Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm in Love with The Doctor!

Oh yes I am, madly, truly, deeply. I'm smitten. He is such a very handsome chap and I'm struck with his wild, organic beauty. Sigh! Who wouldn't fall for a guy like that? I think there should be a law against being as handsome as he is. It's simply not fair. Looking at my beautiful Doctor makes me go weak at the knees. He is so gorgeous, so tall and so mysterious.
And did I mention handsome? My Doctor is IMO the doubly-dug fantasy of many a female gardener. And he smells nice too. What more could a girl possibly want? This is the kind of Doctor whom I'd love to make house calls, to my house. ;-) I wonder what his bedside manner is like. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

Yes, yes, that's all very well YE, I hear you say, but Doctor Who?
And that's a good question. Who is this Doctor of mine that I've fallen so madly in love with? It is not the chap you've been looking at for the last minute or so.;-) Cute he may be and I really like the new Doctor Who series especially now that he, David Tennant, is playing the lead as he is so much more easier on the eyes than his predecessor was, but he's not the one that makes my knees tremble. Sorry David, I know that this must come as such a blow. ;-)

The Doctor that I've fallen deeply in love with, my Doctor, is this one:
drop dead gorgeous Doctor Jamain, Souvenir du Docteur (he's French you know) Jamain to give him his full name. The pic doesn't do him justice as his real colour is such a deep, dark, rich and velvety burgundy red and he smells absolutely divine. My Doctor is such a stunner and he's great up against a wall (ahem) and he looks good in a vase too.
Not many chaps have that claim to fame!

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen
pictures of Dr Who courtesy of and the Official Dr Who site of the BBC,

Roses are for fearless hearts, the ones that bleed and bloom again.
Dominique Browning, House&Gardens, March 2001


Hillside Garden said...

Na, ist der Doctor nicht ein wenig alt für dich? ;))
Er hat so diabolische Augen, mir gefällt er nicht so besonders.
Ich stehe eher auf Liam Neeson.


Anonymous said...

This rose is one of my favorites too.
The scent is wonderful.
Unfortunately mine is not doing too well this year.
An Artists Garden

guild-rez said...

Sigrun, was heisst hier alt??
Im Falle eine Falles, ich würde einen jüngern Mann als Partner wählen.
Yolanda, love your story...
it means much to have loved,
To have been happy,
to have laid my hand on the Doctor,
even for one day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a cute post YE. I would be smitten by your Doctor too.

Carol said...

Two doctors... you should be quite healthy!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! The flower, not the hottie man....
Hmmmmm, he doesn't garden does he? I'd like to see him in a sweaty shirt with a spade in his hand....

*goes off to daydream*

Marian said...

Ik kan 'm bijna rúiken Yolanda, wat een knappert!!

OT Koko is inderdaad genoemd naar "de" Koko, kijk maar. . . .

Lis said...

Da gefällt mir die Rose wesentlich besser als der Mann, so unterschiedlich sind halt die Vorlieben und Geschmäcker! :-)
LG Lis

Cheryl said...

Hi Yolanda......Now your beautiful bloom I could fall in love with quite easily......the depth of colour is for the Doctor (Who) I must say I can't stand the actor who plays him,he really gives me the creeps, whatever part he is I will stick to the Doctor in your lovely garden.....

When you have a moment pop over and see the bloom thats captivated me......

Ewa said...

oh Yolanda! this vacation made you very frivolous!
rose is so beautiful!

Surya said...

Great flower. Sometime I did't get the real color of the flower when I took the pic of it.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Ah, yes. I like imagining the doctor up against the wall.

Rose said...

Funny post! I was intrigued by your comment on Carol's blog and had to check this out. You had me going there for awhile. Although both these doctors are quite handsome:)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to lovey-dovey Bliss!

* Sigrun: yes indeed, he's around 904 years old so too long in the tooth for me. ;-) Liam Neeson is one of my favourite actors too. :-)

* Karen: what a pity your Doctor isn't doing so well this year. It certainly is a case of physician heal they self. ;-) Hope your Doc gets well soon!

* Gisela: hey, no touching, no hands on _my_ Doctor. ;-)

* Lisa: my Doc is adorable I know. Wish you could have a wiff of that gorgeous fragrance he produces.

* Carol: wish it would work like that but I think that my rose Doctor will contribute much to my well being. The other one not so much! ;-)

* Casbah kitten: that rose is certainly gorgeous much more so than the man who is to me only lukewarm. ;-) Happy daydreaming!

