Friday, June 15, 2007

In Bloom On Bliss Today

Once again it's Garden Bloggers Blooms Day in which many garden bloggers all over the world participate by showing on their blogs what's in bloom in their garden. Check out on Carol's blog May Dreams Gardens the list of all garden bloggers that join in the fun around the 15th of every month.

The Bliss Bloom list is a long one this time, even longer than the one in May. Right, let's get started with the Potager aka the ornamental kitchen garden:

- Sweet William (white, pink, burgundy)
- Cymbalaria muralis
- Lavender (purple)
- Pumpkins (yellow)
- Borage (blue)
- Irises (blue)
- Solanum crispum (white)
- Nasturtiums (yellow, cream, orange, red)
- Poppies (red)
- Campanula (purple)
- Fox Gloves (deep pink)
- Elderberry (white)

- Agapanthus (white)
- Fox Gloves (deep pink)
- Catnip (white)
- Chives (lilac)
- Sweet Peas (pastel)
- Fennel (yellow)
- Bacopa (white)
- Rue (yellow)
- Cosmea (pink)
- strawberries (white)
- Hypericum (yellow)
- Petunia (purple, lilac and pink)
- Wallflowers (lilac)
- Rocket salad (yellow)
- Centranthus ruber (pink)
- Tomatoes (yellow)
- Verbena (pink)
- Lady's Mantle
- Alliums (green) doing the loop-de-loop

The second part of my garden I want to show to you is the White Garden. During June, July and August the front garden is called the White Garden for obvious reasons.

In flower today are:
Bed 1: white Geraniums and Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert
In pots: Bacopa
Bed 2: white Lavender and Rosa Sombreuil
Bed 3: Gillenia trifoliata and Rosa Guirlande D'Amour
Bed 4: white Lavender, white Snapdragons and Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert

In the borders flanking the path to the front door:
- white Gaura
- Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere
- Rosa Guirlande D'Amour
- white Delphiniums
Bed 5 : Rosa Moonlight and white Alliums

Bed 6: white Lavender and Rosa Guirlande D'Amour

On my terrace and in the area around the Suns(h)ed there are a lot of flowers to revel in, many of them in pots, containers and hanging baskets:
- Violets (lilac, pink, purple, blue)
- Lavender (blue)
- Daisies (white and pink)
- Petunias (purple, pink, shocking pink, yellow)
- Verbena (light pink, shocking pink, lilac, white and purple)

- Star Jasmin (white)
- Chocolate Cosmea (brown)
- Pelargoniums (pink and white)
- Salvias (light and dark blue)

- Verbena Hastata (white)
- Agapanthus (blue)
- Lobelia (blue)
- Busy Lizzy (pink)

- Bacopa (white)
- Centranthus (pink)
- Spirea (white)
- Lady's Mantle (yellow)

- Nasturtiums (cream, yellow, orange, red)
- Dahlias (yellow)
- Campanula (blue)
There are many more plants in flower here but the list would get too long. I'm sure you'd rather have some eye candy instead of reading a long list of plant names, most of them in Latin too (boring!).

The last part of the garden to be shown here today: the South Borders that are stuffed to the gills with flowers in June. Where to begin? Well, I won't actually. I'll just give you the eye candy and save you the bother of scrolling down a looooooooooong list of plant names. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!
The Rose has ways of saying things we much delight to hear;
without a spoken word, she brings and keeps our loved ones near.
Laura S. Beck


Robin said...

Wow! That is eye candy! I can't imagine having that much in bloom at once. I would never get anything done for spending every waking moment basking in the bliss and drinking in the beauty. Again, wow!

Green thumb said...

Phew! that is awesome. It feels like there is the who is who of flowering world on Bliss.
You have lived upto your reputation dear Yolanda- best international blogger of the year, fashionista of the garden blogging world...

Connie said...

Lovely flowers and photos! What is the name of that clematis? I have a vision for a white garden someday, when I can find a place to squeeze it in!

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Oh! Yolanda Elizabet! Your garden is indeed pure BLISS! How amazing is your list! I would absolutely love to come walk through your little slice of heaven.

Carol said...

