Thursday, September 13, 2007

September Blooms at Bliss

It's half September, well almost, so it is once again time for the show and tell about what is in bloom in the garden right now. Months ago it was Carol of May Dreams Gardens who came up with this idea and it is fun to see what is blooming in the gardens of many garden bloggers all over the world.

At Bliss there is still quite a lot in flower, let's start with the potager aka the ornamental kitchen garden:
Nasturtiums galore in many different colours
Marigolds, double yellow
Violets, deep purple
Solidago, yellow
Strawberries, we are still picking the little darlings and eating them of course.
Abutilon, pink
Dahlias in various colours
Love-in-a-Mist in pink, white and blue
Petunias in purple, white and pink
Rocket, yellow
Rudbeckia, yellow
Centranthus ruber, deep pink
Sweet William in burgundy, pink and white
Periwinkle, blue
Impatience glandulifera, white
This chap, that I keep forgetting the name of, is Nicandra physalodes 'Violacea' (I looked it up). Pretty plant though, did you notice the tiny purple dots on the leaves (click on the pic to enlarge)? The flower heads are nice for flower arrangements, they dry very well too.

Sweet peas in many pastel shades
Borage, blue
Marjoram, pink
Solanum crispum, white
Rue, yellow
Fennel, yellow
Forget-me-not, pink. This one is still flowering which is rather surprising to say the least.
And this one, a wildflower whose name is Oenothera glaziouana, right next to the blackberries.

There, that's the kitchen garden sorted but there is a lot more in flower in the rest of the garden. Let's have a look:

Chocolate Cosmos, which actually does smell of chocolate.
Periwinkle, blue
Rosa Magenta
Phloxes, these are annual ones that I've sown myself. Pretty aren't they?
Verbena's in many colours
Cosmos, pink and light pink
Trachelospermum jasminoides
Verbena bonariensis, purple
Impatience walleriana, pink double
Sedum, pink.
Petunia, pink, white, yellow and purple
Perovskia, blue
Lobelia, blue
Holly Hocks in black and deep red
Daisies, white
Trifolium ochroleucon perhaps??? pink
Astrantia major, burgundy
Heuchera, white and pink
Dahlias in many colours
Linaria purpurea, pink
Lysimachia clethroides, white
Impatience glandulifera, pink
Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl', white
Polygonum bistorta, pink
Salvia Oxford Blue
Rosa Memory, white
Scabiosa atropurpurea
Phlox in pink and white, purple, white, soft pink
Centranthus ruber, deep pink and white
Gaura, pink and white
Japanese Anemones, white and double pink
French Lavender, purple
Rosa Calypso, pink and white
Cleome, pink, that I've sown myself
Cimicifuga simplex, white
Eupatorium purpureum, deep pink
Ipomoea, deep pink/burgundy with double flowers, the pic doesn't do the colour justice.
Marjoram, pink
Pelargonium in white and pink
Geranium in pink and white
Hydrangea, pink
Coneflowers in white and burgundy
Cyclamen in white and pink
Bacopa, white
Borage, blue
Spirea in white and pink
Geranium phaeum Samobor
Sweet pea, purple
Ceanothus, blue
Lavatera, pink

And we finish this Blooms Day with the White Garden of Bliss:

Still in flower from end of April: Rosa Moonlight, such a wonderful little trooper, and she will flower a few months more until the frosts hit.
Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere, still going strong since May.
Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert which still has a few flowers.
Bacopa, white
Geranium, white
Lavender, white
Rosa Sombreuil, also flowering from early May, such a beautiful rose with a wonderful scent. All my roses are scented.
Rosa Guirlande d'Amour, flowering profusely from early May and still going strong and will continue to do so until the first frosts. Here you can see how it got its name. A winner this rose and so easy to grow.
Persicaria amplexicaulis Alba
Gaura, white
These two make a nice combination as you can see here. But what's that? That's not white! Nope, that's purple. We're nearing Autumn and then more colour is added to this garden and we wave goodbye to the White Garden and say hello to a more colourful one.
Tricyrtis formosana with very pretty orchid like flowers
Aster turbellinus, with clouds of tiny lilac flowers
Aster novi-belgii in lilac, purple and pink

And I'll leave you with the last little bouquet of the year of one of my favorite flowers: the Sweet Pea.
Have a great weekend!

