with my house. I live in a rather unprepossessing bungalow and I'm trying my best to make it look better, both inside and out.
This is how the bungalow looked when I bought it. Not the stuff that dreams are made of, is it? But it had, to coin a phrase, potential. ;-)

Slowly but surely over the years the house and garden were transformed. The ugly concrete patio was demolished, the windows replaced by either new double glazed windows or french doors. The woodwork was painted white, ochre yellow and dark blue and a new wooden deck was made.
The new decking and the new windows of the living room.

But oh that brown, everything was brown both inside and out. I've nothing against brown but this was simply too much, way too much of a muchness, something had to be done and it was.
White garden furniture and accessories were added and things were looking much more cheerful. In my neck of the woods we have dull grey weather for most of the year so one has to do something to brighten the place up a bit.

This is why I haven't been blogging much lately:

Let there be colour! And there was and it was good. Then, for fun, a bit of jazzing up and hey presto, finished!
I'm very happy with the way my house is looking now, gone is all that dull brick and brown-y browness.

Yellow is such a sunny colour and we need it here with the non-summer we've been having this year (rain, rain, rain). I had to buy the paint in Denmark as they do not sell it in my country. So to Denmark I went (last year) where they have tons of the stuff as they like it so very much. If you want to know why they like yellow so much in Denmark, take a good look at the next pick, it will explain everything.
Here, in the Netherlands, most houses are brick coloured or, if the house owners are real dare devils, then the house could be a trail blazing and very in your face (not!) magnolia. :-)
So my house in ochre yellow comes as rather a shock to many a Dutch person. It's the only house in my village that has this colour. Yay me!

And if you are thinking that I've gone yellow mad you are probably right cause lookee here;
even Tweety, the canary, is a lovely ochre yellow, a perfect match with its birdcage. What can I say? I just love colour coordination, and I love yellow, .... and painting. Now where are the kittycats? Here, kitty, kitty............... ;-)

NB No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Tweety is not a real bird and of course I would never dream of painting my cats yellow, ochre or otherwise, as that would be soooooooo wrong!

copyright 2008: Y.E.W. Heuzen

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.
James Dent, Gardens Illustrated, August 2006


gintoino said...

I like it yolanda! But then again, I had to like it, its the same color as my house. Ochre yellow is a traditional color for country houses in my part of the country. Unfortunately there was a trend of white houses a few years ago and now most houses are white. It is still rare but you begin to see some color in the houses again.

marl1 said...

Ohhh- wat heb je dat enorm opgeleukt!
Het ziet er supergezellig uit :-)
Hopelijk krijg je navolging- wordt Nederland een stuk vrolijker :-))
(en als ik nog eens in D. ben hoef ik niet te zoeken...;-))))))

Roses and stuff said...

What a transformation! Your house looks so nice now with the new colour! It's nice to have a ccolour that stands out in the crowd, isn't it?

easygardener said...

It's amazing how a bit of colour and some sympathetic planting can transform an area and make it come alive.

Entangled said...

Gorgeous! Could you come over and do my house? ;-)

Anonymous said...

How lovely! You've certainly put a lot of work into your home haven't you? It pays off though and I'd LOVE to have a wee garden hideaway like yours!

Marian said...

Weet de gemeente D wel dat jij je huis geel verft? In dit calvinistische landje wordt daar vaak heel moeilijk over gedaan.
Ons (bijna oude) huis is wit, echt wit, maar toen de buren hun huis ook wit wilden verven, mocht het niet zo wit als. . . .zeurpieten!
Voor tuinhuisjes hebben ze ook al voorschriften, bij ons vorige huis, gele steen, houtwerk wit met bordeaux rood moest het tuinhuisje groen met crème, het was eerst lichtbruin en daarna. . . .geel!
het stond fantastisch, lekker zonnig, we hebben het afgebroken en mee hiernaartoe genomen, helaas was het geel hier oogverblindend en hebben we het donkergroen geverfd, in de volgende tuin komt er weer een, een nieuwe, kleur, dat weet ik nog niet, misschien wel blauw!
Leuk je voor en na foto's, van saai naar sfeervol en warm, nou nog een rieten dak hahaha!

