Tuesday, December 4, 2007


is something that I like to indulge in, especially during wintertime and I'm not the only one, the Bliss team loves live bird TV too. A few years ago the under-gardener made king size windowsills so that all the cats can safely sit or sleep on the windowsill without the fear falling off or cramping their style in any way. In summertime they love to sit and do a spot of sunbathing and during winter they love lying there, basking in the heat from the radiator beneath the windowsill. I usually sit near the window so that I have a lovely view from my garden and when the cats are not on the king size windowsill, they are on the footstool in front of my chair.
I've placed a big garden table in front of my living room windows with a nice display to cheer us up during these dark and gloomy days before Christmas. There should always be something of interest in your garden, whatever the season. And this way I can look at it and enjoy it from the comfort of my own chair, without getting cold or wet.
Of course you noticed that all the cats were fast asleep but when it's lunchtime for the birds and they all come to feed, it's a different story altogether. Gone are the sleepy heads, all the cats are wide awake and very keen to watch their daily programme of live bird TV. Here's a pic of Merlin avidly watching the birdies! Well, maybe not so much. ;-)

Above the garden table is the pergola that the under-gardener made last Spring and from it dangle quite a few bird feeders, not forgetting my bird chandeliers from Ikea, of course.
Here's a pic of my latest bird feeder that I bought last weekend. So far no bird has approached it yet, but these things take time. First the birds have to get used to it and then they will come and feed from it.
This new one is for the big birds to use, for the smaller birds I have a special peanut feeder just for them alone and they can eat there to their hearts' content without being afraid of being chased away by those pesky big birds.
Only small birds can slip through the bars of this birdcage and feed. Great, isn't it?

Another very popular feeder is this one, the little sparrows just love it, but oh what a mess they make while feeding; seeds are literally dropped all over the place.
But not to worry, there are plenty of little helpers about who love to clean up the mess the sparrows have made, like my friends the turtle doves,
mrs Blackbird,
mr Blackbird,
and this finch here too. I even saw some sparrows helping with the cleaning up, which was kind of them.
The suet balls containing loads of seeds prove to be very popular too with many birds. Today I saw some starlings pecking away at them, a couple of sparrows and some blue and other tits as well.

It's fun watching the birds feed and also what they do after their bellies are full; it's snuggling up time!

Lately I have been very busy unfortunately and unable to respond to all the many wonderful comments, best wishes, compliments and congratulations I received for both my birthday and for getting my first garden article published. So thank you all very much, I appreciate it a lot; reading all your kind words made me a very happy bunny!

BTW Next year another garden article of mine will be published in the first Tuin&Co (=Garden&Co) magazine of 2008.

copyright: Y.E.W. Heuzen.2007

Let us not always say
'Spite of this flesh today
I strove, made head, gained ground upon the whole!'
As the bird wings and sings
Let us cry 'All good things
Are ours, nor soul helps flesh more, now, than flesh helps soul.'
Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Brimstone said...

Wat een mooi plekje bij het raam heb je. Heerlijk om met een tuinboek alvast plannen te maken voor het nieuwe tuinseizoen.

Birgit said...

Eine wunderbare Vogelparade ist bei Dir zu sehen. Bonnie und Nicki sehen in diesen Zeit auch gern Vogel-TV. Im Sommer dann mehr Fisch-TV.

Süß die zwei Ringeltauben. Richtige Liebestauben.

Bin gespannt auf deinen Artikel 2008. Werde mir das Magazin dann bestimmt besorgen. Erinnerst Du noch mal daran, wenn es erscheint?

LG, Birgit

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Don't you just love sitting by the window, all nice and cozy watching the birds during the winter? I do. With a nice cup of cocoa, coffee or tea, a blanket across my lap and a good gardening magazine or book. That is how I like to spend my hibernation during the winter.

I enjoyed your bird pictures.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I love how your kitties camp out in front of the big screen "tv". Our kitties do the same on a very large ottoman placed just for them in front below the picture window we have in our living room. And I also love seeing all your birds! It's so neat to recognize birds that we have here too! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

shirl said...