The historical fact that gardening has been appropriated by conservatism shows us how dangerous it really is: it had to be stolen. The proper gardener is no conservative; neither is she a socialist, sowing the common harvest. She is an anarchist, and a libertine.
Simon Busch, The Guardian, 23 May 2003


Pam/Digging said...

Well, that list just went on and on! What a lot of lovely flowers you have. I think I'm most delighted by the chocolate-smelling cosmos.

karin a said...

Mmm, lovely blooms in your garden right now! I can't believe it's september already. Maybe I should take a walk in the garden as well photographing everything in bloom!? ;)

Naturegirl said...

Love the color in your Sept. garden!!
I still have much color and it is so exciting getting up and seeing their smiles!
Oh that orchid like flower is stunning!! I love the last photo of the sweet peas...certainly an image we shall hold on to as the winter freeze is upon us! Yikes did I really say that word..winter!!
Enjoy your blissfull garden! hugs NG

RUTH said...

A breathtaking array of flowers. Sadly now that we are into September my garden is totally in shade except for a small area at the the flowering is starting to slow down a little. I'm happy to say my Tricyrtis formosana (Toad Lily) never seems to mind the shade and is still flowering of my favourite plants. Unusually my Clematis Montana that has always only flowered in Spring...this year is flowering again.

Green thumb said...

Dear Yolanda,

As expected, it is bloom in boom at Bliss. Bless you Bliss- The flowers, all of them, make me dream of heaven.

Laurie & Chris said...

Everything looks great.I can't believe all the blooms you still have.I don't have much blooming right now. Thank you for sharing all the names with us that really helps.

PEA said...

Hi Yolanda:-) Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog and leaving a comment!! I do hope it wasn't your last visit:-) It was so wonderful meeting NatureGirl in person, she truly is a sweetheart!! I'm amazed by all the beautiful flowers you still have blooming...over here I'm getting less and less colour every day, especially now that it's gotten so cold in the mornings! This morning it was only 2c with a touch of frost...I must bring in the one tropical plant I have outside, I'm lucky I haven't lost it already!! Well of course Sweet Peas are your favourite flower!!!! hehe xox

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I've never seen chocolate Cosmos before. I audibly said, "Ooooo!" when I saw your photo! Just love it! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Carol said...

Blissful floral abundance at Bliss. I especially like the Tricyrtis, which we call Toad Lilies. Mine are not yet in bloom.

My Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post will be up late tomorrow. I won't have as much to show as you do, but come visit me anyway!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Layanee said...

YE: You never disappoint and there is always something new or unusual or both to see in your lovely garden. I am thinking chocolate right now!

SchneiderHein said...

Was für eine Blütenpracht in Deinem Garten!
Ich kann mich leider nicht daran erinnern, ob irgendwo in Deinen Posts steht, wielange Du diesen Garten schon hast. Denn die langen Winterabende zum Durchstöbern Deiner Posts, um eventuell diese Information zu finden, sind hoffentlich noch in weiter Ferne...
Ich habe jetzt schon mehrfach die Krötenlilie auf verschiedenen Posts gesehen, und bin nun endlich mal in unserem Garten auf die Suche nach ihr gegangen: Nach 11 Jahren stehen nun nur noch die trockenen Stengel vom letzten Jahre an ihrem Platz - wohl auch ein Opfer der Schnecken! Viele Deiner schönen Pflanzen haben leider bei uns keine Chance mehr, aber es ist immer wieder schön sie trotzdem hier zu sehen!
Schönes Wochenende

lenie said...

wowww ik heb hier weer eens héérlijk rond gekeken ;)
wat een weelde en een schitterende foto's .....ben er stil van !
meis was weer genieten hier ,
een fijn en zonnig weekend !
liefs lenie

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

Pam: I made this very long list to demonstrate that one can still have a lot in flower in September in my climate zone.

