Thursday, January 10, 2008

OUR Winter Garden

If you've read the previous post then you know that somebody was hissing down the wrong tree. What did YE mean by "my" winter garden. It's not hers, it's ours. We mean, really, our PA should know her place by now, we call the shots around here, not her. Pshaw and humph!

As we find this typing malarkey a far too boring and humble a task for cats like us, we let the pics do the talking. As we all know, one pic says more than a thousand miaows! See the irrefutable evidence below of why the conservatory is OURS!
It's where we have lunch
and hang out.
Where we train to become Olympic couch potato champions,
have a tummy rub
or a wash.
It's where we nibble grass,
watch the world go by
and chat up pretty girls.
It's the best place for being naughty
a bit of a handful, in fact.
It's where we explore things
and discover big hairy, scary monsters.
See what we mean? ;-)
It's our favourite place to eat
and say (cottage) cheese!
It's the place to be for a spot of social climbing!
It's our favourite watering hole!
It's where we go catnip jumping
and play hide and seek.

In short, the conservatory is OURS.
Nuff said!

The Bliss team

copyright 2008 Y.E.W. Heuzen

The problem with a kitten is that
It grows up to be a cat.
Ogden Nash


Bev said...

Yolanda, your post brought a smile to my face this morning. How cute!! I love seeing your kitties and how much fun they have. They are truly blessed to be in such a loving home.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Of course you Furry Darlings we understand that the conservatory is yours. We knew all along it was so. We were just enjoying your PA's explaination of how she decorates for your enjoyment, as evidenced here in these photos.

stadtgarten said...

Lovely photos and a wonderful story!
Groetjes, Monika

Bert said...

Hi Yolanda,

Well, your cats surely own the conservatory. There a quite a lot of kittens to be seen as well. Are they still there??



nikkipolani said...

What a wonderful collection of happy cat pictures!

jodi said...

Dear Bliss Team, how nice to see a posting rom the rightful occupants of the conservatory! We had a feeling your personal assistant was mistaken about it all, and we knew you'd set things straight. Our mother sometimes thinks she owns the house,too, but we let her carry on with her assumptions because she feeds, loves and pampers us in the way we wish to be accustomed. Except for the vacuum. she can have that.

love, the catchildren at bloomingwriter's computer.

Carol said...

Dear Bliss Team, You are right! YE had some nerve to claim that as her conservatory. Clearly, you all are in control in there. And you are good with the camera, too!

Carol, May Dream Gardens

Kylee said...

The truth comes out! Love your digs. That pole is to die for!

No Rain said...

The Ogden Nash quote is my husband's sentiments exactly. I would love to have a cat, but he doesn't like them for some reason. They are just my style of pet, independent and not needy!

Lis said...

Oh Entschldigung die Damen und Herren Katzen! Ich wollte niemand von euch auf den Schwanz treten, aber ich wußte wirklich nicht dass das "euer" Wintergarten ist! *lach*

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Welcome to Bliss!

* Bev: it's always a good thing when a blog post brings a smile to someone's face.

* Lisa: finally someone who understands the importance of the Bliss team. Purrrrs from the Bliss team.

* Monika: glad you liked it!

* Bert: no, the 3 kittens are now all big strapping lads and handsome too.

* Nikkipolani: welcome and glad you enjoyed the pics.

* Catchildren: ha, people can be so dense but that is not so bad really, because that makes it easier for us to get them to do exactly what we want. :-) Yeah, we hate the vacuum too! Love and purrrs from the Bliss team!

* Carol: you are right of course, we do great camera work, both behind and in front of it. Purrs from the Bliss team!

* Kylee: that climbing tree is a firm favourite with all the members of the Bliss team. They use it a lot for climbing, scratching and generally hanging out.

* Aiyana: your husband shows very poor taste and you are right of course we cats make the most wonderful pets a person could wish for. Purrrrrs from the Bliss team!

* Lis: your apologies are accepted!
Purrrrrrrrrs from the Bliss team!

Brimstone said...

Ja, dat kan je verwachten als je als personeel doet alsof het huis van jou is.
Het BlissTeam heeft gelijk dat ze dit even rechtzetten. Het is van jullie hoor, daarover zijn geen misverstanden meer!

Tracy said...

Can I come play in your winter garden? I would love to be with all those sweet kitties! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Betty said...

You are so kind to provide such a beautiful environment for your kitties.....I would be very content to have those surroundings.....

I am so pleased to have you link to me...may I link to you also?

Wishing you a restful weekend..Betty

Ewa said...

Dear Bliss Team,
I still keep wondering how did you manage to get to the keyboard and write the real truth - what was the assistant doing at that time?
Probably again making up stories which exclude you, again, ergh...
We here in Poland are very happy that truth was finally revealed - without taking any more serious means.
Cat tree is is so adorable thing you have...

Karin A said...

Hihi, I was actually thinking about it. :) Of course it's yours together. I love your photos. Have a nice weekend!

Vierkatjes/Lavendeltuin said...

Ach ja Bliss team, jullie hebben gelijk, dit is jullie "decadente" wintertuin, maar jullie dulden het personeel toch wel om zo nu en dan de troep te ruimen en de plantjes water te geven, zodat het gras en het kattekruid niet dood gaan?
Maar het is een fantastisch kattenverblijf hoor, zoiets lijkt ons ook wel wat, ons paviljoen staat alweer een paar maanden in de winterstand, dat is zonder dak en helemaal leeg, te verpieteren,
wij hebben nu slechts het hele huis tot onze beschikking, het is behelpen. . . . .
kopje, vier katjes

marl1 said...

En dan kan ik zo 'vallen' voor die achterpootjes van die kleine op foto 9....zoooo schattig/poezelig :-)
Prachtige serre/kas heb heeeel jaloers op te worden..;-))

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

LOL! I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I'd be willing to share that beautiful conservatory with the Bliss Team, even if I am a dog person.

Naturegirl said...

Yolanda you are truly my kindred spirit! You have certainly warmed my heart and put sunshine into my day because of this purrrrrrrfect post!
Thank You thank you for alerting me are a treasure as your Bliss team!! hugs and love and purzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from NG Paisly and Babie

Green thumb said...

Don't worry all you blissfull cats,'My' or 'Our' we know who calls the shots out there, we know the real Bliss... we know the team...we know all the miaows when we hear one, in short we have enjoyed your antics for almost an year now and yet cannot have enough of it...Love you all.

Strawberry Lane said...

Absolutely the most adorable collection of cats, kittens and comments. That little one at the glass door is too cute! Loved them all!

What a beautiful hang-out they have!

Birgit said...

Ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch der ganzen Katzen-Gesellschaft zu solch einem tollen Wintergarten. Wunderschöne und bezaubernde Fotos von den Pelznasen, Yolanda. Man spürt, wie gut es ihnen geht bei Dir.

Liebe Wochenendgrüße, Birgit

guild-rez said...

cats, cats...
and all them have a wonderful home and loving care.
When it is really cold I always think about the cats who don't have a warm place to sleep, no food and no love.
Have a wonderful weekend with a lot of meauw's.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

LOL! Dolly Daisy is NOT a hairy scary monster. ;) I think the kitties at Rosehaven Cottage would love to have a conservatory. Luckily, they haven't read this post yet or else they'd start meowing for one right away.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Becky said...

i love your kitties, so sweet. I have a cute one too! Your blog is a delight to visit.

lisa said...

Go Kitty, it's yer Birf-day, gonna party like it's yer birfday, sip Bacardi like it's yer birf-day!!! Woot-woot!!

Poppins said...

Gorgeous pictures! And lovely cats!

Leslie said...

I love the photos of your kitties! You have so many different varieties...I always end up with plain gray cats...