Hi again, Yolanda :-)

How lovely to read about and see your garden birds and feeders. It is a lovely time to watch the birds in the garden. I like your new feeder :-D

I smiled instantly at seeing your peanut garlands! I used them a couple of years ago. It was very entertaining to see the birds use them :-D

Sorry I was late with Congarats on your first garden article published - well done you!! Best wishes for the next issue :-D

jodi said...

Funny how the kitties are all resting and peaceful now, but when the show begins, they'll be wide awake and making speeches about how yummy those nice birds look! We have quite a few similar birds by the looks of it. With the snow, we had a lot of bird-feasting activity today around our yard, but many of the catchildren were more interested in sleeping than in watching bird television!
(That's neat, by the way, that you also like Within Temptation. Small world, isn't it' but then, they're from the Netherlands, whereas I don't know that they've been to Canada yet. I actually put my son onto them, instead of the other way round. He on the other hand puts me onto Finnish rock groups like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica.)

Laurie & Chris said...

Wow! you got alot of nice pictures of all your birds. Your garden looks great.

Richtsje said...

Had ik net een lange reactie geplaatst, is-ie weg!
Yolanda, wat een heerlijke plek, voor de vogeltjes buiten, en voor jou/jullie én de katten binnen. Vanavond krijg ik een leuk nieuwe voeder/broedhuisje (heeft 'sint' bij Bobizz besteld), en dan voeren we ook maar alvast voor het wennen...

OT: ik ben een ESFP, qua werksoort zit ik dus wel op mijn plaats. En Wilko heeft een mooie nieuwe jas,maar wilde die niet aan omdat een jongetje hem ermee plaagde. Nu is het weer goed hoor!!
Ik kijk uit naar de Tuin&Co met meer van jouw kant/hand.

Mary~Rein said...

Wat een drukte bij de voederhuisjes!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello all and welcome to Bliss!

* Brimstone: het is inderdaad een fijn hoekje voor met een boekje plus een katje op schoot. ;-)

* Birgit: I think all cats love bird tv. ;-) I will let you know when the new magazine arrives!

*Robin: yes, that is just the way I like it but I would like to add one more necessary ingredient for me to hibernate: a kittycat or two on my lap. ;-)

* Cindy: it's fun isn't it to find out that the same birds live over here as well as at your place. Small world, dont you think?

* Shirl: I was thinking of you when I wrote this post. I felt sure that I would have at least one happy fellow garden (and birds) blogger. ;-)

* Jodi: all kittycats seem to like bird tv but snoozing too. ;-) On dull days like today my cats sleep a lot.

I've seen Within Temptation twice now, the first time in a very small concert hall with only 300 other people. It was great. Next February they're giving a concert in Rotterdam together with a complete orchestra. Is that cool or what? And yes I have two tickets in my hot little hands.

How amusing that you introduced your son to their music, it's usually the other way round.
Nightwish I know and like too!

*Laurie&Chris: glad you enjoyed it!

* Richtsje: dat nieuwe vogelhuisje komt toch wel in volle glorie op je blog he? Want daar ben ik nu wel nieuwsgierig naar.

BTW dat pesterige jongetje kan vanavond mee in de zak van Piet, dan zijn jij en Wilco daar ff helemaal van af. ;-)

* Marie Rein: welkom op Bliss en het is vaak ook erg druk op de vensterbank binnen. ;-)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Yolanda,

I love your cats, they are beautiful..If I were them, I would want to lie around on the radiator cover myself...who wouldn't when the weather is cold and crummy. I like the table you have outside your window and how you can see into the garden when you are sitting in your chair.

I agree, I like to have something to focus on too in the garden, even though it is winter. I always leave my perennial stalks up, even though they are dried out and gone dormant for the winter, it does give me something to look at anyway.

Regarding your question about the cat on the mailbox, I'm not sure if it was a Russian Blue. It was a gorgeous cat though and actually resembled your gray cat as well. I'm not a cat person so I don't know though.