* Marian: het is een heerlijke roos waar ik erg blij mee ben en dat geurtje is hemels.
Wel een Koko maar (nog) geen Yumyum? ;-)

* Lis: I prefer the rose to the man too. ;-)

* Cheryl: the rose is wonderful I agree. About the man: poor chap, it's not his day is it? First there is me writing for all the world to read that I don't fancy him, then there is Sigrun who writes that he has diabolical eyes and now you getting all creeped out by him. ;-)
BTW I saw him playing a psychopath on telly not all that long ago and he then gave me the creeps too. No minor feat that. ;-)

* Ewa: I'm afraid we can't blame my holidays for that. ;-)

* Surya: taking pics of flowers is sometimes very difficult. I have the same experience as you that I sometimes do not get the right colour whatever I do to get it right. Dr Jamain is a very deep and rich burgundy red and absolutely gorgeous.

* MSS: me too as that was the reason I bought him in the first place. I'm in the process of painting my outside walls a rich ochre yellow and I had to find a rose with a strong and deep enough colour to hold its own against such a background. The woman of the rose nursery suggested first Pink Cloud and then Zepherine Drouhin but I didn't like either of them. While I was looking round the nursery I stumbled upon the good Doctor and was instantly smitten. ;-)

* Rose: glad you came to read all about it and enjoyed it too! I must admit that I find Doctor Jamain the most handsome but to each her own, right? ;-)

Thanks all for visiting Bliss and commenting. I enjoyed reading it all.

marl1 said...

Ik moet toegeven: je hebt een goeie smaak..;-))Mooie kleur- vooral op foto 2....:-)

Poppins said...

Ha-ha! I really thought it was the first doctor you've fallen for. But he is cute as well. But the pretty rose doctor is very, very handsome!
I think we both like pretty boys...

lenie said...

ik dacht effe .....die spoort niej meer hoor !!!
maar ja de roos maakte alles weer goed !!
groetjes Lenie

Betty said...

I am never disappointed when I visit with you....I always find gorgeous blossoms.....

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers recently for my husband....and for dropping in and sweet comment about our visit with Marion and John....two wonderful people.....Blessings....Betty

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

So clever, Yolanda Elizabet. I just knew he had to be a rose. Roses claim many a heart, don't they?~~Dee

Layanee said...

Very majestic in color and I can only imagine the scent!

Kylee said...

Nice of you to share the current love of your life with us! Not many women would do that! ;-)

Very gorgeous! I know those shades are hard to accurately photograph, much like my purple 'Ebb Tide.' You just have to see them in person to truly appreciate their deep rich beauty.

I got a new rose over the weekend, too. A climber for the fence at the back of Our Little Acre. It's such a gorgeous shade of pale pink, which is normally not my favorite color, but this one is so pure, you know? It's called 'Morning Magic'.

Birgit said...

Na ja, bei diesem Doktor würde ich auch nicht gerade weiche Knie bekommen. Gott sei Dank sind die Geschmäcker verschieden, sonst würden wir uns alle auf denselben Mann stürzen ;-)). So ne Art George Clouney müsste schon kommen, um meine Knie wie Pudding werden zu lassen. Aber wenn überhaupt, tendiere ich auch zum wesentlich jüngeren Mann (in meinem Alter). Der kann mich dann später wenigstens pflegen *grrr*
Liebe Grüße, Birgit

Frances, said...

Hi YE, you had me going there for a minute. Ewa's comment cracked me up too, it makes for a great tale, don't you think? ;-> And like MSS, yes to up against the wall, and an ochre one at that, magnifique!
That is the extent of my french.

Anonymous said...

A swoon-worthy Doctor, indeed. I have his weaker look-alike Francis Dubreuil (a.k.a. Barcelona) and that dark velvety color is very difficult to capture in the digital format.

Brimstone said...

Nou op die eerste zou ik niet in luve kunnen vallen hoor. Maar je roos, wat een knapperd en een goed karakter ook :-)

Gail said...

You big tease!....and who wouldn't love the rose...good looking and boy I wish I could come up with some good puns right now!


Annie in Austin said...

You're so funny and ingenious, Yolanda - and such a good gardener that it's no wonder the Doctor is In.

Now if someone could just come up with a wall-leaning rose the color of Southern Comfort, name it after Dr House/Hugh Laurie and make it tough enough for Austin, I could have several fantasies fulfilled at once ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Glo said...

LOL ~ Really enjoyed reading this post and the comments ~ very cleverly done, Yolanda. You hooked us, and then carried us along, until the twist. That's good story telling :) I haven't heard of that rose Doctor, but I will watch for it...sounds blissful indeed.

Libbys Blog said...

Great post Yolanda, beautiful Rose too!!!lol!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss once again!

* Marl1: bedankt! Zelfs foto 2 geeft de echte kleur niet goed weer. Je zal eens langs moeten komen om mijn dokter in het echt te bewonderen. ;-)

* Poppins: grin. I think you are right about the boys thing. ;-)

* Lenie: hihi, je was er dus ingestonken.

* Betty: thank you and I'm so glad that your husband is doing much better.

* Dee: yes, this one certainly tugged at my heart strings. It's a good thing he's a doc too. ;-)

* Layanee: the scent is like the perfect rose scent one dreams about.

