Monday, February 4, 2008

A Good Deal

I found this in the mailbox the other day. This is from a shop that sells stuff for the garden and pets, so that's a double whammy as far as I'm concerned. I started leafing through it, to see what they got on offer as they sometimes have very good deals on plants and other stuff for the garden. And they got some nice stuff for pets too which is of the utmost interest to the Bliss team.
Ohhhhh look, a pretty kitty relaxing in a radiator 'hanging basket'. The Bliss team got several of those and they love them, especially in winter, no surprise there. If you have a kittycat or two, these 'hanging baskets' come highly recommended by the entire Bliss team!
Lookee here, another pretty kitty with a very nice climbing tree. The Bliss team got two indoor climbing trees already so we don't need another one. But if you have an indoor kitty then this is a very good thing to buy. Your cat will love it and will use it as a scratching post too which is good news for your furniture. Now, let's see, what else have they got on offer?
Well, I've heard of the expression 'to throw a dog a bone' but this is ridiculous, although perhaps not when you are of the canine persuasion. But is there anything on sale in the garden department, that's what I want to know.
Yes there is, they have a lovely selection of Hellebores and they are only 2.99 euro, which is quite cheap. Normally I would expect to pay between 5 to 20 euro for a Hellebore so paying only 3 euro (which is about 4.5 USD or CAD) sounds like a good deal to me. So off I went to buy myself some Hellebores which was easy to do as that shop is only a 5 minute drive away. And here's the loot:
There were a lot of varieties to choose from. The Hellebore niger I didn't buy as that one always dies on me. I tried it 4 times and each and every time it went to meet its maker. But they had many other kinds such as the Orientalis which are very good IMO. They are very sturdy and hardy plants and their flowers are gorgeous and come in many colours so I bought two of those; the Hellebore Orientalis Ballard Hybrid and Orientalis Spotted Hybrid. I also bought a Hellebore foetidus. I saw that one in flower recently and thought those greenish/yellowy flowers very pretty. It also has very nicely shaped leaves which is great.
I think that they are very nice and healthy plants and not a bad size either. Kadootje thinks so too, so that settles it! ;-)
For some time now I've been longing for a Hamamelis but what stopped me from buying one (or two) was the vast amount I had to fork out to get my hot little hands on one. Gardening is not a cheap hobby as we all know, so whenever possible I try to save myself a bit of money and look for deals. Last Saturday I went shopping in the village where I live and in one of the flowershops I found a much coveted Hamamelis intermedia Jelena for only 5 euro, and it wasn't such a ittybitty plant either.
Here's another pic, this time with Surprise and she is a very big cat so that gives you some idea of the size of the Hamamelis.
It has practically finished flowering, as it flowers from December til January for 3 to 4 weeks. But that's okay with me, for 5 euro I'm not complaining as I expected to pay about 35 - 40 euro for a plant this size. And it still has a very nice treat in store for me, because in Autumn its leaves will turn a very spectacular colour. For enjoying its flowers there is always next year. That's one of the things I love about gardening; when you missed out on something or something failed spectacularly, there is always next year when you get another chance.
Hamamelis intermedia Jelena is known for its great scent too, so that's another bonus. I love it when a plant has many of those.

While in the flowershop my eyes fell on a cute little bouquet of white Ranunculus and as they were only 1.50 euro (about 2.25 USD or CAD) I bought a bunch of those as well. It was not the biggest of bouquets, just twelve little flowers, but that's allright. It doesn't have to be big to create a pleasing effect. This is what I did. I made a nice little display with some glass vases and a cristal decanter and candle holder. Displayed like this even the smallest bouquet is an eye catcher.

That's enough about my good deals, how about yours? What are the prices of plants and stuff in your neck of the woods? What do you consider a good deal? Are there even any good deals to be had? One enquiring mind wants to know! :-)

I'd like to thank all of you who send congratulations and best wishes on the first aniversary of my blog; thank you all very much!!! I appreciate it, the Bliss team appreciates it. Of course the Bliss team got their extra hugs and cuddles and a very nice bit of cooked fish too. What would a party be without some nice treats for the Bliss team? A very dismal affair, I'm sure. ;-)

Copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen


Tracy said...

Lots of goodies for you and the Team ;o) I've never grown hellebores before. Are they liking sun or sun/half shade? Lovelieness here always...Happy Day, Yolanda! ((HUGS))

Frances said...

What good prices at the shop, especially the witch hazel, amazing. One would do well to check in there frequently looking for bargains, but that really wouldn't save money in the long run if you bought something each time, would it? ;->
Frances at Faire Garden

marl1 said...

