Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April Blooms for Garden Bloggers Day

There is so much in flower at the moment because of the Summer weather we've been having since last Wednesday. Temperatures were around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius and the plants weren't merely growing but galloping away like mad in this heath. Today it was much cooler, around 18 C, which is still very nice for the time of year.

My contribution to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is a bit late this time, but I just couldn't find the time earlier this week. I thought it would be nice to show you my front garden for a change.

These are 2 beds edged with box, one bed is filled with white viridiflora tulips striped with green, Spring Green, and they are one of my favorites tulips. The first picture shows you a close up of this beautiful tulip. The second bed is filled with black tulips, Queen of the Night. They are not totally black but a very, very deep reddish purple as you can see here. These tulips go very well with the berberis hedge.

A close up of Queen of the Night.

The path to my front door is flanked by 2 borders with lots of spring flowers such as tulips, botanical tulips, aubrieta, irises (about to flower), white nepeta (in flower), grape hyacinths, daffodils, forget-me-not and doronicum.

Here's a close up of part of that border.

And here's a picture taken showing the border on the other side of the garden path. Very cheerful and welcoming, don't you think?

If you are facing the house, there are 2 beds on the left edged with box, and 4 on the right. As a rule one should go for an uneven numbers of things in the garden, but I broke that rule and got away with it I think.

All beds are filled with different kinds of tulips in spring. On the right, the first bed is filled with Blue Diamond, a purple peony like tulip, and the happy accident of white honesty which seeded itself there, the second bed with White Dream, a triumph tulip, the third with tulipa Recreado, a single deep purple tulip and white Purissima tulips.

The last bed is filled with tulipa Angelique (double pink) and tulipa Greenland, a pink and green striped tulip.

The second and fourth bed are under planted with blue forget-me-nots. Here's Angelique with forget-me-not, the Greenland tulips haven't opened yet but will do so in a day or 2.

In the middle of each bed is an obelisk trained with a white climbing rose. Over the path is a pergola that's in the process of being completely covered with Madame Alfred Carriere, a white with pink blushes climbing rose and the white Guirlande d 'Amour. Both roses have a lovely scent. The other climbers on the obelisks are Moonlight, Guirlande d'Amour (2 x), Sombreuil and the old fashioned Blanc Double de Coubert (2 x) which is not so much a climber as a rose that grows very tall. All are white and scented.

These last few days have been very exciting as so many of my climber roses are in bud. Here's madame Alfred Carriere, sporting a lovely blush, about to flower.

And this is Sombreuil, about to flower as well, but the winner this year is .........................

Moonlight that has 3 flowers open since yesterday. I don't think I ever had roses flowering in April before so this is unique! As you can see, Moonlight is covered with buds. Wait until they all open, you won't believe your eyes and nose!

At the heart of gardening, there is a belief in the miraculous. Mirabel Osler


Pam/Digging said...

I wish I could smell that rose, but I'll just have to take your word for it. I love the name too--Moonlight.

Your front yard is as lovely as your back yard. Thank you for showing it.

Kylee said...

I especially love the forget-me-nots under 'Angelique' and I may steal that idea! ;-)

You make me want to board the next plane and visit!

Libbys Blog said...

I cannot believe how quickly your garden has moved from winter to spring!!! Mine is still loitering!! Did you design it yourself? or did you have lessons or help????? I am green with envy!! It is so beautiful. What goes in the beds after the tulips??
The tagging thing was picking your 5 favourite blogs, I don't normally do tagging but Vallen has been rather busy with her mum being ill and I didn't want to let her down. She is one of my new friends like you. To be honest I should have said everybody cos I read nearly all listed everyday!!!

Jen said...

Love your front yard! I'm curious about how it looks from further back though. Any chance you could post a picture of the whole package?

Annie in Austin said...

So you have roses budded while the tulips still keep their petals? That would have also been unusual when I grew tulips in Illinois.

Please forgive me the nostalgia trip, Yolanda Elizabet, but you have so many of my favorites! I loved Queen of the Night, Spring Green, Angelique, and White Dream, also surrounded by forget-me-nots, with lots of columbine.

You may be breaking some so-called rules but you are keeping the first commandment of flower gardening - to be beautiful!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

Thanks for participating in the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Your gardens look wonderful, so much blooming right now, I especially like the tulips!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Welcome to Bliss everyone,

Pam: it's a great pity you can't smell it. Perhaps one day that will be possible to on the internet? You never know! :-)

Kylee: forget-me-nots go well with many tulips. And forget-me-nots are also in pink or white. Just think of all the lovely colour combinations you could make.

Libby: so many questions! ;-) It seems we skipped spring for a bit and went straight into summer. Now we are back to spring again. But those hot days explain why my garden is the way it is now.

I designed the garden myself. I studied interior architecture so that helps a lot with the designing. In 3 beds there's white lavender all year round, and in the other 3 beds I have white geraniums, stachys and Gillenia trifoliata. White honesty and white snapdragons seed themselves all over the place which is fine.

Jen: I will post more pics at a later date. My front garden is very difficult to photograph as it's not very deep but extremely wide.

Annie: I have never had roses and tulips in flower at the same time and I've been gardening for 20 years now. These last few years the weather has been doing some very strange things.

What fun that we have so many favorites in common. Columbine is there too but not in flower in my front garden yet, but it is in my back garden.

shirl said...

Hi again Yolanda,

I do very much like your front garden in particular the area with the box edging and tulips. It has reminded me a little of the white garden at Sissinghurst in England.

I especially like your choice of plants and colours with the blue greens of your foliage, and the solid block of colour with your berberis hedge. The Queen of the Night and white tulips just finish it off nicely.

It’s great when a little warm sunshine opens flower buds – my first rhododendron opened today too.

I have enjoyed my tour round your garden. I look forward to seeing more.

By the way - what is Gardeners Bloom Day?

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your front garden. It is just as lovely as everything I've seen of the other parts of your garden. Your plant combinations are beautiful.

— Susan / South of the River

Colleen said...

Yolanda, your garden is absolutely stunning! Breathtaking. I'm jealous :-)

OldRoses said...

Your front yard is just as beautiful as your backyard. I just planted a Sombeuil rose this spring and I'm waiting for my Angelique and Greenland tulips to bloom, also a first this year for me. My front yard doesn't compare with yours though!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Thank you for sharing your front garden. I particularly like the hedge of purple barberry... I have never seen that used as hedging before, and it looks lovely. Lots of color!

SchneiderHein said...

Du bist aus gutem Grund Finalistin bei Mouse Trowel! Wir werden Dich auf jeden Fall unterstützen, aber auch die anderen nominierten Blogs sehr genau ansehen, da sie bestimmt alle sehenswert sind. Es ist faszinierend wie schön und vielfältig Gärten jetzt im Netz präsentiert werden. Es ist schon fast ein tägliches Ritual bei Dir vorbei zu schauen, um in Deinem Garten spazieren zu gehen und fest zu stellen, was aktuell blüht.
Liebe Grüße
Silke & Wolfgang

INA said...

halo hier weer een krabeeltje van mij elizabeth ,leuk te zien dat je veel dezelfde tulpen als ik in je tuin hebt ,queen of yhe night ,angeliye en die wit met groene ,dat zijn ook wel de mooiste van de tulpen vind je ook niet ,je tuin ziet er geweldig mooi cottageachtig uit ,jammer dat het niet in het netherlands id te vertalen ik begrijp wel veel engels maar niet alles ,ik heb op je gestemd hoor en zal je ook even bij mijn links zetten dat verdient je bog want ik vind hem erg mooi ,mijn styl! vr gr ina

Thalia said...

Dear Yolanda,

your front garden is truly marvellous! I simply loved it! The tulips look so beautiful! I guess if I ever happen to be in front of your house I shall never budge from there. Even if you invite me in, I would prefer standing there and admiring the beauty of the garden! :-)[of course, if there's anything that would motivate from there, it would be your kitchen garden :-)]

Salix Tree said...

I love Viridiflora! I had some at the old house, and none of them have come with me to our new house. Must have missed those bulbs as I was digging them out that summer. Angelique is also very beautiful.
That little rose in the last pic, is that Moonlight? It's precious! I like small flowered wild roses, I can never get enough of those.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Dear all, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Carol: I knew you would like those tulips. ;-)

Shirl: I'm glad you enjoyed my front garden. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is held every month on the 15th when those who want to participate, put a list of all the plants that are in flower in their garden on that day on their blog. Pictures are optional but greatly appreciated. ;-)

Carol of May Dreams Gardens is the one who started this all. You can click on her name (Carol) in the comments about this post or find her blog on my garden blogs list on the right, if you want to check out who else joined in the fun.

Susan and Colleen: thank you for all those kind words, I appreciate it!

Oldroses: you have many lovely things to look forward to in your garden. Sombreuil is a lovely rose and it's scent is errm well bliss! ;-)

Kim: I picked this berberis hedge because it provides colour for the best part of the year. Even in deep of winter I have some colour in the front garden because of the purplish red berberis hedge, the evergreen of the box and the silvery grey of the lavender.

Silke und Wolfgang: I'm glad that you are checking out all the nominees for a Mousie, each and everyone is worth it. But not only those that were nominated are good blogs. I have found many, many others that I enjoy visiting. On the right of my blog there's a long list of blogs that I visit very regularly. Among them you will find many friends that you know already and some that you don't. Have fun!

Ina: ik schrijf in het engels omdat ik zo meer mensen kan bereiken dan alleen Nederlanders en Belgen. Ken je Babel fish? Dat is een vertaal programmaatje waarmee je anderstalige blogs kan lezen. En bedankt voor je complimenten!!!

Thalia: it is possible to spend an entire day in my front garden because I've managed to do so. :-)There's a gardenbench so if one gets tired, there is somewhere to sit, contemplate the garden and have a cup of tea. ;-)

Salix tree: yes that last cute little rose is Moonlight and wait until it is in full flower, because it's absolutely stunning then! Pics of that happy event will be shown on Bliss but unfortunately I have no means to let you all enjoy Moonlight's scent. So I'll have to do that for you. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. ;-)

A wildlife gardener said...

I love tulips too, Yolanda, and your colour scheme is very dreamy. do your tulips come again each year? Some of mine need replaced after a few years.

Christa said...

Those viridiflora tulips are gorgeous! I like the Queen of the Night tulips too. I don't see those very often. Such a great name for them.

CONGRATULATIONS, by the way, on your Mouse & Trowel nomination. I was very surprised to find myself nominated for one too!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Yolanda, Spring is the wonderfulst time in the year! Your photos are lovely, the buxus is grown very well.
Ach so, ich kann ja deutsch sprechen. Die Tulpen Spring green und die Nachtschwarzen habe ich auch, nur werden sie immer weniger. Leider.
Doronicum habe ich an mehreren Stellen. Leider will es nicht überall wachsen.


Bert said...

What a wonderful front garden, with a front garden like this you don't need a back garden.
Lovely roses and tulips by the way...

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi all,

WG: the Spring Green tulips and Queen of Night come up every year, the others need replacing as they are looking poorly this year. I think I will replace them with something else, bulbs again but not tulips.

Christa: congrats on your nomination, well done! And yes, those black tulips are great. They look even better in real life than they do on my blog.

Sigrun: have you tried feeding the tulips shortly before they finish flowering? Another trick is to put them deeper than it says on the packet.

Bert: my kitchen garden is in the back, what would I do without it? Speaking of which, I'm going to harvest some lettuce for my dinner tonight. I'm off to the kitchen garden, cheerio!

Lis said...

Wow, bei dir blühen schon die ersten Rosen? Unglaublich!
Dein Frühlingsgarten ist wunderbar, all die vielen Tulpen und Vergißmeinnicht sind so schön anzuschauen. Die Königin der Nacht habe ich auch, sie hat sowas geheimnisvolles an sich. Ich werde im Herbst wohl noch mehr Tulpen pflanzen, ein Platz dafür findet sich doch immer im Garten :-)
LG Lis

marl1 said...

Tja, nu ga ik toch weer overwegen om de Queen of the Night weer eens te planten...had hem ooit( bij geranium phaeum)maar is verdwenen wegens niet uitgraven..Is werkelijk prachtig!Doe jij ze in mandjes??
De voortuin ziet er echt uitnodigend uit en de geuren lokken natuurlijk eenieder naar de voordeur :-)

Walnootjes kraken met een lekker glaasje dessertwijn is ook een optie......

stadtgarten said...

Your front is as beautiful as the kitchen garden is! I love it!
Congratulations to the first roses in bloom. Everything is so early this year, I only hope that autumn will not come in advance, too.
Groetjes, Monika

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hello and welcome to Bliss,

Lis: Unglaublich it is. I never had roses in flower half April. Never! And you are right, we always find a space for a few more bulbs.

Marleen: mooie combi die donkere tulp met geranium phaeum. Misschien toch maar weer eens proberen? Plant je tulpenbollen dan eens wat dieper dan op de verpakking staat en geef ze extra mest zodra ze bijna uitgebloeid zijn. Dan heb je goede kans dat ze jaar na jaar terug komen.

Monika: Thank you! And with you I hope that Autumn will not be early too. We need to have a long spring followed by an almost endless summer, don't you think?;-)

Anita said...

Oh, this tour at your spring garden was sooo nice, thanks a lot!

Well, my "problem" still is that our garden is just 2 year's old and there is still lots of bare soil without any flowers since we removed another great part of the lawn last autumn.

Happy gardening!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Anita,

Shall I tell you a little secret? My front garden is only 2 1/2 years old, my vegetable garden 2 and the south borders will be 3 years next month. To make your garden look more mature you need to add instant height. I'll think I'll do a post on that, as many gardeners are struggling with this.

I'm glad you enjoyed the tour!


Gotta Garden said...

Well, now I'm in bliss! (Ha) Your gardens are stunning...and then to learn that they are only 2-3 years old...is just amazing! You do have the touch! And, do make a post on the height/maturity aspect...we could all benefit!

Kate said...

Queen of the Night tulips ... my favourite tall tulips. They look stunning! Your front garden is a delight to see. I wish you were my neighbour!! I would be gazing at your flowers all day long. I love the obelisks with their climbing roses.

Your flowering colour combinations are spectacular.

What an artist you are!

Salix Tree said...

Hi, me again. I hope you wouldn't mind if I copied the picture of Moonlight. I'd like to put it on my wish list blog. With a link back to here. I love it to pieces, especially after you told me of its lovely scent.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Welcome GG, Kate and Salix Tree!

GG: I will do a post on that soon. And thanks for the compliments!

Kate: They are beautiful aren't they, those Queen of the Night tulips? I wouldn't mind having you as my neighbour either, on the contrary! :-)

Salix tree: that is fine with me. And when Moonlight is in full flower (that happy event will be soon by the look of things) I will put a pic of that on my blog especially for you, ok?