I really enjoyed the eye candy and can just imagine the scents as well. While you are sitting in your garden this evening, enjoying all the flowers, close your eyes and imagine all your garden blogging friends there, exclaiming over one flower and then other, as that is surely what we would be doing.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again!

Hannele said...

White roses, so difficult take a nice photo, you have a wonderful garden.

Andrea's Garden said...

Yolanda, there aren't enough words to describe your garden. Every time I come here, there is a surprise waiting. Just love coming back. Have nice weekend! Andrea

SchneiderHein said...

Puh, ich bin wirklich erschlagen von Deiner sehr sehr langen Liste! Wirklich beeindruckend und erst recht Deine weißen Rosen. Da müssen wir uns wohl noch einige Jahre gedulden bis unsere Rosen so schön üppig sind wie bei Dir im Vorgarten.
Schönes Wochenende mit nicht allzuviel Regen.

Naturegirl said...

Oh let me sit on your bench and take in all this blissfull beauty in your garden! Absolutely stunning and all the colors are just what I love and have in my garden! Oh I cannot pick a favorite image they are all wonderful! OK so I ~love the roses~!!
Happy weekend to you..I keep forgetting about the monthly posting
hosted by Carol!! hugs NG

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I think cosmos is the only thing blooming in both our gardens at this time of year. What was the temperature today and how many hours of sunlight do you get this time of year?

We had a little rain last night which dropped our high temperature out of the 90s to 88F (31.1C). But our low temperatures are very high, too! 53F (12.1 C).

We are getting about 14 hours of sunlight right now (although not in my yard which is very shady).

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely, Yolanda Elizabet! I especially like that white rose with the white alliums... and the white lavender, too.

Entangled said...

What a gorgeous display! I need a thesaurus so I don't keep repeating the same superlatives over and over...I'm just awestruck.

Chitweed said...

Beautiful as usual. I am always in awe of your garden. That you have time to take care of it all, much less photograph, write about it, and still take care of your babies. You are a wonder.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Gorgeous photos, thanks for the tour of your garden, love the kitty cats also.

Hillside Garden said...

Yolanda , du hast Recht. Dieser Poppy sieht aus wie mein rotpinker. Sicher die gleiche Sorte. Wenn du willst, kann ich dir nach der Ernte von allen einjährigen Samen schicken.


RUTH said...

What wonderful flowers. Your poppy especially caught my eye. I love the Salvia...I managed to get mine through a couple of winter's but fear I've lost it this year. I think I should have potted mine rather than risk it in the garden so I could give it some winter protection.

karin a said...

Wow, that's a lot of flowers! I agree with you. It seems like we do like the same flowers. I haven't heard about the rose, Rosa Guirlande D'Amour, but it's really beautiful! :) Gillenia trifolia is one of my favourites.

Libbys Blog said...

So much to see, so much in flower! Beautiful!

marl1 said...

Wat is juni toch een topbloeimaand, je komt ogen tekort...en zeker bij Bliss....
Prachtig de witte ridderspoor!

Kerri said...

Bliss indeed! Your garden is aptly named :) What pure delight it must be to stroll through your gardens. Clematis is wonderful, isn't it? And the beautiful. Like you, I love all the flowers. I can see that you work diligently to keep your gardens looking so glorious.
I hope you have a beautiful sunshiny weekend, with just enough rain to water the flowers :)

healingmagichands said...

Very beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing! I have never had the discipline to have a garden that is all one color. Your white garden is amazing, and I'm sure it just glows by moonlight.

David in Greensboro NC said...


I love that photo of the cat on the white bench. Everything in the shot is so perfectly composed, it could be a painting.

EAL said...

Yikes! Stunning display, YE. Love the delphiniums--I just can't get those to do well here.

Salix Tree said...

I like what Carol said.. wouldn't it be fun for all of us to be there visiting, ooohing and awwing over all your beautiful plants! You really do have a lovely garden.
I like that gillenia, pretty flowers

Leslie said...

Truly, truly lovely...and I do like the eye candy better than the lists...although it is interesting to compare lists which I think really was what Carol had in mind in the beginning. You have many things blooming together that bloom separately makes a fantastic visual effect!

Bert said...

Hi Yolanda,
There are a lot of colours in your garden. I love the white and the blue ones very much. And so many nice pictures, this time.
Really stunning!!


Kate said...