Mooie koopjes heb je op de kop getikt! Deze toverhazelaar vind ik eigenlijk mooier dan de gele (die ook zou ruiken, maar het niet doet!)...ben benieuwd hoe snel deze groeit..;-))
En ik denk dat Buster ook wel in zo'n hangmandje past....misschien voor zijn verjaardag ;-))))
Prachtige kopfoto + paasteller :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

* Tracy: hellebores like sun/half shade and some do well in shade too.
Happy day to you too!

* Frances: I do check in regularly even though I run the risk of buying too much. :-) Last year the flowershop had bargain prices on Clematis, only 1.50 euro which is 2.25 US dollars. Normal prices for Clematis here are between 10 to 20 euro (15 to 30 US/Can dollars), depending on size and variety. I splashed out and bought 3. Woohoo!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Kadootje is a good judge of plants. The Hellebores do look healthy. Just seeing your purchases make me get excited about spring buying and planting. Such good prices too. I don't think I could find a lovely little bouquet of ranaculus around here for that small amount or Hellebores for so little.

Lis said...

Glückwunsch zu deinen Einkäufen! Bei dem güsntigen Preis der Helleborus hätte ich auch nicht nein sagen können und die Hamamelis ist ja schon fast geschenkt.Die Farbe der H. Jelena ist wunderschön, bei mir steht nur eine Gelbe im Garten. Im Moment blüht sie wunderschön und ich müßte unbedingt mal ein Foto davon machen.
LG Lis

kate said...

That was an interesting catalogue - my eyes immediately travelled to the dog bone. It looked too big - I've discovered that big bones dropped on human toes hurt!

Your plant purchases all look like wonderful deals. The Hellebores will be fun. I love the bloom colour of the Witch Hazel you've purchased. Now I wonder where you will tuck these plants.

Surprise looks as if she's inspecting the Witch Hazel. Any more Surprise stories? I really enjoyed your stories from last year about her.

jodi said...

NOt only are the Bliss team smart and pretty and loveable, they are great judges of good plants, too. Our naughty catchildren like to judge plants, especialy if they are of the catnip type...which reminds me I must plant some catgrass for them, as they're beginning to look longingly at some of the houseplants.

Kylee said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Great deals, all of them! You know that witch hazel is on my "to get" list, don't you? (That one, or 'Diane') Now why don't you just run down and buy one for me and send it out tomorrow. ;-)

I actually did get a good deal yesterday, which I have not blogged about yet. It wasn't for something as special as witch hazel or hellebores, but still a good deal!

Well done, you! :-)

Karin A said...

That was really good deals! Helleborus is often expensive here (like 10-20 euro) but I made a good deal last year and paid more or less the same as you did. But I didn't got any names or so. Just hoping that it is different ones. They have buds now and I'm looking forward seeing them in bloom. Love ranunclus too but they are normally not cheap. Have a nice week! :)

wozog said...

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

* Marl1: toverhazelaars groeien over het algemeen niet zo hard zoals je weet. Als je een laaghangende radiator hebt, dan zal het in en uitstappen voor Buster geen probleem zijn. Hier zijn alle katjes er gek op want lekker warm natuurlijk.

*Lisa: I've been to California a long time ago and I was shocked then at the prices you had to pay for flowers and plants. Over here they are much cheaper.

* Lis: the hamamelis was almost for free, you are right and I could not resist buying the hellebores for that amount of money; I love hellebores. Looking forward to seeing your hamamelis on your blog!

* Kate: whoops, was Lytton a bit clumsy? Poor toes!
I'm still in the proces of making a new border and there is where my new plants will go.

Surprise always inspects anything new in our home, so the witch hazel was no exception. There will be more stories about Surprise too.

* Jodi: all the members of the Bliss team are good plants persons too and they are experts on grasses and catnip. ;-) I'm growing spider plants for the Bliss team to munch on.

* Kylee: I knew you would be the one to really appreciate a good buy. ;-) I'm very glad with Jelena but would have been just as glad with Diane, both are gorgeous Hamamelis. Must pop over to read all about your good deal!

* Karin: it won't be long now before you will be able to see if your Hellebores are all different ones, I hope that they are!

* Wozog: sounds like fun!

Thanks for all the comments, I enjoyed reading them!

lenie said...

ik zit even te denken ...heb ik je gefeliciteerd op je log van 1 feb ??? weet het niet meer ..nou ja alsnog proficiat ;))) en de koopjes zijn échte koopjes hoor , de helleborus is meestal errug prijzig .....zal ook weer eens gaan spitten , want ik vind ze mooi ;))
meis een fijne dag vandaag , met regen ik weet het maar jij hebt vast andere leuke dingen te doen ;)

Libbys Blog said...