Karin: it would be lovely to see what's flowering in your garden at the moment. I would like to see that very much.

Naturegirl: like you I'm glad to still have so much colour in the garden. I have it on good authority that the common name of the orchid like flower is Toad Lily. Winter will come, but first there will be Autumn with it's spectacular colours, so there is still much to enjoy outside.

Ruth: What a lovely surprise from your Clematis Montana! I do so enjoy little surprises like that!
My Toad Lily is in full sun and is doing very well. This must be a very easy plant if it grows both in shade and full sun.

Green Thumb: I wish you many of those dreams!

Laurie&Chris: one of the challenges of gardening is to have something in flower for most, if not all, of the year. I've bought many plants that flower during September/October and I like to share them with my fellow garden bloggers to show them what is possible in the garden. Glad it was of some help to you!

Pea: welcome to Bliss! This morning it was only 8 C, so it's getting colder here too. During the day (if the sun is shining)it's still warm, around 18 to 24 degrees C, so that's very nice.

Rosehaven Cottage: the flowers look great but the scent is the best part of this plant IMO. You grow this one from tubers, not seed.

Carol: of course I will come and visit your blog! My Toad Lily has been flowering for a few weeks now, it's interesting to see that yours haven't flowered yet. I would have thought that yours would be earlier than mine. It's a funny old gardening world, isn't it?

Layanee: glad you liked it all and you're not the only one who's thinking chocolate! ;-)

Silke: the borders near my conservatory are 3 years and 4 months old, the garden in front of my house is 2 1/2 years old (the roses have been growing there since June last year), my kitchen garden is about 2 years old. So my garden is still very young.
It seems that both you and I have lots of problems with slugs in the garden. I hope that when my Teich (pond) is there many froggies will come to live in my garden and I will have less trouble with slugs. A cold Winter will also help. ;-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Yolanda Elizabet

Molly said...

So many of the same flowers that are blooming in my garden. Except I'm 5000 miles from my garden--in Amsterdam! Monday off to Terschelling for a few days, the ??? (got any suggestions? send them to molly.trolly(at) . I guess I'll have to take some pictures of Amsterdam flowers for bloom day and figure out how to upload directly from the camera.

Birgit said...

Ich bin geplättet, was bei dir noch alles blüht, Yolanda. So viele verschiedene Pflanzen und Stauden. Du muss ja unendlich viel Platz haben. Oder hast nur geschickter gepflanzt als ich. Nach wie vor, ist Dein Garten so interessant, dass man gar nicht genug davon sehen kann.
Ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich Dir, Birgit

SchneiderHein said...

Hallo Yolanda, ich glaube kaum, dass Dir die Frösche bei der Eindämmung der Schnecken helfen. Selbst die Igel und Drosseln machen um die roten Schleimer meistens einen Bogen. Wenn Dein Garten noch so jung ist, dann ist konsequentes Absammeln gerade in dieser Jahreszeit das wirksamste Mittel. Bei mir waren es im Jahr 2002 - in dem besonders feuchten Sommer - schon 6.000 Stück, die ich problemlos von August bis Oktober aufsammeln konnte. Wäre ich in den Jahren danach genauso sorgfältig dabei geblieben, hätte ich vielleicht eine Chance gehabt, aber so arrangiere ich mich mit ihnen und verzichte lieber auf viele Stauden und Sommerblumen. Je dichter der Garten, umso eher wird er ein Schneckenbiotop...

healingmagichands said...

Well. I am in awe. How many acres do you have? Your garden is amazing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Note to self: must buy dahlias.