Again, congrats on the garden article...and wishing you much more success in the new year.

Lis said...

Deine Katzen können sich glücklich schätzen so ein schönes Fernsehprogramm zu haben :-) Unser Leo sitzt auch immer ganz fasziniert am Fenster wenn unten die Meisen am Futterhaus fressen. Leider wohnen wir im 1. Stock und der direkte Blick in den Garten ist hier nicht möglich. Aber ich füttere die Vögel trotzdem, egal ob ich jetzt dabei zuschauen kann oder nicht!

Hannele said...

I like birds too.

Betty said...

Yolanda, Just popping in for a quick visit....birds just love your home, and you have them trained so well...the clean up crew!

Congratulations on being published.....Betty

Naturegirl said...

Yolanda CONGRATULATIONS!! What a thrill and accomplishment having your
writing and photos published!! Whoo Hoo!!... it couldn't have happened to a nicer person! One who writes from the heart and one who inspires with her sharing spirit and love for cats!! I am filled with JOY for you as I can feel your excitement!!
hugs NG xo

lenie said...

je hebt dezelfde voersilo's als ik ;) en er wordt gretig gebruik van gemaakt zie ik !!
En ja de vorige anonieme was van mij , zat te klungelen met al die nieuwe toestanden op blogger ;))

Felicia said...

Love the big window for kitties to enjoy the view :)

Julia said...

Yolanda, your blog is a tribute to the best things in life; cats, birds, gardening, flowers and design. Now if only I knew whether you occassionally listen to classical music and enjoy a steaming cup of tea...

the best things in life!

Entangled said...

And a partridge in a pear tree? Do they sing The Twelve Days of Christmas in the Netherlands?

But seriously, now I know what turtle doves look like - not too different from our mourning doves. Thanks for all the nice pictures!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yolanda just seeing your comfy chair and ottoman makes me want to sit there, watch the birds and read. I really like the peanuts strung that way. Are your birds able to easily get them? Do you string the peanuts like that or do you buy them already strung?

gintoino said...

beautifull bird pictures. I tryed my luck with bird feeding this year, but until now no birds to be seen...Guess they can find plenty of food arround with out my help ;-)

Frances said...

What interesting bird feeders you have. Do you have to fill them often? Our cats also enjoy the show outside, especially our own Russian Blue with the inspired name of Kitty.

Tracy said...

Coming here is like having a great communion with nature--even when I must be inside! Love your nature table. Did you make the peanut garland for the birds? Look at all those sleepy kitties...how sweet seeing them all cozy together. And congrats on yet another artlice--hooray! Happy weekend to all of you ((HUGS))

Ki said...

Wonderful photos of birds. I found it too frustrating trying to get close enough to photograph the skittish birds, I gave up trying. It's nice to see others' successful bird pictures especially since I know how difficult it is to capture a good photo of them.

Libbys Blog said...

Its just like looking down my garden, although I have more Gold Finches and Green Finches plus my own Woodpecker!!!

stadtgarten said...

It is so lovely to watch the birds and other "wild" animals in the garden. Until we built our wintergarden 2 weeks ago, I had my autumn wreaths laying on the balcony table and the birds came here for lunch!
Congratulations for the publishing of your article in the dutch garden magazine. Unfortunately there are no dutch magazines available in Germany, I think too few dutch speakers. In our holidays I often buy dutch garden and home magazines.
Also a belated happy birthday!I think I missed a lot here because of our vacation, I have to come back and read.
Groetjes, Monika

Anonymous said...

Chigiy at Gardener’s Anonymous said:

Nice feet warmers you have there.
I have the long tube feeders full of black oil sunflower seeds.
I also use the sack feeder full of thistle seed for the gold finches.
The doves, towees and band tail pigeons clean up the ground underneath and I feed the big mean birds on the other side of our house all our stale bread and crackers.
It's a perfect little birdy society.

Bert said...

Hi Yolanda,

Very nice bird feeders. The birds seem to like them a lot.
Good luck, birdwatcher.