My Hellabores are just popping out, I do love them along with, crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, tulips .................... lol!

urbanbumpkin said...

Your Hamamelis look good.

I have 'Arnold Promise' flowering right now. It is bright yellow and definitely just the thing for a grey day!

Monique said...

Like the plants, like the cats, like the blog. Are you English or Dutch?

nikkipolani said...

Yolanda, perhaps with the extensive Bliss team expertise, a "Bliss Team Seal of Approval" could be issued to deserving products! And that is an exellent price on hellebores. I planted fall of '06 though it never bloomed. Wonder if it will come back this year.

nikkipolani said...

And Yolanda, for your blog b-day, I've sent you an award :-)

Vierkatjes/lavendeltuin said...

De Boerenbond (Welkoop) is hier Sawin geworden, heeft lang niet meer van die leuke aanbiedingen :-(
en eigenlijk ook niet meer zoveel leuke "kattendingen".
De witte helleborus doet het hier alleen maar goed, ik kreeg van mijn Apeldoornse tuinvriending twee jaar geleden een donkere, die heeft vorig jaar nog gebloeid, maar nu is ie spoorloos verdwenen.
Komt waarschijnlijk omdat de grond hier te zuur is.
Leuk prijsje voor je ranonkels trouwens!
groetjes, Marian

Jalos said...

Ik zag zulke Helleborus planten vandaag nog voor 8,99, 2,99 is een buitenkansje!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

* Lenie: ik heb deze helleborussen bij de welkoop/boerenbont gekocht.
Yep, Ik verveel me nooit. ;-)

* Libby: it's nice to see all those flowers appearing once again in our gardens.

* urbanpumpkin: I would like to have a yellow one too as they are so very cheerful. Is yours a scented one?

* Monique: I like it that you like it. ;-) I'm Dutch.

* Nikkipolani: A Bliss Team Seal of Approval; I like it! :-)
Hopefully your hellebore will return this year. And thanks very much for the award!

* Marian: da's balen, jouw katjes willen ook leuke kattendingetjes! Jammer ook dat Sawin niet van die leuke aanbiedingen heeft. Jouw grond is natuurlijk heel anders dan de mijne, ik heb hier hele vette zeeklei en daar doen de Helleborus Orientalis het heel erg goed op.

* Jalos: voor die prijs had ik er dus 3, het was dus echt een buitenkansje! :-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Great deals! It's so hard to resist another Hellebore, & those look so healthy. I'm glad you finally got a Witchhazel. They are such great shrubs. Mine has been in bud for the last month, still waiting for a warm sunny day to bloom. Too bad there isn't one forecast any time soon.

Cottage Magpie said...

Good finds! I love a good plant deal. Just the other day I found three big camellias that I had paid $40 each for last year, and these were only $12 for the same size! Yay! I will have to take pictures of them. And your display with the lovely ranunculus and pretty crystal is just lovely!
~Angela :-)

Vierkatjes/lavendeltuin said...

Ik slaap er geen nacht minder om hoor! ;-)
Er zijn nog genoeg andere mooie planten die het wel goed doen.

Brimstone said...

Dat had je nou niet moeten zeggen of ik had dit log niet moeten lezen nu. Ik moet straks naar Welkoop en echt alleen voor een paar zakken grond. Mij alleen aan die boodschap houden wordt nu erg moeilijk :-)

SchneiderHein said...

Hallo Yolanda,
nun komme ich endlich dazu Deinen Helleborus-Post mal in Ruhe zu lesen. Erstaunlich, dass Du auch mit der Helleborus niger Probleme hast. In unserem Garten fühlen sich auch nur Orientalis-Hybriden und foetidus wohl.
Für so gesunde Container-Pflanzen sind ja wirklich Schnäppchenpreise. Nur hoffentlich sind die Farben annährend wie auf dem Schild abgebildet.
Eine etwas größere rote & gelbe Zaubernuss, die allerdings nicht mehr blüten, hatte ich im letzten Jahr ebenfalls für 5,- Euro aus der Reste-Ecke eines Garten-Centers mitgenommen. Auch mir waren sie bis dahin zu teuer, aber für den Preis durften sie nun gern in den Garten meiner Mutter und bei uns einziehen. Sollte ich in diesem Jahr nochmals das Glück haben, werden wir uns jetzt wohl auch noch eine rote zulegen. Die Farbe ist zu dieser Jahreszeit einfach traumhaft.
Liebe Grüße