OT @ Gezellie al die bezoekjes, wanneer kom je bij mij? ;-)

Voorlopig even geen tijd, er moet een en ander uit het "oerwoud" gehaald worden anders kan ik het straks niet meer vinden ;-))

@ Moest Katy niet snuffen dan?

Wij dames hebben de naam, maar ook hier blijkt maar weer dat de heren véél nieuwgieriger zijn!!
Kate was een frisse neus halen in het badkamerraam, dat vond ze belangrijker!

Cheryl said...

Yolanda....Isn't it amazing what a bit of imagination and a lot of hardwork can do.....what a transformation, it looks so inviting and very pretty....

You are a tease though getting me over here to see a painted birdie.....I was expecting an

Hanneles paradis said...

Lovely cottage.

Flighty said...

It looks really nice now.
I love that shed and outdoor sofa! xx

Ruth Welter said...

Yolanda, your garden cottage is breathtaking and the most incredible transformation.

I love the yellow or your house and yes, the yellow of your sweet bird athough I'm guessing while the house got painted yellow, the bird simply came that way. : )

I'm a fan of yellow as livingroom walls are a very nice buttery yellow . I wanted something that would be cheerful in the darker winter days and boy let me tell ya, that yellow is... Enjoy all your new changes.


Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh Yolanda! You are a woman after my own heart. Rosehaven Cottage is yellow too! I just love what you've done. It is adorable.


walk2write said...

Perhaps your neighbors will have a change of heart about color, and pretty soon the whole area will be transformed! You could be a trendsetter. Your little cottage looks lovely and inviting. I hope you get some time to enjoy your new surroundings.

Gail said...

Your sunny yellow must be a welcome sight on a gray winter day! You've done a wonderful job with the house and gardens!

I love painted brick and am working on the spouse in order to paint the house...he doesn't care about the brick but the future upkeep is a worry!


shirl said...

Hi again Yolanda – that colour is so you ;-)

Well no, pink is definitely still you but yellow looks great for your house especially with the white. Oh… I could easily see you breaking that mould and setting the trend!

Yes, I agree that time is tricky at the moment for visiting far less leaving messages on blogs. I have that problem too. I guess our brighter evenings where we can get out in the garden longer may also play a part – then the PC just isn’t switched on.

Mm… I’m not getting out in the garden either. Just where are these days and nights disappearing too? Mm… I’ve lots of jobs in the garden I want to do soon but hey that’s the fun part of being a gardener we never weary of it do we :-D

Have a great weekend :-D

Pam/Digging said...

Yellow is divine and really did transform your house. But what I find most interesting is the tidbit about having to leave the country to buy that paint color! How interesting. You'll be shaking things up, YE. Next thing you know, it'll be rainbow row in your village, as folks realize what they've been missing.

Brimstone said...

Wow, je hebt je huis echt een nieuwe jas gegeven. Ik vind het schitterend, zo vrolijk, zo levendig. Je zal wel opvallen daar in het Brabantse en 'over de tong gaan', want zoiets zijn ze niet gewend ;-)

Kylee said...

Well, I absolutely LOVE what you've done with it! And I heard recently here that if you want to make a house more appealing to buyers, paint it yellow! So you must not be the only one that likes yellow! It's such a cheery color! GORGEOUS! As you are known to say at times, "Well done, you!" :-)

Birgit said...

Gelb ist eine fröhliche und sonnige Farbe. Mir gefallen alle "Nachher"-Bilder besser als die Vorgänger. Macht einfach gute Laune sich in sonnigen Farben aufzuhalten.

Schönes Wochenende. Hier lässt die Sonne sich mal wieder nicht blicken. Es regnet und ist kalt.

LG Birgit

The Diva said...