A trip through your garden is always a treat for all the senses. I can almost breath in the roses' scents along with all the other flowers. The variety of flowers is amazing and the way you've put them together brings out their individual beauty. There are lots of dramatic contrasts too, which is a feast for the eyes.

I am now looking forward to seeing what July will bring!!

Birgit said...

Oh mein Gott, was für viele wunderschöne Eindrücke aus deinem Garten. Die weiße Rose ganz zuerst ist ja der wahre Traum. Deine Bartnelken könnten auch bei mir stehen. Ich mag diese etwas altmodischen Blumen sehr.Und jetzt noch Iris, unsere sind allesamt schon ausgeblüht. Deine Bauergärten sehen wunderbar aus mit weißem Geranium. Ist eine Idee, in meinen wachsen immer nur die Dahlien und es dauert bis die blühen.
Der weiße Rittersporn ist wunderschön. Nächstes Jahr weiß ich was ich unbedingt kaufen muss.Und Dein "weißer Vorgarten" ist ebenfalls eine Augenweide. Frauenmantel um ein Bäumchen herum: Einfach entzückend! Sind das auf dem 3. und 4. letzten Foto Spornblumen? Das Beet sieht ebenfalls sehr schön aus mit ihnen. Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende mit nicht allzu viel Regen. Die Sonne soll scheinen in Deinem wunderschönen Garten. LG

QT said...

It is so hard for me to imagine what it would be like to stroll through the beauty that you look at every day! Those white delphiniums really caught my eye, I might have to try those.

And your roses are just breathtaking.

Apple said...

Everything looks beautiful. I hope to one day have such a pleasing garden. I've never seen white astilbe before but I'll be looking for now.

Crafty Gardener said...

What a beautiful garden tour with all your photos ... lots of variety and colours.

Ki said...

You definitely don't lack for flowers. The white Delphinium looks so elegant and beautiful. Thanks for posting your beautiful collection of flowers.

Kylee said...

So pretty, Yolanda Elizabet! I never tire of seeing your garden. I think I've told you that before. ;-)

I love all your white flowers. I find myself drawn to white ones more and more.

Sanni said...

Wow! That was really a hand full of flowers. I admire your roses, clematis and many other plants. It´s so nice to have these virtual flower tour in your garden, when my own isn´t that flowerfull jet. have a nice gardening and sunday too!

lenie said...

wat een werk zit daar in zeg , schitterend al die bloemen , ik heb het tegenwoordig een stuk gemakkelijker met mijn landschapstuin ;)) de witte ridderspoor is dus echt een plaatje , héél mooi , heb er weer even van genoten .
groetjes en fijne dag ,lenie

Carolyn gail said...

Can you stand one more compliment ? Your garden is just incredible ! Thanks for visiting mine.

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I so enjoyed looking at your pictures. I love the white garden, it made me realize I have no white flowers and that they are really a lovely garden addition. But most of all, I love the photos of your cats! Take care, Rosemarie

Kris at Blithewold said...

The loopy allium is very cool! You've got so many gorgeous pictures, it's hard to know where to begin commenting! But along with the allium I especially loved the white agapanthus and the blue columbine, is it?

shirl said...

Hi Yolanda - what a wonderful selection of flowers for GBBD.

I see you have a lot of white too. I looked in on the posts on Friday whilst we had strong winds and rain and I couldn’t get out with my camera. It is quite a treat to see into so many gardens.

BTW - my post is up now too if you would like to see it :-)

Gotta Garden said...

What an incredible assortment of white blooms! And pink! And lots of other colors! It is more than a Bloom Day is Bloom Season!

I think the kitty snoozing on the couch has the right idea and, I'm sure, a fabulous view!

Jalos said...

Die laatste roos, welke is dat?
Een droom om te zien!
Als je alles moet laten zien wat op die dag in bloei staat in je tuin ben je wel even bezig, hoewel mijn achtertuin er nog redelijk groen uit ziet, is het toch wel even een werkje om alles op een log te zetten en dan heb ik het maar niet over mijn voortuin want daar is op dit moment redelijk veel in bloei.

Richtsje said...

My eyes are being treated like I feel after having eaten lots of chocolate... Great!
So many flowering plants, especially those roses, which you have lots of!!