Connie said...

Your flowers are looking fabulous! You must have a fairly moderate climate there to have such a nice garden at this time of year? The heat and drought have taken a toll here in mine.
I wish I could smell that chocolate cosmos.....guess I will just have to go and have a bite of a chocolate bar instead. :-)

sanni said...

How beautiful flowers you still have!! It is so autumn here up north, that there is not so many flowers left. I really need to go and take some photos when it isn´t too late.

But hey, go and visit my blog (posting 14.9.) and see what kind of happy accident we had!!

shirl said...

Hi there, Yolanda

Brilliant display of blooms once again! What a variety of flowering plants you have – I am guessing you have lots of sunshine in your garden :-)

My favourites were the Trifolium, Cleome, Rosa Sombreuil and the orchid like flowers of Tricyrtis. Sweet peas in a vase to finish off – lovely they do say summer don’t they? I look forward to seeing your garden in the autumn now – I am sure your blooms at bliss will continue for some time yet :-)

Sue Swift said...

Lovely flowers. When I was in England this summer I noticed that everyone in our area of London seemed to be growing Oenethera. It's odd how flowers suddenly come into fashion ...

Incidentally, as I wasn't sure if I'd spell it right I tried to cut and paste the name of the plant into this comment - and got rapped on the knuckles by a little comment about copyright. How do you do that - I'd like it for my blog!

Carolyn gail said...

Your garden is so lovely. I am amazed at all the long blooming roses you have.

Dirty Knees said...

Wonderful list of flowers still blooming! Very, very nice. It's good to show the world that we cold-climate gardeners can grow lots of fabulous plants too. Way to go, Yolanda Elizabet!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Your garden is looking as lovely as ever! You always have the most beautiful photographs. I have been wanting a chocolate cosmos for some time. I used to have the rose 'Sombreuil' and it is one of my favorites. When I start the new garden where two trees were just cut down, I think I'll plant another one. Have your sweet peas been growing all summer? It is almost time to plant mine so they can bloom early next spring. They last only until March here in Austin.

Annie in Austin said...

Yolanda, when you show what is blooming all at once in your garden it appears that you not only live in another zone, but in an alternate universe! I've never seen such overlapping of seasons, with autumn plants like sedum and anemones joining some that were spring bloomers in Illinois or in Texas.

Trachaelospermum jasminoides in September! Edging lobelia looking fresh in September! Sweet pea bouquets in September! Amazing post.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bert said...

Hi, Yolanda,
Still a lot of flowers in bloom, very nice. Are you having an indian summer over there? Well, have fun in your garden.

LostRoses said...

"Bliss"-ful, as usual! What a lovely stand of pink lavatera you have. Mine are done blooming for the year, as are many others that are still going strong in your garden!

Thalia said...

Wonderful blooms as ever, dear Yolanda! With my hectic schedule I was away from the internet for a long time and I have missed your blog and your garden! I'm glad to be able to visit your garden again!

you are amazing said...

I love the photos of all the amazingly stunning flowers.. wawww!

more bliss to a great thank you for the gift of seeing all those lovely pictures here is a link to a very beautiful website...Enjoy..

* more bliss to you x

Lis said...

Wow, deine BLütenpracht ist ja gigantisch, da kann man ja direkt neidisch werden. Gratulation zu deinem grünen Daumen. Hoffentlich bleibt das Wetter noch ein paar Tage so schön wie es im Moment ist, dann kann man den Garten wenigstens noch mit allen Sinnen genießen.

stadtgarten said...

There is still so much in bloom in your lovely garden! Wonderful!
With all those flowers, autumn can be a very nice season.
Groetjes, Monika

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Wow! Lovely blooms! I love the picture of the bloom with the pumpkin in the background. I love autumn and that one just does it for me! Also love the sedum close-up. I've seen it from a distance but that is so pretty. My neighbor said I could have a cutting of hers. So maybe nest year I can include picture of sedum too.