Oh, beautiful. My mouth was a big round "o" at the transformation. A little wonderful paint indeed. "Here, Kitty, Kitty," was so funny, and I knew it was a joke.~~Dee

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Could you please note that the comment is from me, Dee and not the Diva (my daughter.) Ever since she started her own blog, Google confuses us.~~Dee

Lis said...

Was so ein bisschen Farbe doch ausmacht, da sieht alles gleich viel freundlicher aus. Mir gefallen eigentlich die Backsteinhäuser ganz gut, so etwas gibt es in unserer Gegend gar nicht. Hier ist alles verputzt und dann wird es farbig gestrichen.

Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende und ein bisschen Sonnenschein!

LG Lis

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The yellow makes such a difference. Of course now you can plan flower plantings to take advantage of the yellow backdrop. Everything (and nothing) goes with brown. I must admit that orange & brown are my 2 least favorite colors. There are none in my wardrobe. Now a yellow like that is always welcome, setting off almost any other color to advantage.

Salix Tree said...

Yellow is my favorite color. How odd that you couldn't find yellow paint where you live. And how lovely and cheerful your "after" picture of the house is! Just gorgeous!

rosabeer said...

Ik weet niet meer hoe ik op je blog terecht gekomen ben maar lees regelmatig en heb nog niet eerder een comment geplaatst. Wat kan kleur veel doen zeg, veel beter geworden gezellig en fleurig ik vind je cottage schuurtje ook helemaal top.
Ik heb je op mijn blog gelinkt ik hoop dat je dat goed vind.
Groetjes Marja

Annie in Austin said...

Your brick looks pretty cool in that color, Yolanda - and I hope it cheers up your gloomy days. The white chairs look very elegant at that table.

Painting brick would be a very adventurous thing to do in our neighborhood. I'm not particularly fond of the darker brown brick that's both inside and outside at our house, but there wouldn't be room in the comment box for Philo's answer when I mentioned being adventurous and painting it. (He and Gail's husband should have met at Spring Fling!)

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Piondröm said...

It looka very nice Yolanda!

Jane Marie said...

I am a yellow lover also. The first house we bought after we were married had been newly painted white and I made my new husband paint it yellow because it had been my dream. I love the trellis against the yellow brick and the bird cage is fabulous!

Surya said...

Great job Yolanda. Your house look more fresh than before.

marga said...

Zo Yolanda......dat ziet er toch een heel stuk gezelliger uit. Leuk heb je dat gedaan hoor. Nog geen commentaar gehad van andere inwoners van D.?

em said...

wow! i second the person that wants you to come do their house - can i be next? my house is a dreary brown stain, which is inexpensive to keep up. i have to satisfy myself with growing things up it.

i'd like to see a picture of your house in winter, with snow all around. i bet it still looks great!

rusty in miami said...

You been a busy bee, your house looks great.

Lori said...

I love that color, Yolanda! I painted my dark living room a very similar color, and can attest that it is quite warm and cheering. I can't wait until I have the funds to paint the outside of my house something brighter. The previous owners painted it slate grey, not a happy color at all.

Libbys Blog said...

Its amazing how a lick of paint can change something sooooo much!! Good colour choice, yellow is so cheerful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yolanda your house is beautiful with its coat of yellow. I bet you have started a trend in your village. Everyone will be heading to Denmark to purchase that cheery yellow for their home.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Yolanda, your house is just beautiful! With all the flowers and things everyone will want you to 'design' their yard and house. How about doing my house first? LOL I hope that they have plenty of that nice yellow paint in Denmark...everyone that sees your house is going to want some, too!

Hugs, Aunt Bea

Kerri said...

What a lovely transformation you've made, Yolanda! Yellow is such a sunny color, and I love the shade you've chosen.
Well done! You've been a busy girl, and now you deserve a rest. Let those kitties wait on you for a change! :)
Your house looks purrfect :)
P.S. Your little snowball is very glamorous.

lisa said...

Wow! You are much braver than I, painting brick like that...and it looks amazing! Like an article in a