* Kylee: generous to a fault, that's me. ;-) Your Morning Magic sounds wonderful and it seems to have gotten the right name too.

* Birgit: LOL, that poor man, what has he ever done to be so scorned by so many women. ;-) Ah, a George fan I see. ROTFL what is it with you German girls and younger men?

* Frances: your french is tres bien (that's me done) and I can't wait to have my Doctor up against a wall. Err, perhaps I should refrase that? ;-)

* Nikkipolani: it's pretty frustrating to have such a gorgeous rose and to be unable to show its true colours which are sooooo beautiful. (many thanks to Cindi Lauper)

* Brimstone: argh, niet nog een. Die arme man, ik zou haast medelijden met hem krijgen dat hij door zoveel vrouwen hier wordt afgewezen. ;-) Over smaak valt niet te twisten, da's duidelijk. Maar gelukkig scoort de andere dokter een stuk beter. :-)

* Gail: glad it amused you so!

* Annie: glad you were amused by it all and that it gave you something to dream about too. ;-) Hugh Laurie, who'd have thunked it? ;-)

* Glo: re; good story telling, thanks for noticing! ;-) The Docteur is a pretty blissful rose and if you can lay your hands on one, giggle, go for it.

* Libby: glad it made you laugh Libs!

Thanks for all the comments, it was great fun reading them all!

Naturegirl said...

Yolanda NOt a rose I'm familiar with but I am sure it brings much pleasure as all roses do! Your blog looks different! Ads now instead of beautiful cats at the top of sidebar.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

I can just imagine how gorgeous he must be in real life... it's difficult to catch that deep burgundy red on photos, isn't it?

VP said...

That made me chuckle :D

Karin A said...

Yolanda, I can totally understand why you are crazy in that doctor. He's gorgeous and I love the color, which is so hard to capture. :) Now I have pics on my blog from "Gardens of Gothenburg". You should try to go to Gothenburg sometimes - it's a nice "green" city!

Kram Karin

Hanneles paradis said...

Piet Oudolf is in Gothenburg this summer.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I like both Doctors! What a fantastic color that Rose has. I have to disagree with Cheryl. It's now a tossup as to who is my favorite Doctor - Tom Baker or David Tennant. Of course he was right creepy in "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire."

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd found a kindred spirit - someone who loves Dr. Who (especially the tenth Doctor) and also loves gardening - an odd combination I admit. But alas to my disappointment you're talking about a rose. These fickle, fussy specimens just don't like my Canadian garden - too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

healingmagichands said...

My oh my! I can almost smell the Doctor as I look at him in the vase. I love your flight of whimsy in bringing us into this post, too.

Jane Marie said...

Your doctor is WAY better looking than mine. She's rather plain.
I love that color and I would be in love too.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Whohovian Bliss, or not. ;-)

*Anna: it certainly is a lovely rose and with such a lovely fragrance too.
The adds have been here for close to a year now and the cats are lower on the sidebar because of my new style blogrol and twitter I installed recently.

* Katarina: I find it almost impossible to capture that deep burgundy red. But I keep trying!

* VP: excellent, we all could do with a chuckle from time to time.:-)

* Karin: it is a very special rose and for me it was love at first sight. ;-) I'll come and visit your blog soon!

* Hannele: thanks, yes I know, I read that on someone's blog. ;-)

* MMD: finally then, someone who likes both doctors. For a minute there I thought the timelord had lost his touch. ;-) David Tennant was even more creepy as the psychopath he playes in Secret Smile. He even creeped me out then and I'm practically creep proof. ;-) Until David, Tom Baker was my favourite doc too, probably because I grew up with him as The Doctor.

* Anonymous: hope you read this! You have found a kindred spirit as I both love gardening and the new Dr Who series so there is no need to be disappointed. And yes, the tenth doc is my favourite too, beating Tom Baker by a whisker. And MMD (see comment above yours) is a gardener and fan of the series too so you have actually found 2 gardeners who also love the Dr Who series.:-)
Pity you can't grow roses in your garden in Canada.

*HMH: glad you liked both the whimsy and the rose. :-)

* Jane Marie: without having seen your rose I believe you as my doctor is so hard to beat. My doc is much better than yours, neener, neener! LOL

Thanks for all the comments it was a joy reading them. Do come again for another episode of Bliss! ;-)

Strawberry Lane said...

That doctor is, indeed, love at first sight! Beautiful!

Barbara said...

Should I be jaleous with you? I am also fallen in love with Souvenir du Dr. Jamain. This beautiful dark red rose grows in my garden too, but unfortunately not on the perfect place it deserves. It's too sunny there and this "doctor" is not so fond of heat and sun. But the rose is already some years old and I don't know whether "doc" would like to move. Perhaps there will soon come another Dr. Jamain to my garden ;-) !!
Be happy with him, Yolanda!