Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Glowin' and Crowin'

I said hello, Dolly, ...... well, hello, Dolly

It's so nice to have you back where you belong
You're looking swell, Dolly, I can tell. Dolly
You're still glowin' .... you're still crowin', ... you're still growing strong
My glorious girl is 12 today! Happy Birthday Dolly Daisy, long may you continue to glow, crow, grow and delight us!
My sweet Dolly who has the most easy going and sweet tempered disposition ever!
Who is such great fun, always in for a lark and little surprises
Who loves being outside in the garden and help me with my gardening
Who is such a firm favourite with all the other members of the Bliss team
Dolly in the garden with Delia and Pippa
Dolly having lunch in the conservatory with her Mum Vita, Kadootje, Merlin, Sam and Pippa
Dolly, who was such a wonderful and loving Mum to her 5 kittens
Who is the love of Merlin's life, although his love is sadly not reciprocated; she merely tolerates him
Dolly who loves snuggling up close to me at night,
and who is always able to find a ray of sunshine on even the dullest day
I feel the room swaying ... while that ole band keeps playing (and you can feel and hear it too if you've clicked the vid)
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
So..., golly gee, fellas ... I said find her an empty knee, fellas
Dolly will never go away, Dolly will never go away,
I said Dolly will never go away again!!!!
Do the hands thingy and take a bow. Now that was fun, wasn't it, and all thanks to our Darling Dolly Daisy and in celebration of her twelfth birthday. Hope this post had you swaying, and dancing, and singing! Let's do it one more time, shall we?

I said hello, Dolly, ..... well hello Dolly

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glorious Gloriousness

It wasn't all that long ago when we would call ourselves lucky, very lucky indeed, if we had 2 or 3 days of glorious sunshine and balmy weather in October. Nowadays we have come to count on such wonderfully mild and sunny weather at this time of year. Global warming has many drawbacks but this isn't one of them.
I love being out and about in the garden and enjoy these special days as they are probably the last of this year when I can be outside to enjoy my garden without being wrapped up from head to toe. Just a cardie or a light jacket will do.
And there is still so much to enjoy flower wise. It's good to see that there are still many plants in my garden that are bee, hover fly and butterfly magnets.
I love the slanting golden light when it weaves itself around the plants and grasses.
It seems that at this time of year the colours are more intense than they were before or perhaps I'm just more aware of them and of how fragile their beauty is. It won't be long before the real frost will hit and most flowers will shrivel and wither away.
Why is it that things are more beautiful when we know that their beauty is transient, or is that just me?
I love flower arranging and October has enabled me to pick armfuls of flowers with giddy abandon. Such a plethora of flowers makes your head spin, but in a good way.
Very pretty!
In the Victorian greenhouse the last of the tomatoes have been picked but there is still more to look forward to. This little flower is gorgeous and will soon turn into this
and when ripe, it will be berry tasty and golden. Yes, it's Physalis peruviana edulis and I'm frightfully chuffed with it as I've sown it, for the very first time, with my own fair hands earlier this year. Can't wait to harvest those golden berries in a few weeks time. Also of the fun will be going into the greengrocer's to see what exorbitant prices they are selling these golden treasures for, knowing that mine cost only a fraction. Looking forward to indulge in a spot of gleeful hand rubbing and heavy gloating. Not to mention salivating like no gardener has ever salivated before! ;-)
Some other card carrying members of the tastyRus society are these lovely squashes, not forgetting my fruitfully wonderful woodland strawberries that are still going strong in October.
I do believe that I've mentioned the word plethora earlier in this post with regard to flowers but there is another plethora in the Bliss garden:
the white grapes I planted 2 years ago have been graping away with gay abandon, leaving me with more grapes than I can shake a stick at. Why one would desire to do such an eccentric thing is beyond me but then I wasn't the one from whom this weird saying originated.
Rest assured that no stick shaking was done here at Bliss but a lot of grape picking was. And eating!
It is entirely possible that after reading this post you feel the urgent need to leave a comment. Please do!

Grapefully yours,

Yolanda Elizabet

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vegetables; The Musical!

Multimedia is the name of this game, so if you want to get the full fun instead of only half of it please click on the video to start the music. By the time you've grinned yourself through this post the song will have finished. Enjoy!

I'm gonna be round my vegetables Vita: do I really have to sit here?
I'm gonna chow down my vegetables Tara: what is this, can I eat it?
I love you most of all, my favourite vegetable Merlin: hmmmm, no tuna!
If you brought a big brown bag of them all Will 3 baskets do?
I'd jump up and down and hope you toss me a carrot Tara: they said carrot not peppers!
I'm gonna eat my, my vegetables Jeeves: tomatoes are fruits, not veggies.
I'm gonna love my, my vegetables Kadootje: no idea what this is, but it's nice to rub my head against.
I love you most of all Black peppers in the Victorian greenhouse
my favourite vegetable. Tara's favourite veg.
We know that you'll feel better
When you send us in your letter (a comment will do nicely too)
And tell us the name of your,
Your favourite vegetable!

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen
Lyrics copyright: The Beach Boys

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leading You Down

the garden path. Or up it as the case may be. And a very unusual path it is too. I found it last year in the Botanical Gardens of Wageningen and I have been meaning to blog about it ever since. But you know how it is, there was always something else to blog about, but today I finally managed it. If ever you are in the neighbourhood of Wageningen go visit the Botanical Gardens there as they are very much worth the visit and they're free too.
I spend a jolly old time walking up and down the garden paths in Wageningen and in particular this one. Ever seen a path even remotely like it before? I know I haven't and I also know that I like it very very much as it depicts a subject quite close to my heart, very close in fact. Note to self: watch it, your inner nerd is showing and it isn't pretty!
Have you figured out yet what it all means?

Also to be found in the Botanical Gardens in Wageningen are small fields where they do crop trials. As a proud potager owner I was highly interested in that and frightfully fascinated too. And just for your delectation, and detection skills as well, I've taken the following pic
It depicts the title of one of my favorite novels by an American writer, first published in 1951 when it created quite a stir. Any thoughts on what that title might be?

Gentle reader don't be shy, this is the time to stun us all with your superior knowledge and vast intellect by answering the above questions and, if at all possible, correctly too. You do know how to comment, don't you? I'm waiting with bated breath!

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen