Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's Bliss On the Menu

Well there is Bliss on the menu

And you don't know what you are missing
Gentle reader make a meal out of Bliss
Take a big bite
Or a nibble
Tomato entree, bon appetit!
Gentle reader, never stop your commenting
Never stop, have a good vintage wine
Come, let's eat outside and have our
Just desserts
Tea and sympathy, with a hint of mint
I'll be the knife if you'll be the fork
I'll try the salad
If you'll try the pork.
There's always the waiter who knows his potato
and spice
Give me that savoured Bliss
Cheap at the price
Give me that flavoured Bliss
Sugar and spice, it tastes so very nice.
Well there's Bliss on the menu and you don't even have to do the dishes!

Bliss is on the menu
For me and you


Hope you played the vid as it's just ever so slightly off the wall. Split Enz is one of my favourite bands which didn't stop me from (ripping them off) borrowing errrrrrr being very inspired by their lyrics to create this post. The original lyrics to their song Sugar and Spice you'll find here.

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

High As an Elephant's Eye

Oh what a beautiful morning .....
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything is going my way

Hang on, I feel a song coming on

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow
Aukje (l), Tara's sister and Jeppe, Tara's daddy

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow
And the corn is as high as an elephant's eye

We're coming to a screeching halt here cos The corn is as high as an elephant's eye?
Firstly, that's a bit of a stretch that whole elephant's eye thingy, isn't it? Secondly: someone was probably very high when he wrote that and it wasn't the corn. And thirdly: that must have been one great big whoppingly tall elephant. On stilts!
Because look at my corn, it's about 3 1/2 meters (11.48 feet) high now and it's still doing the climbing clear up to the sky thingy.
But it certainly is a beautiful day.

Oh, and if you didn't play the vid you missed out on Hugh Jackman belting out this song (and I do mean belting and BTW did I mention that someone should put the poor man out of his misery and tell him what a microphone is for because he's LOUD!). And he's got a perm! For some reason I don't think only the ol' Weepin' Willer is laughing at him but a little brown maverick is certainly winking her eye. ;-)

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Monday, July 13, 2009


That's what my lovely Russian Blue girl Delia is today.
It doesn't seem all that long ago when she was like this, teapot sized. And now look at her.
Here Delia is with her son Merlin. I was making the bed so the cushions where on the floor and when I wanted to put them back on the bed I found they had been claimed by my delightful dynamic duo.
So I rushed out to get my camera and started taking pics. And action!
Very lovey-dovey, aren't they?
They are inseparable, just like Delia once was with her brother Delius. It was quite a wrench to separate Delius and Delia when the time came for Delius to go to his new home with a good friend of mine
Delia and Delius

It was often difficult for me to say goodbye to the kittens when they went to their forever homes, especially in this case. But, as luck would have it, Delia found the new love of her life in her son Merlin, as Delius has in his daughter.

Here Delia is with Merlin (who else?) for a spot of synchronized snoozing.
Getting a wash,
and a cuddle.
Happy birthday, my darling girl, not forgetting your brother Delius, and many happy returns on the day.

In other news today:
The heatwave is long gone, we've had days filled with rain and the temperature dropped to a very chilly 14 C on some days. Today it's better with temperatures around 20 to 24 C, which is normal for high summer. We're all glad the heatwave is over but we are, at least Tara is, suffering from a different kind of heat. Poor girl.
Tara, not a puppy anymore.

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Lately we've been experiencing a

Well, what passes for it in this neck of the woods, but pretty hot it has been and still is.
45 C (113 F), baby! Granted, that was in the conservatory but outside it was quite uncomfortably warm too with temperatures around 30 - 32 C (86 - 92 F). And that is pretty hot as it's very humid here as well.
Poor Dolly is stretched out as far as she can go in an effort to cool off.
Her Mummy Vita is taking very desperate measures to get some shade.
Kadootje (left) and her Mum Surprise are catching the cool evening breeze coming through the screen door in the conservatory. Kadootje: It ain't half hot, Mum!
And Willow is chilling in her favourite chair.
Due to the excessive heat many plants in the new border have burst into colour and leaf. This part of the border is only 7 months old but already you're hard put to find a bare patch of earth between the plants. It's like a jungle out there!
In the potager it's even worse cos due to the heat we have a riot on our hands, a riot of colour, that is.
Things got so bad, we had to have the doctor in, Dr Jamain to be precise. And if that wasn't bad enough, in the kitchen things went all kablooey too with salads exploding with colour.
With all that going on and not fancying a sunstroke much, Tara and I went in search of something cool.
And we found it, Tara, fetch ball!
And Tara is launched,
parting the waters like a ball seeking missile.
Tara Torpedo, a dog with a mission!
Almost there.
Got it!
Now for a spot of backpedalling,
quite sharpish!
She hits the ground running
Mission accomplished! One soaking wet dog, shaken not stirred, hold the olives.

And if you are thinking: well that's Tara all cooled down but what about you YE? Rest assured that yours truly is all cooled down too, every time that Tara shook herself, which was quite a lot as I had to throw the ball for her again and again, ad nauseum would not be an exaggeration, I got cool, very cool. Not surprising really as I am both cool and also of the hot. ;-)

copyright 2009 Y.E.W. Heuzen