Crafty Gardener said...

You still have lots of beautiful blooms in your gardens. I have some info on the seeds of Nicandra physalodes or apple of peru. Do you find them invasive?

Libbys Blog said...

Its amazing how much is still in bloom around the garden! Love your roses!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

Lenie: ik hoop dat je een fijn weekend hebt gehad, hier was het in ieder geval heerlijk zonnig.

Molly: What fun that you're here! I've never been to Terschelling but have heard that it's a great place to be. Looking forward to your post about my country!

Birgit: my garden is not small but also not very big either, about 800 m2. I chose plants that flower over a long period of time and I also chose a lot of plants that flower late in the year or very early. That way there's always something in flower.

Silke: earlier this year, during the drought, my strawberry bed was full of slugs and they ate almost half my strawberries. After the rain came, the frogs came too. Now I only have a few strawberies with slug damage. But of course, the frogs, toads, hedgehogs etc need a bit of help from us too to keep the slugs under control.

Healingmagichands: LOL I have 800 square meters, that's all! Glad you enjoyed your visit!

Connie: yes, here we have a moderate climate; the summers are not very hot and the winters not very cold. Biting a chocolate bar is not so bad. ;-)

Sanni: autumn is almost here too. You live farther up north so for you it comes earlier. So yes, go and enjoy your garden while you still can!
BTW you've had a most beautiful accident, enjoy!!!!

Shirl: I hope there will be lots of blooms to enjoy in my garden these coming months but it will wind down of course.

Sue: I've had the Oenethera for some years now. It was there when I bought the house.

The rapping on the knuckles is thanks to one of the blog catalog sites that I've joined. I don't know which one though, sorry! You can find them if you scroll down to the bottom.

Carolyn gail: I love roses and want them to: A) flower as long as possible, B) be very healthy and vigorous and C) scented. The roses in my garden do just that, which makes me a very happy gardener.

Dirty Knees: Welcome to Bliss and thanks for your comment and compliments. :-) Yep, cold-climate gardeners can have lots of flowers too and for a looooooong time as well in the garden.

MSS: I had to wait a while for my chocolate cosmos too, but now that I have it I can tell you that it's really worth the wait. ;-)
My sweet peas have been flowering from end of May until now. Next month I'm going to sow my next batch for next year. If I sow them in autumn they will flower around May in the new year.

marl1 said...

Heb genoten van al het fleurigs hier! En -ook zo prettig- je blijft er droog bij....;-)

Ki said...

You have such a wonderful diversity of plants in bloom! I especially love the solanum and impatience which I have not seen before. Of course I'm partial to anemones so admire yours growing such profusion.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the Sweet Peas. It impossible to grow them here in the American Midwest, so of course that makes them more desirable.

Entangled said...

Gorgeous, as always! Your Oxford Blue salvia looks very similar to one I have. Mine was supposed to be Cambridge Blue, but isn't. Maybe somebody at the seed house got their English universities confused.

Anonymous said...
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kate said...

There's so much in bloom in your blissful garden. The strawberries are still going strong, as are your roses. That is truly something special.

I love the second-to-last photograph with all the flowers blooming away. The Centranthus ruber is so pretty. I can't keep it alive here. And your Toad Lilies and Japanese Anemones are wonderful to see.

jodi said...

Fascinating to see how many things are still blissfully blooming at Bliss, Yolanda Elizabet. It's a true September harvest of blossoms, isn't it? (and fruit and veggies too, of course)

Jalos said...

Is het niet Trifolium rubens kijk eens hier naar een logje over mijn Trifolium :

Gadisa said...

mijn eerste plantje die ik in de tuin heb geplant was de chocolate cosmos ... ik ben gek op chocola en vond het zo een lief bloemetje in een mooie kleur ...

Anonymous said...

why dont you use
to host all pictures? :)