Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blissful Blooms for Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

Once again it is time for Garden Bloggers Blooms Day and as it is half May, Bliss is smothered with flowers from top to bottom as you can see in the picture above. But let's start with a firm favorite of many: the ornamental kitchen garden aka potager.

In flower in the kitchen garden at the moment are:
- Clematis Rouge Cardinal
- white, pink and blue forget-me-not
- Cymbalaria muralis
- broadbeans
- Centranthus
- tomatoes
- yellow primula
- purple aubrieta
- Dutch Iris in yellow and blue
- purple, white and pink violets

- columbines pink
- Solanum crispum white climber
- yellow pansies
- purple wallflowers
- chives
- foxgloves
- strawberries
- white nepeta
- sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
- lady's mantle
- Abutilon pink
- Ruta
- Pelargonium pink
- Sambucus niger
In the back garden there is also a lot in flower:
- Crataegus tree pink
- white, pink, light pink, purple and deep purple columbines
- purple, lilac and pink verbena
- Tradescantia light blue
- pink and yellow surfina's
- blue forget-me-nots
- blue, pink and white violets
- Azalea in pink and white
- Mentzelia lindleyi yellow
- Dahlia's yellow
- Sanvitalia procumbens yellow
- Bacopa white
- Peony deep pink (almost)

- Clematis Ice Queen
- Centranthus pink
- Pelargonium white
- Argyranthemum frutescens white
- Helipterum roseum
The south borders are flowering their little hearts out too:

- columbines in many colours
- chives
- Geranium clarkei Kashmir Pink
- Clematis Hagley Hybrid

- Ceanothus blue
- blue forget-me-nots
- Iberis sempervirens white
- Centranthus white and deep pink

- Nectaroscordum siculum bulgaricum, Carol you were looking for its name!
- Clematis Montana (last flowers) pink
- Saxifraga X geum white
- French Lavender purple

- Geranium macrorrhizum Ingwersen's variety pink
- Dianthus pink
- Linaria purpurea in pink and purple
- honesty purple

- Clematis Ville de Lyon
- Geranium Phaeum Samobor
- Hesperis matronalis purple
- wallflowers yellow

- Rosa Calypso
- foxgloves purple
- Ajuga reptans purple
- smoke tree

And last but certainly not the least, the front garden that is my pride and joy at the moment and utter, utter Bliss because it is a feast for all the senses! The scent of the roses is sometimes almost overpowering.

In flower are:
- 1 rosa Moonlight (above) Salix tree, this pic is for you!
- Allium Caeruleum blue
- columbines in pink and purple
- Nepeta white

- Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert white (2x)
- Geranium white
- forget-me-not blue
- Allium Neapolitanum white

- snapdragons white
- Rosa Guirlande d'Amour (4x) white
- Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere (2x) pinkish white

- Iris in apricot and burgundy both unknown varieties
- Gillenia trifolata white (just starting to flower)
- Bacopa white

Above a close up of a wonderful climbing rose: Guirlande d'Amour that flowers profusely and has a lovely sweet scent.
- lilac violets
- sage purple
- Rosa Sombreuil, white with an apricot blush and a wonderful fragrance.
Because the breath of flowers is far sweeter in the air (where it comes and goes like the warbling of music) than in the hand, therefore nothing is more fit for that delight, than to know what be the flowers and plants that do best perfume the air.
Sir Francis Bacon, Of Gardens, 1625


Green thumb said...

Congratulations dear Yolanda for being formally proclaimed the best international Garden Blogger of the year. I have always been a Bliss fan ever since its 'e-inception', therefore no surprises for me there!
As always lovely blooms and a breathtaking array of beautiful flowers.

Carol said...

Beautiful and blissful. May seems like the perfect time in your garden when it all comes together. So much to see, it would take hours to tour! Thanks for participating in garden bloggers' bloom day and for naming my mystery flower!

Have a great day!

Crafty Gardener said...

What a lot of beautiful blooms you have. Your garden is well ahead of mine. Stop by and see my slideshow of spring blooms.

lenie said...

daar staat héél wat te bloeien , schitterend , mijn complimenten !
voorlopig ga ik in mijn vogeltuin maar het gras maaien ;))
fijne bloomday !!
greetz lenie

Lis said...

Wow, bei dir blüht ja schon einiges! Jetzt wo der große Regen da ist fangen meine Rosen zu blühen an. Wie soll ich da schöne Fotos machen können wenn sie alle am Boden hängen? Dieses Wetter hätte eher zum April gepasst als zum Mai, aber wir können nun mal nichts dran ändern!

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) said...

I love the rose 'Sombreuil'. I tried it once, and it wasn't well-sited and I lost it. Your photos make me want to try it again in a more favorable location.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens

Susan said...

Lovely blooms as always, Yolanda Elizabet. Especially those roses. And I envy you that kitchen garden. I just have my few pots of herbs.

— Susan from South of the River

chuck b. said...

Wow--how do you manage all those clematises? Very impressive!

Bert said...

It'a a very flowery garden with you Yolanda. The white rose are my favourit. The are stunning. Is there scent also stunning?
And there are a lot of flowers to ome, I see in your pictures.

Kylee said...

What beautiful bountiful gardens you have, my dear! I never tire of seeing them!

A wildlife gardener said...

Loved the tour of your wonderful garden with all its various blooms...and the perfumes...to die for! I could feel the joy and excitement of it all in your lovely descriptions...another sensory experience, thank you!

Annie in Austin said...

Congratulations on your Mousie as International blog, Yolanda~

Everything is Blissful indeed, in your harmonious garden in the Netherlands. Your geographic location apparently includes most of what grows across a wide band of climate zones, and you've taken full advantage of this! To be able to grow Hawthorn, peonies, ceonanothus and Rosa Sombreuil all in one garden seems so extraordinary and so lovely.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Verena said...

wow, so many different flowers and most of them in bloom! I´ve noticed that some of your flowers I have too in my garden, but it doesn´t bloom now because I´ve planted them last Sunday :-)! But my roses start to come now and one of my clematis is here too!
Lots of greetings, Verena

Robin said...

You have so many things in blooms. What a feast for the eyes. You must love sitting out this time of year to enjoy your blissful garden. Wish I could tour it in person, that would be bliss indeed.

Alyssa said...

Fantastic! You are drowning in flowers - what a way to go. The photos are lovely - with the roses as wonderful stand-outs. But my favorite is the little tomato flower. Oh how it makes me long for summer. Thank you so much. Alyssa

Pam/Digging said...

I enjoyed seeing your white garden with the snapdragons and white roses. Is that an intentional theme, and do you have more white flowers there, or is it just those two?

Sanni said...

Your flowers are som wonderful. I can enjoy that kind of beauty in late june. It´s so nice to have virtual summer here in your blog...
Your photos makes me happy :))

Anthony said...

What a huge variety of blooms! I have like 3 things blooming in my garden at this point. And I love those clematis picture. I just planted my first but I see you have lots of experience with them. I may pester you for some advice. :)

geekglue said...

So many wonderful blooms. You are drowning in beauty.

P.S Congratulations on your well deserved mousie.

Layanee said...

YE: I can almost smell the roses! It looks like you are at peak bloom right now! Lovely and thanks for sharing!

Entangled said...

What a wonderful collection, and all so well-arranged and cared-for!

I keep wishing for a way to transmit fragrances over the internet - I really want to smell those roses!

OldRoses said...

so many different flowers! You've inspired me to plant more, more, more. And it's all so beautifully arranged.

Christa said...

Your garden is so beautiful and full! I love the foxgloves -- I don't see them very often here.

Oh, and I like your "mouse" and trowel photos in the previous post. Cute! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit.

Kate said...

I would love to amble through your garden, stopping and smelling each rose and sitting awhile. Wallflowers ... I haven't seen them for awhile. There is such a profusion of flowers, vines and roses that I don't know where to start commenting. I could write a long article about them!!

Your kitchen garden is a treat ... it looks so healthy and delectable!

Great Bloom Day post!

QT said...

Wow - I am blown away. What a beautiful spread you have. Thank you so much for sharing!

Beverly said...

Beautiful garden, I can almost smell those roses:)

Libbys Blog said...

Just stunning! It still amazes me that it was only a short while ago you where still under snow!? How everything flowers so quickly for you!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

Green Thumb: thank you for your lovely compliments.

Carol: although it is May my garden looks as if it is June. Normally I wouldn't have this much in flower but I'm not complaining of course. Now I have my own May dream. :-)

Crafty Gardener: my garden is ahead of its normal self. This you would normally see in June not May. BTW Loved the slideshow!

Lenie: bedankt en maai ze!

Lis: oh dear, your roses are finally flowering and now it's raining heavily. Not good. A gardener's life is no bed of roses sometimes, at other times it most definitely is! :-)

MSS: why don't you give Sombreuil another try? It is such a lovely rose. Please bear in mind that mine is only 2 years old and already doing great.

Susan: vegetables can also be grown in pots and it is not difficult to do. Last week I planted some purple potatoes in some pots because I didn't have anymore room in my kitchen garden. I'll keep you updated! :-)

Chuck: it's the Clematises that do most of the work.:-) I just prune them once a year and feed them organic vertilizer. Glad you liked them!

Bert:the scent of the white roses has to be smelled to be believed. Guirlande d' Amour is about to explode into a mass of flowers, can't wait to see that happen.

Kylee: looking at beautiful things gives us more energy, don't you think? That is one of the reasons why so many garden IMO.

WG: you're welcome and it's nice to know that you've enjoyed it all. Pity you can't smell the roses though. Wish there was a handy gizmo for that too.

Annie: the climate here is comparable to that of Kent, England. We can have snow and frost in winter but usually not so much and relatively mild. It can, however, rain in each and every month of the year and usually does so we garden in between the showers. ;-)

Verena: how nice that we have several plants in common. I have noticed that you love roses too, like I do. :-)

Robin: one of the frustrations of online gardening is that most of us live so far apart that a real tour of the gardens is out of the question sadly. I know quite a few garden bloggers whom I'd love to invite to come see my garden and have a chat and a cuppa with. :-)

Alyssa: drowing in flowers eh? I like it! Summer will come, never fear. ;-)

Pam: during the Summer months my front garden is totally white by design. My roses are 6 weeks early this year, throwing a bit of a spanner in my carefully thought out colour scheme. :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

Sanni: Usually my roses are later than that but this year we had 6 weeks of summer weather in April and part of May. And I'm very glad that my pictures make you happy!!!

Anthony: welcome to Bliss and pester away! ;-)

Bill: thank you!

Layanee: yes, quite a few roses are at their peak now but luckily quite a few others haven't done so yet so there is much to look and smell forward too. ;-)

Entangled: I share your frustration about not being able to let others enjoy the wonderful scents of our gardens. There should be some handy thingy for that too. Why haven't they invented it yet? :-)

Oldroses: how wonderful that you are going to plant more and more. That is the fun of gardening, isn't it? Planting new things and discovering the joy they bring in our gardens and our hearts.

Christa: what a pity about the foxgloves, they are so easy to grow as they are selfseeding all over the place.

Kate: I, for one, would love to read that article! :-)

QT: you're welcome!

Beverley: glad you enjoyed it.

Libby: it amazes me too how quickly everything has grown this year. In the newpaper it said that we had the same temperature as that of Nice in the south of France. It seems that the whole of the Netherlands went on holiday to Nice for 6 weeks recently and brought all our gardens with us. :-)

marl1 said...

Wat een eindeloze lijst met alle bloeiende planten- fantastisch om te zien! Waarschijnlijk had je net het logje geplaatst en kwam er weer iets nieuws uit....Hopelijk kun je er komende dagen met een prettig zonnetje heerlijk in ronddwalen :-)

Hillside Garden said...

Schön, dein Garten! Besonders der große Holunder hat es mir angetan, auch solche Pflanzen sollten wir in unserem Garten haben, nicht nur noble Züchtungen!
Hier regnet es wie verrückt und alle Rosen,die aufgeblüht sind, hängen nach unten, die Päonien leider auch.


Jalos said...

Gele Dahlia's in bloei?
De mijne komen nu net de grond uitpiepen.
En wat heb je al veel rozen in bloei!
Ik heb al veel in knop maar tot nu toe nog maar 1 echt in bloei.
Enne nog gefeliciteerd met het winnen van best international garden blog!

shirl said...

Hi Yolanda,

Lovely, lovely, blooms and plants! Visiting your garden is always a treat and your plant lists tell all. I love to see all the plants that you grow and many are favourites of mine too. Everything looks good!

It is wonderful that you are sharing your experience, enthusiasm and inspiration. Don’t stop!

exile61 said...

hi Yolanda, just beautiful and words do not describe it all. You really deserve the award. I have been debating whether to put a potted rose in the front and let it climb. I am not sure it would do so well there since there is so much shade. Love coming to your blog! We should discover "internet with scent". Andrea

Naturegirl said...

It is amazing how far ahead of us you are in the blossoms in your garden!So many!!We are enjoying green trees budding lilacs and peonies and soon I shall have garden flowers to post!
I LoVe your kitchen garden! I should make up one somewhere for now I have herbs planted in pots.Happy gardening
hugs NG

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi everyone and welcome to Bliss!

Marleen: ik hoop ook op wat meer zonneschijn en wat minder regen. :-)

Sigrun: der Holunder is one of my favorite shrubs, I have even named one of my cats after it Sam Bucus. ;-) It's beautiful to see and you can do so many tasty things with the flowers and the berries too.

Jalos: die had ik in een tuincentrum gekocht. :-) Mijn rozen begonnen te bloeien eind april en gaan zo te zien nog wel even door. Heerlijk!

Shirl: thanks! I must say that I liked looking at your lovely flowers in your garden too! :-)

Andrea: it depends on the rose. Madame Alfred Carriere is a white climber that does very well in the shade too. I advised one of my clients to put Mme A. Carriere against a north facing wall that hardly gets any sunshine. This was 4 years ago, the rose now covers most of that north facing wall. :-)
Yes, internet with scent, how we all wish that was true! :-)

Nicole said...

How creative-the idea to start your Bloom day blog in the potager-just the sort of thing that made you a winner. Did anyone notice that almost all of the winners are in my short list of blogs I read which were there way before the nominations?! LOL

jodi said...

Hi Yolanda Elizabet; I've been planning to visit your blog for ages, and after your note I declared 'coffee break time' on this dreary wet grey cool May morning and came to visit. Spring is back in my heart having looked through your blog, especially this most recent posting. I could smell the blossoms, and feel the warmth of the air.

What I love best about gardening is the people we get to meet--even if we only 'meet' electronically. I think we become better gardeners for all the sharing that goes on.

You also have nine cats? Delectable! I should put all OUR catchildren on our blog, as they are great supervisors/assistants. Having one 850.00 tripodkitty due to a leg amputation, and having lost two of our catchildren to the road in past years, only the seniors go outside now without supervision. the other five assist from indoors by watching bird television and looking pathetically at me through the window. One comes out on a harness, and a couple of them come out in the back yard with us when we're relaxing near the pasture.

I've added your blog to my rss feeds, and will put a link up in my blog right now. And will be back soon.

cheers, jodi in Nova Scotia

~ Janice ~ said...

What a treat for the eyes! I only wish I could take in the sweet fragrance of everything! You will just have to do that for me! :o)Beautiful gardens...you are very gifted!

RUTH said...

What a wonderful garden. Your plants are stunning. I especially like your potager.

anna maria said...

Hello Yolanda,
thank you for your visit to my blog. I've visited yours often and I'm in awe of all your wonderful flowers, vegetables and beautiful cats!
When I get back from work tonight I want to look over all the flowers again.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all and welcome to Bliss!

Nature Girl: the best is yet to come for you. Over here we seem to have skipped Spring for the most part and gone straight into Summer for 6 weeks. Now we're back in Spring again, April by the looks of it. Lots of rain! :-)

Nicole: I'm glad you enjoyed how I did my Bloom post! And BTW you clever girl! :-)

Jodi: welcome to Bliss and how wonderful to read that Bliss gave you a bit of much needed Spring!

I agree, to truly enjoy your garden, is by sharing it with others who really appreciate it. And who could appreciate it more than a fellow gardener?

I would love to see your team of supervisors on your blog too. I have yet to meet a cat I did not like! :-)

Janice: this afternoon the sun came out and I made a special point of going into my front garden and inhale deeply the scent of my roses with all my fellow garden bloggers in mind. It was pure Bliss. ;-)

Ruth: welcome and glad you liked it! It seems to be a big hit with many gardeners and I love it to bits too.

Anna Maria: don't be shy and say hello next time you visit. We at Bliss love to hear from our visitors! And for later: enjoy Bliss to your heart's content. :-)

Anita said...

Wow, I am deeply impressed by the beauty of your garden and of all that what's blooming at your place right now! Thanks for the tour!

Molly said...

So much in bloom! I moved my Blanc Double de Coubert this spring so I'm not expecting much from it but I hope in its new location it eventually looks as wonderful as yours.

Salix Tree said...

What a wonderful May garden! So many flowers in bloom!
And Rosa Moonlight looks sooooo pretty! Love the small roses. Sweet of you to think of me. :-)
None of my roses are blooming yet, but there are many buds!

SchneiderHein said...

Hallo Yolanda, Dein Garten legt jetzt ja richtig los! Teilweise haben unsere Pflanzen aufgeholt - z.B. blühen bei uns auch schon die Holunderbüsche, die Storchschnäbel sind in voller Blüte und die Akeleien haben ihre letzten Blüten und reichlich Saatstände. Zum Glück sind unsere Rosen noch weiter zurück, denn sonst würden die meisten Blüten verregnen.
Während Dein Garten jetzt anscheinend zur Hochform aufläuft, geht bei uns die Blühsaison der Sträucher schon zu Ende. Hier geht es hier schon in die grüne Phase über. Schön, dass ich mich dann an Deiner Blumenvielfalt erfreuen kann.
Liebe Grüße Silke

karin a said...

I'm amazed - that is really a lot of nice flowers! Love your clematis, the roses, the iris, gernaiums. I have never seen the Rosa Calypso before but this year I got a Purple Tiger. :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello everybody and welcome to Bliss!

Anita: glad you enjoyed it all.

Molly: my Blanc Double de Coubert is in its second year now and finally taking off. How nice that you and I have the same rose friend in our gardens. ;-) Don't forget to smell the roses when they are out!

Sylvie: the small roses are so pretty, aren't they? I enjoy them too. This year they are very, very early but I'm not complaining! :-)
Your roses will be in flower soon and hopefully we will be able to enjoy them on your lovely blog.

Silke: you are always welcome to enjoy the flowers (and kitties) at Bliss. I've heard from many of my German garden friends that the rain is wreaking havoc in their gardens at the moment, in particular the roses are hit hard. It is fortunate that your roses are not in flower at the moment. Sometimes it's better to wait before we can fully enjoy!

Karin: what fun that you were amazed by it all, so am I. The beauty of flowers can sometimes be overwhelming.

Purple Tiger, eh? Now I'm intrigued! :-D

Ki said...

What a wonderful collection of flowers. I especially like the unknown iris.

Thalia said...

Dear Yolanda,

It's been a long time since I left a comment on your blog...had been very busy with work, although I hadn't stopped reading your blog altogether. :-)

Congratulations on winning the award, it is quite needless to say that you truly deserve it. I loved the "Pussy Cat rhyme" at the end of the post and of course the dialogue you had with the Bliss Team :-).

It's lovely to see the blooms in your garden. Beautiful flowers!

stadtgarten said...

Your garden is absolutely wonderful!
Groetjes, Monika

Marga said...

Zo hee........wat heb jij al veel in bloei. Ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit.
Groetjes Marga

Ki said...

Your Nectaroscordum looks much prettier than ours - more colorful and pink. Since most of the bulbs come from the Netherlands I wonder if you get the very finest quality bulbs locally when we get the export quality bulbs? After all if you don't know any better that the plant could look so good, you don't complain. :) You usually get the best quality fruit and veggies where they grow them so it would seem that it should be sthe same with bulbs.