SchneiderHein said...

Was für ein herrlicher Raum zum Spielen, Klettern, Fressen und Couch-Potato-Dauersitzen! Und dann noch rund herum Katzen-Panorama-TV - da muss das Bliss-Team ja auf den Wintergarten bestehen.
liebe Grüße

Karin A said...

I've given you 'you make my day award' so please come and visit my blog. :) There also some glimpses of spring! Take care!

lenie said...

waar daar een heel team regeert ..krijgt hier één mormel voor mekaar ............;)
zijn leuke series ,heb ervan genoten foto's zijn gewoon plaatjes , zeer sfeervol ;)

Libbys Blog said...

This post makes me so want some kittens again!

Rhondi said...

Hi I found your blog through Anglea at Cotage Magpie. I love the pictures of your cats! I posted a cpouple of pictures of our cats too just recently. I want to come back for a visit when I have a little more time. Rhondi

Layanee said...

Joke...'Why do you never have to buy a cat a birthday present?'

Answer: "Because they already know that they own everything!"

Loved your cat pictures!

Nicole said...

Lovely photos and I love your cool captions!

denisy said...

Adoro gatos e os teus saõ lindos , adoraveis .Gostaria de saber se posso usar algumas fotos dos teus gatos , para publicar em um livro

Tyra in Vaxholm said... many cats do you have, I bet you have no mouses that eats you seeds :)


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to OUR winter garden at Bliss!

*Brimstone: gelukkig, toch iemand die dat snapt. En tja, het personeel van tegenwoordig is ook niet meer wat het geweest is. ;-)

*Tracy: sure honey!

* Betty: all the kitties at Bliss are very happy campers, spoiled rotten in fact and that is just as it should be. ;-) I think it would be great if you linked with me too.

* Ewa: we had locked the assistant in a cupboard and as each of us have 5 fingers on each front paw there were enough fingers to do the typing, we all took out turn.
The cat tree is something that we all enjoy very much. We have 2 of them!

* Karin: glad you liked the pics we took!

* 4 katjes: ja, dat personeel mag er ook wel in maar alleen om het vuile werk te doen, dat begrijpen jullie. ;-) Tja, dat paviljoen van jullie is helemaal te gek dus balen als je er in de winter niet in kan.

* Marl1: ach ja, die Teuntje, die heeft zulke mooie voetjes. Al zijn voetjes zijn wit van boven en van onder behalve de teentjes en de voetzooltjes, die zijn allen diep grijs. Onze da noemde Teuntje een designer katje. ;-)
De serre is heerlijk, dat is waar.

* MMD: you can perhaps share it with us if you ask nicely, and 2 weeks in advance and in triplet form. Regards, the Bliss Team! ;-)

* Anna: I'm glad this post brought a bit of much needed sunshine! Purrs to Paisly and Babie from the Bliss team!

* Green thumb: we love you too! We love it when people understand us. Lots of purrrrs from the Bliss Team.

Kerri said...

Oh you Bliss cats have it made! My PA gave me a paper bag to play with this morning and expected me to get excited about it. I was a wake up to her though, and realized she was just trying to set up a photo op, so I went back to my chair for a nap after a quick inspection. Always an ulterior motive! Ha!
They took away my sister and made her into a 'city kitty' so I'm a bit lonely. I hope they'll give me a new sister soon!
I wish I had one of those poles!! You have more green there outside than we do. It's white here!

Kerri said...

P.S. I forgot to sign my message! You're a cool bunch of cats and you have some very stylish coats!

kate said...

Ah the cats! I was away for much of the past week and missed visiting here.

The conservatory truly suits the cats - they look wonderful and have definitely found all the good play spots.

Andrea's Garden said...

Bliss Team, you are truly cute and of course, the conservatory is yours! Surely you enjoy sharing it with Yolanda from time to time for some hugs and cuddling. Greetings from Stella-The-Cat